Paulo Dybala to train with AS Roma team


Paulo Dybala is set to train with AS Roma.

Dybala will return to training with AS Roma on Thursday. According to Corriere dello Sport, Dybala will train before the game against Torino.

The 28 year old has been out since the start of October with a hamstring injury. Should he take part in a game for AS Roma, it is believed that he will be part of the Argentina national team for the 2022 World Cup.


  1. Does anyone know if any of these players will actually be fully fit before first game :

    1.) dybala
    2.) nico g
    3.) paredes
    4.) palacios
    5.) di maria

    Seems like we’re taking quite a few players that are not 100%

  2. Looks like the participants for the “Lo Celso Replacement” survey have stagnated so here are the results – 32 members cast their votes with Enzo being #1 followed closely by Papu. I was actually a bit surprised by Palacios with only 4 votes but i guess his injury proneness hurt him. And to those that voted for Paredes to replace GLC, all i gotta say is 🤦

    Enzo 12 38%
    Papu 10 31%
    Palacios 4 13%
    MacAllister 3 9%
    Paredes 2 6%
    De Paul 1 3%
    Guido 0 0%

    • I voted for Enzo. Initially I wanted Papu to start but Papu will be more useful when he comes off the bench against tired legs. Also Enzo is not exactly a Mascherano type player. He is capable of both scoring and providing assist and he plays as a left CM for Benfica similar to Loceslo for national team but a little deeper. Most importantly he is in great form.

    • Don’t know why I have a feeling this can be a true coming out party for enzo…he’s 21 and plays with such confidence. He slid into befó e seamlessly even his debut with Argentina…played like belonged. Papu will be getting a lot minutes too…he’s been Fredy for Argentina, don’t care about Sevilla

  3. So currently we have 4 players in the wc squad who plays as DM. Paredes, Enzo, guido, macallister. So my ranking of each player according to their attacking output.
    1. Enzo
    3. Macallister
    Any suggestions?
    Except guido all can play higher up the pitch or played earlier in their career.

  4. I have to respond to a point repeated ad nauseam by the Sampaoli defenders –

    “Sampaoli left a high paying fancy job in Europe”

    Sampaoli’s employment track record averages 1-3 years. He joined Sevilla in 2016 and was under contract for 2 years and joined ARG right around the time he quits anyway. For salary, I have to assume this donut was paid similar wages to other Spanish team managers (excluding Barca / Real / Atl), around $1m-$4m annual salary.

    AFA negotiated with Sevilla for a fee of $1.5m and agreed to pay this shitbrain $9m through 2022, roughly $2.3m per year. Oh such a poor guy making $2.3m per year. And then when Mr Trashcan turned the team into a circus and laughing stock of the world, AFA fired him, agreeing to settle at $3m. Can you imagine being the absolute worst performer for a company and still being compensated $3m!

    To suggest he left some “fancy” high paying job in Europe for a lowly job in South America is pure bollocks. AFA should have paid a donkey with $500 in carrots and would have gotten better results.

    • I’m not sure when is the right time but at some point, i would like to see @canadienroyal narrow formation line up with Toro and Alvarez up front (maybe molina over foyth though). Two pressing lunatics upfront with hunger for goals will cause headache for any defense. so glad Alvarez gaining confidence and looking sharp right before WC

  5. Molina is struggling to settle in A.Madrid. He hasn’t caused numerous errors like Montiel to concede goals but he is struggling to get his tackles right. Hopefully he gets back to form in the world cup as the gap between our two RBs is significant especially in attack.

    Julian getting back to form is music to ears. No better time get his form back.

    • Molina is a below average player better to accept that he will not improve drastically all of a sudden. Even montiel is better than him defensively. And i don’t think Molina is that good offensively as well he is not a cafu, zanetti, lahm, thuram, bergomi, dani alves, Carlos alberto level player. Molina is overrated

  6. i know it is not subject for a period of time like now but some mentions for 2026 world cup !!!

    1.the qualification format will remain same with the difference that the top 6 teams will automaticaly qualify to world cup and the 7th place team will play interconfederation playoffs to be able to qualify.
    2.the qualification games will begin 23 March 2023. Not that far from today.
    so Messi could be with us for a number of those games.
    3.Ecuador will start with -3 points
    4. FIFA still considering about the idiotic format of 16 groups of 3 teams and exist thoughts for 12 groups of 4 (which i wish and i hope it make it happened for the shake of football and the world cup prestige).

    • It’s not going to happen but 8 groups of 6 will the best set up. A longer group stage typically means more quality teams will proceed to knockout, and less flukes and lucky ones.

      But it’s virtually guaranteed that Fifa will go for 16×3 instead. It will make it easier for Fifa to manipulate group organizations and influence outcomes for maximum broadcasting revenue and increasing viewership in new countries.

  7. Whenever I share links on this site then my comments end up AWAITING MODERATION.
    It has always been so.
    Wanted to share a video that documents Veron vs Sorin history and 2 other videos Argentina vs Croatia and Argentina vs England friendlies.

  8. Pekerman made mistakes:
    He wanted to keep peace and harmony in the squad so he excluded Zanetti because of the Sorin and Veron conflict.
    Zanetti sided with Veron.
    There was also a rumor that Zanetti was seen as “unlucky guy” “loser”. hadn’t won any title until then.
    We know he won titles after that.
    Pekerman also made the same mistake taking out Riquelme against Croatia and England.
    He didn’t trust Messi and Aimar.
    But he laid the foundation for the players we enjoyed and made his team play beautiful football. 2006 team is one of the best teams to win anything.
    It’s legendary.

    Sampioli left Sevilla for dream job.
    Inherited a bad team and tried to make changes immediately but had no results so he gradually lost power and began to revert to previous managers habits. At the end he lost power completely. He was coach only on paper after the first 2 games.
    He couldn’t help himself calling up players that never deserved playing for the team.
    It was a disaster.

    I am heartbroken for Lo Celso.
    He was integral to the team.
    Life goes on.

    • He lost power and respect because of atrocious tactical decisions he alone made, not because he was forced to call players that you say were undeserved or reverting back to previous managers habits. Yall love to blame players like Masche but give me break, this dude was horrific and even if Paredes were there and not masche, it still would have been a disaster. You clearly listed mistakes made by Pekerman, well Sampaoli made 100x times more and he alone is to blame.

    • I think they rested almost all of their first x1 players including GK. Only 3 started today from the last lineup. Some are on bench. Some are not even on the bench. They are using almost same eleven for every games. It seems a much needed rest…

      • That’s good, at least some players are getting rest, some who need minutes are getting some too. We need Lautaro and Licha to rest more now. Glad Lautaro scored and was subbed off on the 62nd minute.

        Molina subbed off early, probably for a yellow, Angel came on instead.

  9. Comparing Sampaoli to Pekerman is ludicrous. Pekerman got his subs wrong but has an entire legacy and a golden generation to his credit. Sampaoli was an experimental coach who got many many things wrong in the lead up to Russia. That being said, Sampaoli was in a tough situation but you can’t compare him to Pekerman.

  10. some friends here in their effort to give credit for what Sampaoli did today they try excuse him and his disaster passing from national team in 2018 with compare him and Pekerman in 2006.
    well i agree to give credit to Sampaoli because he did something very nice BUT guys please give me a brake.
    Pekerman did 2 mistakes and Sampaoli was one huge mistake by himself.
    please i don t have time and desire to write a book here for Sampaoli s mistakes during his time in national team bench.
    Pekerman had long and huge offer in many levels in AFA before even he take over the senior team. what exactly you try to compare?
    and ok in 2006 he should had take Zanetti in squad and yes in the game with Germans he didn t use Messi but that is all about him.
    he is responsible about his part just like Ayala and Cambiasso are responsible too for their part.
    the fact we lose from Germans in 2006 was not all Pekerman fault. people without short memory remember.
    something last. i agree about Messi. just we are in 2022 and people (i am not speaking for only mundo people) saying about Messi of 2006. if they want to be fair and justice they should remember that Messi in 2006 wasn t that much known in the majority of people in the rest of world.
    people that knew him was considered him as one huge young talent that had the potential to arrive to be a superstar. people in Argentina from 1994 was name “new Maradona” numerous young (then) talents in their agony about national team future. Aimar, Ortega, Tevez, Riquelme…. the list is long. Messi in 2006 wasn t exception.
    people should remember how the football world was in 2006 to judge according.
    not according of 2022 picture. of course it can t have same value opinions from people that wasn t over 10-12 years old in 2006.

    • Fully correct, my friend as i can easily remember and agree also with every word u wrote on your post as all that with Pekerman ended 2006 is what the most will remember and obviously point it all as his fault, but how many can for example remember when Pekerman first started to work with AFA ? As he started with youth’s way before 2006 and did had very good spell while/during working with AFA in various situations and posession’s too as most of us can only remember 2006 and how it ended , and Yes maybe 2 faultas maximum, but he did not cost Arg alone forsure the 2006 as it just happened in one game against German’s and started with Arg’s Goalie been injured and had to be replaced and then blody Klose’s Late time equalizer etc….Ok Zanetti should had been there and maybe was misstake to sub of Riquelme and also maybe was misstake to bring on Julio Cruz, but as Arg lost it, Still even some can blame Pekerman for that, Still to put him in a bigger picture with all of his work with AFA, sorry for those who disagree with COX4 as i don’t, because as Cox4 i’m also looking and thinking about Pekerman as whole and not as just one game, though it happened to be KO game at 2006 against German’s and so far Arg has only once won against German’s in WC’s history, so i do understand those whohavedifferent oppinion and judge Pekerman by his last game at 2006 WC against German’s, but i do not judge him for anything as opposite i like to remember all the work he did with AFA since his day one until his last WC game at 2006 and that is quite long time of period in fact and therefore i fully agree with every word my friend Cox4 wrote !

    • Good news for us that Julian Alvarez suddenly before the wc starting all the matches for man city. Today’s match will be good practice for him as this is the toughest team he has faced until now

      • Wo Foden, KDB, Haaland, Bernardo i see not much support. At least Mahrez worked well with Alvarez so far, but that jealous overrated Grealish negligates him.

        • Doesn’t matter. He starts that’s what matters most. There is no substitution for playing games. He will be super sharp come wc bt i don’t like lautaro starting every game. He will be tired. If we win first 2 games I would like to see lautari being rested in the Poland game

    • La liga still has copa del rey on the weekends, but the likes of Atletico and Sevilla would meet a division 4 team. So the players might be released after today’s match as there is no chance any of our players will play against a 4th division team.

      I want Papu to join the team as soon as possible. He becomes super crucial for us now.

  11. If Dybala is fit, will that eliminate A Correa right away? I hope not. If Foyth is fit, will that eliminate A Correa too? I still want A Correa to make it no matter what.

  12. I was going through the heat map of the season for our midfielders..amazed by the stats..!

    1. Enzo. A player covering almost all the areas of CM/DM with high activity everywhere in the midfield. His activity almost equally distributed in both opposition half and his own half. The real modern midfielder.
    2. Mac Allister. Another player covering almost all the areas of CM/DM with high activity everywhere on the midfield. Almost 55% at opposition half and almost 45% in his own half. Close second

    No other players are close to them. These two are the most inform Argentine midfielders of the season.

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