Juan Foyth scores, assists for Villarreal in 5-3 Europa League win


Juan Foyth scores and assisted for Villarreal in their 5-3 Europa League win vs. Sivasspor.

Foyth started for the yellow submarines in the Europa League and with the score at 2-2 gave them the 3-2 lead. A corner sent into the penalty area found Foyth as the Argentine would head the ball in for the goal.

The Argentine would play an assist even former Villarreal man Juan Roman Riquelme would be proud of. A lovely through ball from the back found Paco as he would score.


  1. Foyth reminds me of a young Busquets…he still can become that… DM who can commit tactical fouls to break up plays and cut a pass in between opponent lines for rapid build up.

  2. Papu gomez Julian alvarez Lio messi

    Giovani lo celso E Palacios

    Juan foyth

    N tagliafico Martinez LMQ L vera

    E martinez

    Sub : Dybala, almada, ascersiber, musso, andrada, lautaro, pezzella, c romero, senesi, N gonzales, de paul, N Dominguez

  3. cristian romero featured in the champions league team of the week while juan foyth featured in the europa league team of the week.
    lionel scaloni should move on from nicolas otamendi and give chances for the youngsters.

  4. Good week for some of our Argentine boys, especially for the ones at the back.
    C.Romero with an excellent performance and yet another assist. Not to be outdone Foyth took his chance well with Villareal but after seeing that pass I am more convinced than ever that he is made for midfield, he just loves the ball too much and is a little too error prone to be a CB.
    Big, BIG sigh of relief that Licha started against Liverpool and was absolutely fantastic to boot, I was shocked when Hagg started relegating him to the bench for no reason but it seems to me that Licha still has the confidence of the club if he is starting in the CL against Liverpool.
    Palacios had a solid game with Neverkusen but he’s gonna have to work his butt off to book a starting place in that stupid club.
    Was disappointed not to see Perez with Granada but I have no doubt that he will get his chance soon.

  5. It’s really great to see Foyth finding his feet on his debut game. No doubt that he is one of our best and brighest young stars, but he is hungry for proper guidance to fully unlock his potential. Hope Unai will trust him and give us the chance to see Foyth in the lineup week in, week out.

  6. Wholly mother of God, that pass was something else. Haven’t seen a pass like that made by a defender in sometime. Foyth should play as a CB he for me is the brightest CB talent we have. We can’t waste him by playing at RB spot. Foyth-Quarta combo may be worth a shoat but both are Right sides CBs right? I really don’t understand about Left and Right Centre backs.

    Is it compulsory that a Left CB should be Left footed and Right CB should be Right footed. I don’t get it. In that case we may have to start using Lisandro Martinez more in Left CB spot slowly. Can’t hold on Otamendi always.

  7. The more i watch his through ball to the striker.
    The more I said to myself no defender has righ to make Such killer through pass like that. I wonder why unai Emery wanted him to sign his psg days.
    I said before foyth is much better footballer than Likes dier tanganga Sanchez even to extend Better than winks as overall footballer.
    I hope he continues to play well

    • The reason he didn’t play against Mourinho is the fact that Mourinho loves very athletic defenders. The like of J Terry, sanchez, vertonghen…. In addition Mourinho is results prone, he is not a long term coach. Fourth may be back in england but not with Mourinho.

  8. Foyth is not going to be DM, he is best for ball playing CB.He is going to be used as Mascherano was used in Barcelona. Foyth has speed so it does not bother him to track back in high defence line because he can outrun any opponent. Best role for him is CB but in Argentina he will play in Right Back position. In low defensive line he suffers because his freedom of ball playing from back is gone in low defence line and he makes mistake there but he is very comfortable and decent in high defence line.

    • NO ! Argentina need a Modern right back who can help in the offense too ! The best Right back and left back of the XXI century ? Alves, Lahm, Marcelo and Alba ! They was modern defender ! Stop to leave in 1980 when Right and Left back just have to defend ! Foyth have no quality of a Right back !

  9. Most important he get the playing time and trust from Emery; he will grow and useful for N/T; yes he will be good for DM Back up when you want to play defensive and already leading

    • Actually Emery wanted to bring foyth for a long time. Since his arsenal days he saw foyth as a potential deal-breaker if he manages to get him and so he was so hungry and quick during this transfer window. Finally he came and I’m glad that he got a goal and a beautiful assist last night which will definitely build his confidence and also prove a strong base for him to force Emery to start him further.

      We can’t forget that Emery has a knack for Argentine talents.

  10. Foyth is hell player everyone knows
    He can be dm because of his skills
    But let the boy play his perfer position
    Which is cb plus his coaches will acknowledge
    If they need to move him as dm
    For sure more games he plays as cb
    The more he grows as one of the best
    Ball playing cb.

  11. I really think Foyth could be amazing as Defensif Midfielder with a profil like Busquets … he have a very high Football IQ and his pass can cross many lines. He is a good defender but make some mistake with his position and sometimes have a lack of power and intensity in 1 vs 1. As a Right Back its really not a good idea he have absolutly nothing need a modern right back. It’s not because Pochetino tried him in that position 3 times 18 months ago its a good idea ….

    • You’re not alone on that one. He has all the attributes for it and I hope Emery tries him as CDM and that he pulls it off. If he can prove himself there he could be a great defensive aspect for us covering 3 positions. Good for rotation with Paredes when a more defensive minded DM is preferred.
      Don’t know Villarreal too well, what are the chances of it happening with DM competition in mind?

      Really great assist btw.

      • In this preseason of Tottenham , the great mourinho was gracious enough to give foyth 45 mins against ipswich. Foyth did a similar pass that split entire defensive lines to Son who then scored . While DM role definitely he can slide into, I believe with constant games he can make himself very compelling for the Right CB role. His pace & tackling is top notch. I think it’s only aerial side which he needs to strengthen up & he can potentially fix that with a good coach. Just hoping Emery invests into him well. Imo he is ready to contest with 35yr Raul for the starting Right CB position in liga games also. Villarreal’s preferred DM is Vincent iborra who has been Emery favourite since Sevilla . He is physically stronger than foyth…but has low attack quotient. So it will take time for foyth to replace him.

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