Alexis Mac Allister scores for Brighton in 1-1 draw vs. Crystal Palace


Alexis Mac Allister scored for Brighton in their 1-1 draw vs. Crystal Palace.

Mac Allister would score his first goal in the Premier League, one which would give Brighton a point. With the score 1-0 for Crystal Palace in injury time, the Argentine would shoot from the edge of the penalty area as his goal would bring Brighton level.


  1. I have a dream …..

    —-Ocampos—–Messi——Di Maria
    ———–Paredes—-Lo Celso

    • I mean… I don’t think we have good enough defensive midfielders for a double pivot. Better to utilize our talent with double strikers. Lo Celso can cover there but if we want to use him as best as possible I think that’s too deep.

  2. To add to the Martinez hype train.

    I’ve read this from both Arsenal and Villa fans…that Martinez commands the defense well. He brings stability and helps unify the back line. Given the disconnected porous defense, I’m sure Scaloni could use an imposing keeper with “leader” qualities. Be patient my friends.

    • Very true, in the Liverpool game the Liverpool defense was shambolic but Martinez keeps his defense calm and collected. They trust him. Also can be compared as the opposite to Kepa in which the entire Chelsea team doesn’t trust him.

  3. Argentina player non-tochable
    Midfield :
    De paul
    Martinez quarta
    Goalkeeper :
    Emi martinez

    Based on the current situation this player are core Argentine selection, and this player will always get selection,,, but
    Ocampos need improve
    Otamendi is in decline position
    Paredes is not perfect solution
    Now the others player comes after this
    Guido Rodriguez, Gomez, Nico gonzalez, Nico Dominguez, Foyth, Alario, Sarabia, Neheun perez, Lisandro m, Acuna, Di maria, Correa, Andrada, armani, baundia, balerdi
    I think with martinez quarta and pazella Argentine defence is solid
    Concern is Argentine both wing back and defencive midfield,,, wingback needs more quality fast player
    I think luka romero should considerable for selection, he could learn a lot from messi,

  4. There are many disagreements among Mundo members about the players who should start and who should be benched but I think almost all wants Emi Martinez as satarter over Armani.
    But Scaloni has different thoughts, I really want Emi Martinez as starter in November friendlies he is best there.

    • I don’t think scaloni has different thoughts or else he wouldn’t even call emi Martinez , as I said previously I think he didn’t play him vs Ecuador because it was the first qualifier match and that match had its circumstances and the 2nd game at la Paz is the worst time to give him a #1 spot because if anything goes wrong which usually has been happening since 2005 it will kill his national team career , so hopefully emi will start in November

      • Exactly Majd. Many of us were disappointed with him being benched in those 2 games, but with the circumstances in mind it makes sense that he didn’t play. Now that we won both games, some pressure is taken off the team and he can play more comfortably under better circumstances against Paraguay and/or Peru next month.

  5. Okay so emi Martinez had his 3rd clean sheet out of his 4 matches for Aston villa . Aston villa has conceded the least goals this season with only 2 goals , and Aston villa is topping the table , let Alone emi Martinez got his chance as a starter with arsenal only last year for those who don’t know and in the 2/3 months that he played as a starter won the FA CUP and another cup , and we have the shaky Armani at goal , this guy is not our best . If anything I’ve been liking in scaloni is he picks his players based on how they have proven themselves , I do hope that in next months qualifiers he gives emi Martinez the starting spot knowing that emi Martinez keeps his high form .

    Scaloni may not have Played emi Martinez against Ecuador was because it was the first match and the 2nd was in hard circumstances . And I’m all for dropping emi Martinez or any other player in the national team if they don’t perform . This position is key and for a long time it seems that we have a good all rounded keeper .

    Even Romero is not the most technical , he was a good goalie yes , excellent penalty stopper yes , but wasn’t the best with his feet and just like Armani seemed shaky in his early days .

    Armani is 30+ lol , this guy is trash and will cost us I repeat now or later .

  6. Players List (Updated) Part-2

    LIGUE 1 (4 Clubs, 7 Players)
    1. Lens (1)
    DF- Facundo Medina
    2. Marseille (2)
    DF- Leonardo Balerdi
    FW- DarĂ­o Benedetto
    3. Nice (1)
    GK- Walter BenĂ­tez
    4. PSG (3)
    MF- Leandro Paredes
    FW- Ángel Di María
    FW- Mauro Icardi

    BUNDESLIGA (4 Clubs, 6 Players)
    1. Hertha Berlin (1)
    MF- Santiago AscacĂ­bar
    2. Eintracht Frankfurt (1)
    DF- David Abraham
    3. Bayer Leverkusen (2)
    MF- Exequiel Palacios
    FW- Lucas Alario
    4. Stuttgart (2)
    MF- Mateo Klimowicz
    FW- NicolĂĄs GonzĂĄlez

    Eredivisie (3 Clubs, 4 Players)
    1. Ajax (2)
    DF- NicolĂĄs Tagliafico
    DF- Lisandro MartĂ­nez
    2. Feyenoord (1)
    DF- Marcos Senesi
    3. PSV Eindhoven (1)
    FW- Maximiliano Romero

    Primeira Liga (7 Clubs, 9 Players)
    1. Benfica (2)
    DF- NicolĂĄs Otamendi
    MF- Franco Cervi
    2. Braga (1)
    MF- Nico GaitĂĄn
    3. Famalicao (2)
    MF- JoaquĂ­n Pereyra
    FW- Carlos Valenzuela
    4. Farense (1)
    FW- Braian Mansilla
    5. MarĂ­timo (1)
    MF- Jorge Correa
    6. Porto (1)
    GK- AgustĂ­n MarchesĂ­n
    7. Sporting (1)
    FW- Luciano Vietto

  7. Players List (Updated) Part-1

    EPL (8 Clubs, 11 Players)
    1. Aston Villa (1)
    GK- Emiliano MartĂ­nez
    2. Brighton (1)
    FW- Alexis Mac Allister
    3. Chelsea (1)
    GK- Willy Caballero
    4. Manchester City (1)
    FW- Sergio AgĂŒero
    5. Manchester United (2)
    GK- Sergio Romero
    DF- Marcos Rojo
    6. Newcastle United (1)
    DF- Federico FernĂĄndez
    7. Tottenham (3)
    GK- Paulo Gazzaniga
    MF- Giovani Lo Celso
    FW- Erik Lamela
    8. West Ham (1)
    MF- Manuel Lanzini

    La Liga (12 Clubs, 25 Players)
    1. Atletico Madrid (1)
    FW- Ángel Correa
    2. Barcelona (1)
    FW- Lionel Messi
    3. Cadiz (3)
    GK- JeremĂ­as Ledesma
    DF- Marcos Mauro
    MF- Augusto FernĂĄndez
    4. Deportivo Alaves (1)
    MF- Rodrigo Battaglia
    5. Eibar (1)
    DF- Esteban Burgos
    6. Elche (6)
    GK- Diego RodrĂ­guez
    MF- Juan Sånchez Miño
    MF- IvĂĄn Marcone
    FW- Lucas Boyé
    FW- Guido Carrillo
    FW- Emiliano Rigoni
    7. Getafe (1)
    GK- Leandro Chichizola
    8. Granada (1)
    DF- Nehuén Pérez
    9. Osasuna (3)
    DF- Facundo Roncaglia
    FW- Chimy Ávila
    FW- Jonathan Calleri
    10. Real Betis (1)
    MF- Guido RodrĂ­guez
    11. Sevilla (3)
    DF- Marcos Acuña
    MF- Franco VĂĄzquez
    FW- Lucas Ocampos
    12. Villarreal (3)
    GK- GerĂłnimo Rulli
    DF- Ramiro Funes Mori
    DF- Juan Foyth

    Serie A (15 Clubs, 27 Players)
    1. AC Milan (1)
    DF- Mateo Musacchio
    2. Atalanta (3)
    DF- José Luis Palomino
    DF- Cristian Romero
    FW- Alejandro GĂłmez
    3. Bologna (3)
    DF- Nehuén Paz
    MF- NicolĂĄs DomĂ­nguez
    FW- Rodrigo Palacio
    4. Cagliari (1)
    FW- Giovanni Simeone
    5. Crotone (1)
    DF- Lisandro MagallĂĄn
    6. Fiorentina (2)
    DF- GermĂĄn Pezzella
    DF- Lucas MartĂ­nez Quarta
    7. Hellas Verona (1)
    DF- Bruno Amione
    8. Inter Milan (1)
    FW- Lautaro MartĂ­nez
    9. Juventus (1)
    FW- Paulo Dybala
    10. Lazio (2)
    MF- Gonzalo Escalante
    FW- JoaquĂ­n Correa
    11. Parma (2)
    DF- Lautaro Valenti
    MF- Juan Brunetta
    12. Roma (2)
    DF- Federico Fazio
    MF- Javier Pastore
    13. Spezia (1)
    MF- Nahuel Estévez
    14. Torina (1)
    DF- Cristian Ansaldi
    15. Udinese (5)
    GK- Juan Musso
    DF- Nahuel Molina
    MF- Rodrigo De Paul
    MF- Roberto Pereyra
    FW- Ignacio Pussetto

  8. That 19 year kid Alexandro Bernabei of Lanus is stunning. He is like Alphonso Davies of Bayern Munich. But he is left back where we have Tagliafico already but I think we can use him as right back just as Dest is playing in left back but he is right back in Barcelona

    • I think we should give him some more time bro… He sure looks like a prospect….. His pace was mindblowing…… There are so many talented full backs in the superliga alex vigo of colon santa fe luciano vera river julian aude lanus and valentin barco of boca (sub 15 huge time ahead of him)…. Anyways future looks bright….

    • He seems old for U20. Dob needs to be jan 1 2001 or later for u20 world cup. He can qualify for Olympics. But just wondering how come he was not noticed till now. Will be great to hear from local league experts on bernabei & Marcelo Herrera ( who seems Batista’s main RB option in u23)

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