Adolfo Gaich comments on Argentina qualifying for 2020 Tokyo Olympic games


Adolfo Gaich may not have scored in the 2-1 win vs. Colombia but he was one of Argentina’s best players throughout the entire tournament.

Gaich had a break through 2019 FIFA U20 World Cup and even played a match for the senior Argentina national team. With the U23 team, Gaich scored, assisted and did everything to help the team qualify for the Olympics. Here’s what he had to say following the win:

“It’s amazing what this team has achieved. We have won every match so far. The first half was complicated but we were able to keep the score at zero. And after that, we took advantage of the chances we had. We are justifiably champions.”


  1. I congratulate the team, but oh boy it was a very nervy perf. After the expulsion, we could hold the ball for one second. I believe that we could have done better. All we did was give the opponents the ball to attack us. I think that Batista should learn about that. I understand that we played the qualification and the first place but we could have lost everything with that kind of attitude. This is exactly what happened to River in the final against Flamengo.
    Vamos ARGENTINA.

    • true man it was a real nail biting scenario . firstly urzi shudnt have lashed out like tat the opponent only shoulder pushed him . n then we didnt try to hold the ball n draw fouls or make the opponent concede more throw ins. they kept on clearing n gifting the opposition chance to regain possesion n amount pressure like u said similar to river n flamengo game where we shudnt have resorted to park the bus tactic as the oldies cant sustain pressure which ultimately resulted in barboza scoring the winner. but fortunately it was a young u23 team so we managed to keep n clearing the lines but they almost scored in extra time if not for their own player fluffing the golden opportunity

  2. I hope the guys will kick out Brazil
    1. Biggest enemy
    2. Full Brazil squad maybe the strongest with France.
    3. We help Columbia qualifying (i want them) so in Copa America final columbian crowd will support Argentina because of this help against Brazil, Uruguay or Chile, on the other hand they will hate us to let their olympic team down.

  3. Imagine this guy and Lautaro upfront. 2 monsters. May be eventually we will get to see that.

    Congrats, after long time our youth is finally shaping up great. Add in players like De La Vega, Barcos, Palacios junior etc etc.Our future looks great. Have huge hope for the next generation. I think this may be the generation which finally wins a WC.

    Off the topic finally we will be seeing Messi playing for another club. A new refreshing challenge for him next season. I don’t think he will be continuing there.

    My only issue is one MFkr is scoring more goals now for Juv. Which worries me Messi needs to somehow finish this season on a high. Can’t imagine that MFkr being level with Messi on Ballon D or awards. I just can’t imagine it…

    • Argentine youth teams won U20Sudamericano in 15, neirly in 19, U17 Sudamericano in 13 and in 19, and even U15 Sudamericano….but failed all the time on WC’s and Olympics…without the Copa America players (club wont let them go) Lautaro, Palacios etc. this team wont be favourite against neirly the strongest squads (France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay or Columbia)….

      • Sure the earlier teams had flattered when it mattered most. However with this current U23 team under Bocha, I have the full confidence and conviction that though they might not be the favorites, they will not go down without a fight and will ensure they play competitive football and give fans like us an amazing time at Tokyo 2020.

      • The last thing anyone needs in football is the ‘favorite’ label because it only serves to add more pressure to an already pressure cooker environment.
        This squad is rather impressive IMO and they have 2 major advantages over the previous squads that failed miserably:

        1. built in chemistry. Largely the same squad played the U20, U22 (pan american games) and now U23 Qualifiers. They may not have the impressive ‘name’ players like the previous Argentina youth teams that won but they do have the advantage of having played together in more matches than the previous teams thanks to the aforementioned tournaments.

        2. AFA stability. Remember that the disorganization of the AFA is what led Tata to leave the NT and the olympic team (he intended to coach the U23 team also). This in addition to the fact that clubs refused to release many of the players needed for the olympics in 2016 led to an under-strength side that had little to no preparation and ofcourse they ended up eliminated from the first round.
        Now however the AFA is showing a semblance of stability and this u23 side is well established, so much so infact that even if the likes of C.Romero, Licha Martinez, Barco, Robertone, Ascacibar etc…. aren’t released it wouldn’t necessarily affect the team’s chances.

        • Imo Batista would be thankful for the european clubs to not let their argentine players come. If every player is available something like this should be the team:
          GK—Lisandro Martinez—Romero—Foyth—Montiel—-Palacios—Ascacibar—Dominguez—Vargas—Lautaro—Gonzalez and zero chemistry….or this team with mostly lower profiles players, but good chemistry…imo neither team could win the Olympics with these circumstances…only the strongest team with chemisty and match experience could, but this opportunity went away.

    • Sometimes people need to change something so that they can have new enthusiasm and motivation.
      I know Messi won’t leave Barca at any cost because of his family and he doesn’t want his eldest son to leave his friends.
      For this I respect C. Ronaldo for always accepting new challenges.
      ND I’m not Messi hater ….I also think he is the best of this era and I love him.

      • New challenges bullshit, he just always leave a shinking ship for an easier route…greatest MU ever under the greatest coach SAir Alex, then the best team of the decade Real Madrid with zero results last years, so the rush was guaranteed, (at the end Perez didnt want to give him the WR wage so he rather left) Juventus? The monarch of Seria A with UCL finals, what type of challenge is this? He won only 2/9 Copa and 2/9 PD in Madrid until Messi 6 and 6, this is rather escape not challenge… a shitty Milan would be a challenge, but not the most dominant team of top5 leagues without real opponents in Italy.
        Messi on the other hand always need to rebirth in a weaker and weaker team, this is the challenge, CR would have burnt out long ago in this. Very long ago. He is the Lebron James of football….big 3 in Miami hey guys play together, then big 3 in Cleveland, then with Anthony Davis in LA. New challenges maybe but easier routes definitely. Messi on the other hand like Kobe Bryant or MJ.

        • I think what Zlatan is doing is a challenge he instantly made the shitty A C Milan a gud side. What Batistuta did at Fiorentina is the mother of all challenges as per me.

          I don’t know but Cr7 always somehow remains in the topic though.. Shit.

          But there may be a valid point in the above. Messi may not leave Barca due to his family commitments. May be. But Its a chaos now at FCB. Anyway let’s see.

        • CR always leaves his teams on the TOP, he knows and feels whats coming … yes regress, maybe very long regress…but without him, this is rather coward mentality than brave.

      • I dont understand some childish comments here. Something is the life is bigger than new challange. I think the relation between Messi and Barcelona is bigger than any contract written on paper. Nobody can even imagine Messi in any other european team other than Barca.
        Messi will not and should not leave Barcelona evenif they get out of top 4.
        And joining Juventus is a challange LOL.

        • Agree with you @mrinal1235
          He has a deep relation with Barcelona and will one day likely end up as an important part of their board after he retires. They did pay for his hormonal growth treatment after all.
          My prediction is that he stays with Barcelona until 2022 and transfers to Newell’s in Argentina after the world cup 😉

  4. An amazing achievement by the team. Very proud and glad that we are the champions of South America at this level. We were able to win all the matches and with a solid team even without the likes of Marco Senesi, Licha Martinez, Balerdi, C Romero, Valenti, Robertone (out injured) and few more names as well. We have qualified as the CHAMPIONS. Even more better would be to defeat Brazil on Sunday and ensure they do not qualify for the Olympics. This is a good project thats going on at the youth levels and definitely these players are going to be world class in the near future. Not to forget the amazing work done by Bocha Batista. He has been splendid as a coach and made the right team selections, decisions and moves whenever needed. Definitely a NT coach material in the future. He was not perturbed even when clubs did not allow their players.
    Vamos Albiceleste

    • Lautaro and Palacios won’t be in the olympics because they’ll be going to copa, which only starts a month before the olympics.
      Foyth and Lisandro could receive the ok from their clubs to go to Tokyo and they both would be a welcomed addition, add to that Robertone, Buendia, Barco, Balerdi, C.Romero and maybe even the likes of Icardi, Maria and Papu and you’ve got yourself a competitive squad.

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