Lautaro Martinez scores stunner for Inter in 2-0 win vs. Napoli


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 2-0 win vs. Napoli.

Martinez scored a stunner of a goal from outside the penalty area to give Inter the 2-0 win. With Inter leading 1-0, Lautaro scored his 14th goal of the season, the second one of the match.


  1. Argentina has four good header in team namely Otamendi,Pezella,Aguero ,Alario.We can be a threat in corner kicks oe set pieces.Alario should substitute Lautaro and we have most threatening attack in second half.

  2. One of the good things scaloni did
    Was generation change and continues
    To do so and I don’t have no doubt
    He will soon drop either andrada and Armani.If not both for emi martinez and juan musso But the problem will be the local media Who will always overhype those two
    As for me simple emi martinez and j. Musso
    Should be 1and 2, third i could care less.
    The other thing was leo balerdi moved to ligue 1I believe he will be regular in olympique Marseille
    Which means he will be pushing to start in the nt.Probably a long side with pezzela who is to me Very reliable good experience defender Who will guide those young generation of Defenders coming through
    I know he is bit slow so Harry Maguire too
    But the difference is one is English other isn’t. This is first time for decade arg nt future looks So bright I wonder why Lionel messi so eager to continue to play the nt maybe he really Convince that he can win something With this young core of players and i hope that is the case end of 2022.

    • I think Andrada will be there. Its between Musso, Andrada & Emilano ( if he shows this remarkable form consistently ) . Who in them becomes No1 is going to be interesting . All are sub 30 & all bring advantages. If club playing time is guaranteed, i think emilano is most balanced ( again 8-10 matches is still too short a timeframe to have a final conclusion )

    • Alario instead of lazy Icardi.Icardi can not dribble,not good in long shot,zero creativity,less work rate,not good in air,does not provide assists.These six important factors can not be eliminated.He is good in final thrid if he has ball in his feet.
      Alario is good in dribbling,more creative than Icardi,has more pace than Icardi,better than Icardi in air, good work rate,phenominal in front three,hard hitter of ball,clinical goal scoring ability.
      Lionel Scaloni is very good in forward player selection.Only goalkeeper and Left Midfield player selection seems to be his problem.

      • “Alario is good in dribbling,more creative than Icardi,has more pace than Icardi,better than Icardi in air,”
        In this form these are not true, Alario is nowhere near a good dribbler, rather bad or max average for a CF, he is not more creative than Icardi, Mauro gives way more assists, and Alario pace is nothing special too, with the pair of Icardi, in the air? maybe, but Icardi has more headed goals than him. He is more a hardworker yes, but with worse finishing, and big game difference making skills. Look at Alario and Icardi in UCL or in big matches.

        • Icardi has only one attribute, that is his finishing positional sense , icardi is best selfish Player who only take credit how he become asisst in goal, everything you say Against alario it is bullshit, you look after the fame not after the talents, if icardi Supply is blocked he is totally blocke
          d, there is no greater thread than alario in set piece, how much effective alario in team player it is proven in Germany match better you look on those matches

          • Alario is complete center forward,he is almost good in everything either dribbling,scoring,pace or assists.Match vs Germany is good example where he scored and assisted.

      • @Kavi yes the biggest difference is Alario is the bench warmer in mediocre club where Icardi is the no9 of top club.

        • Funny when bench warmer scores more goals than Icardi in season plus Alario is playing in tougher league not in Farmer league 1

      • This is a game of goals and I think icardi’s composure in the box can help us a lot.
        But again alario hasn’t done anything wrong in the NT colours so it would be tough to drop him.
        We have to see , if icardi can cement a partnership with mbappe and Neymar, then I don’t see any reason to not select him.

      • Yes kavi I do appreciate ur logics, but come on to win the games we need goals and for creating chances we have the GOAT who has evolved as a xavi type midfieldier too,then we have world class dybala who is stellar.
        We pretty need someone who can finish these chances.

  3. Bielsa should buy young Argentina GK like Portao or Ruffo or Cambasio to Leeds United instead of finished Romero, even Gazza could be better option

  4. Lautaro has similarities to Aguero, Man City must snatch him from barca and it will be good for lautaro

  5. I do not understand why Mourinho preferred Sergie Aurier over Juann Foyth.Sergie Aurier provides no defensive stability, he is good in attacking display but is it not right to ask defensive contribution from a fullbackprior to his attacking attributes.Foyth should go to Leeds there he has chance he will take time but he needs to not to be oversmart on ball in your own half.Foyth has all skill to be one of the best defender in Premiere League.

    • Valencia is great ,, he can be more relaxed if leeds United buy him under bielsa, in bielsa system dynamic Player always required

  6. Foyth could be the first Argentine to be signed by Bielsa this season. I believe he will be used as CB, since Leeds have established wing backs, if this deal goes through then they won’t bother about Quarta Martinez.
    Zaracho has interest from Bundesliga, including RB Leipzig, who an exciting team and pl ay in the CL. What a move that would be for Zaracho.
    Eintracht Frankfurt are interested in Mateo Garcia. Garcia won the league with Red Star in Serbia.

      • Great opportunity for Foyth. I’ve seen him play, too casual. Just a mental issue, he has all the right qualities to be a top defender. Demichelis had this issue in his early Bayern days.
        Also, Bielsa’s first target apparently was Emi Martinez, when he was warming the bench, but since then fortunes have changed for Martinez and so Bielsa is now turning towards Romero.
        But, for me the best news is Mammana coming back from injury. If he gets out of Russia and just plays regular football, that’ll be awesome for the NT.

        • Foyth’s future is a CB. So hope he plays in whichever club at his natural spot which is Right CB. If he tries to make himself a RB – he wont be like a world class RB. He is our future CB & can also can function as a RB backup.
          An innovative coach can actually leverage his agility & ball playing skills & convert him to a DM. I somehow feel he will be much more effective than Parades with exposure. The casualness that is seen in Foyth is also a bit of his confidence on the ball. This will mature with experience. What he needs now is a coach who mentors him well & he has all potential to be a world class CB.
          To me Foyth i is the most crucial transfer among Argentine players this season. If he gets stuck at Tottenham, he will rot in benches & Tottenham is anyway not playing extra tournaments like Europa or CL to get some player rotation.

  7. No disrespect to icardi
    But he will never able to think scoring
    From 30 yards that is why lautaro is a
    Complete strike having said that
    He still need to be more consistent
    in oder to be amongs the elite ones.

    • He should’ve slotted the ball to a wide player who was making the run.
      If he is shooting from outside the box frequently, then, it means he doesn’t have confidence in himself as a poacher.
      But again his energy and desire is promising.
      And he always finds a way to score in big matches.( All the argentine forwards have this in common)

      • We want all round CF who can also score from long range like sniper.We should appreciate his goal,there was not much power in the shot but trajectory was goid that is why goal conceded by opponent

  8. Quarta martinez should move to premier League, his way of dynamic attribute define he is the Player of premier League, italian League always something conservative it gives more importance on strategy and defence rather than pace with dynamicity, christian romero need to shine more until he will not solid like one of the great defender of seria a he should not be choosen, marcus senesi and nehun perez done quit great improvement though they are not from laliga, premier League, seria a, or Bundesliga, both senesi, nehuan should move to laliga they have that quality ,,
    Garay should give another selection

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