Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez extends until 2027 with Aston Villa


Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez has extended his contract until 2027 with Aston Villa.

Dibu has found a home with Aston Villa as he will remain there for another five years. The club announced the extension on Friday.

Martínez joined the club ahead of the 2020-2021 season and has been the starter since joining them. Speaking with VillaTV, here is what he had to say abouy his extension:

I won a major tournament with Argentina not long ago and every time I come through the tunnel at Villa Park on a matchday, I can see the crowd, the lights, the fans excited for us to play.

“Just before coming out [on to the pitch], I see the Champions League trophy and the FA Cup trophy and that’s where I want to get.

“I want to be in a Champions League final with Villa, I want to be at Wembley playing in an FA Cup final or EFL final.

“That’s why I’m committing five and a half years to this club because that’s where I want to get.

“When I signed for Aston Villa, obviously I had massive ambitions about being in Europe and being the best version of myself, and the club have opened a really good door for me.

“They made me a better goalkeeper, with the goalkeeping coach Neil Cutler, Christian [Purslow], Johan [Lange], they’re good people, very loyal and ambitious as well, like the owners.

“So winning a major tournament for Argentina, thank you to Aston Villa for developing me as a good goalkeeper; and I think actually I can improve much more here and I want to commit my future here.

“It feels like home.”

Since joining Villa, he has also become the undisputed goalkeeper for the Argentina national team.


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