Argentina Primera: Rosario Central, Huracán get first round wins


It was the return of the Argentine Primera league as Rosario Central and Huracán both got wins on Friday.

The return of the league of the World Cup champions started on Friday with two matches. Rosario Central hosted Argentinos Juniors in a battle of the Mac Allisters.

It was Francis Mac Allister of Rosario Central vs. Kevin Mac Allister of Argentinos Juniors, both brothers of Alexis Mac Allister. Both Mac Allister’s started the match for their clubs but it was Francis who celebrated the 1-0 win. Jhonatan Candia got the only goal of the match with Leonardo Heredia of Argentinos Juniors getting red carded.

Huracan got the second win a of the day, 4-2 against Defensa y Justicia. A goal seven minutes in by Santiago Hezze and a goal two minutes from half time by Gabriel Gudiño made it 2-0 for Huracán.

Nicolas Fernandez scored for Defensa y Justicia in injury time of the first half and David Barbona made it 2-2 for Defensa y Justicia just four minutes into the second half. Nicolas Cordero and Juan Manuel Garcia scored the two late goals for Huracán. Santiago Ramos Mingo got red carded for Defensa y Justicia three minutes before the end of the match.

Saturday has San Lorenzo against Arsenal Sarandi, Talleres Córdoba against Independiente, Estudiantes vs. Tigre and Central Córdoba against River Plate.


    • Luka Romero is overrated, I don’t think he is national team material .Ultimately he will be a weaker pavon.

      The most promising teenager should be Garnacho and Soule
      Then Paz ,Valentin Carboni.

      Local superliga ,The most promising are Zeballos and Prestianni

    • Lucas Roman played under Mascherano during L’Alcudia tournament. Very average when played then. 2 minutes youtube vids can be very misleading. I really hope he turns into a great player but Barca B has been a death trap for the last 6 or 7 players who’ve been there in the last decade. Let’s not forget Mingo just left like dust and there’s also LB Roman Vega there. so, we have 2 players at Barca B one with the first name Roman, while the second has his last name Roman.
      Luka Romero, I don’t see anything so special at this stage.

  1. @Cox today we officially started a new era and I really am left with great sensations all around. Not only was the football good and kept River DNA, but also I like what Micho is doing with the fitness of the team because they keep their intensity in the second half and we can hurt teams a lot like that. The team has a lot of depth and we still are yet to have De la Cruz, Palavecino, Kranevitter, and Rondon available. Paradela looks much better, Alfonso is promising, and Solari looks improved after his late season form last year. I almost didn’t mentally process that Nacho returned because it happened during the World Cup and only now has it fallen. I really didn’t know what to expect from Demichelis because he never coached in the top flight but I am really impressed so far — though it is only the first game against an average team so I can’t get too ahead of myself. We still have a whole season ahead and tougher games to come.

  2. Garnacho played OK last night , he has speed and technique but shooting and dribbling still need improvement. As a 18yrs ,you can’t ask for more .

    The problem is he will be Rashford ‘s substitue actually I think he can play on right side not necessarily on the left. However Rashford is in super form and is very talent ,I rate him just behind mbappe as a winger .So it is unfair to compared him with Rashford. If garnacho sign the contract ,that means he may not get enough playing times. I think Manu will buy a striker in summer. Rashford is deem to play on the left side and Anthony is too expensive to be bench.

    That’s why garnacho should leave Manu ,probably go to juventus ,they need a winger or go to Real Madrid, I think he can compete with vinicius

  3. I watched the MU match. Garnacho in 26 minutes of total playing time he almost had 2 goals and 1 assist to Antony. The guy is very direct and was always a threat down the left. He already is very good in finding empty space. His positioning is already super elite. If he improves his shooting, then he’s getting closer to his master level, CR7.

    It is super unfair that Weghorst, whose career actually starts to decline the last 2 seasons got key player treatment and Garnacho got back up player treatment as a result. Garnacho really needs to find out if he is just a back of of Rashford or what if he signs a contract. If I were him, I would ask for a first team futbol as my condition to sign a new contract or loan him out somewhere.

    If MU can’t guarantee him regular minutes, I hate to say it as I see MU is perfect for him, (but the coach reminds me of Nuno Santo), it is better for Garnacho to move somewhere. Juventus is struggling financially but they can afford Garnacho for free as he will be out of contract this June. If Di Maria stays one more year then Di Maria, Garnacho, and Soule and Chiesa will look very good. No Madrid or Atletico though.

  4. Argentina WC players after the WC are on 🔥
    Lautaro 6⚽️, 3 MOM
    Dybala 3 ⚽️, 2 🅰️ and 2 MOM
    Di Maria 2⚽️, 1 🅰️, 1 MOM
    MacAllister 2 ⚽️
    J Alvarez 2 ⚽️
    Acuna 2 ⚽️, 1 🅰️, 1 MOM
    Messi 1 ⚽️
    Foyth 1 ⚽️
    A Correa 1 ⚽️
    Enzo 1⚽️, 2 🅰️, 1 MOM
    Licha 1 ⚽️, 2 MOM
    Molina 2 🅰️
    Pezzella 1 MOM

    De Paul replied to his junior Nico Paz on Instagram after Argentina loss in the U20 qualifier: “The road is very long Nico, take the positives, and above all enjoy it as you are wearing the most beautiful shirt in the world”

    Rodrigo De Paul, what a beautiful thing you do. He brings positive impacts off the pitch. He said last year to Cuti that Cuti is the best defender in the world. And during the World Cup he said to Cuti instagram, “How easy it is to play next to you.” And now he comforts Nico Paz, the real “engine” of the U20.

  5. So, since Bobo arrived at MU, Garnacho’s game time has reduced dramatically. Or is it a mind game because he refuses to sign the new contract? Either way, ETH appears to be a f*ckhead.

  6. We need to call Paz and Garnacho to Senior side. Spain gave chance to 17 years old Gavi, why can’t we do the same?

    U20 teams have been useless for last decade.

    • Yep, and in Brazil you see 16 and 17 year olds playing for and even scoring for the top sides while in Argentina kids make their debut at 19-20 oftentimes. I do wonder if it would be better to just call up the entire WC winning team for the friendlies though, just because it is friendlies and for the celebration they deserve. I don’t see why they couldn’t be called up in a training capacity like a year ago though

      • Yes, absolutly the whole WC winning team+players left home and also those who been part of La Scaloneta’s project as even some players who have yet to feature for Arg Nt, but may have the potential as all those youngsters or the one’s like Garnacho, Soule and co. etc…should be deffenetly called up as MANU again not giving place for Garnacho in the starting 11 for vs Reading in FA CUP is another complete humiliation from ETH as he would most propably just let him play in that next meaningless league cup game at Old Trafford against Nottingham as MANU allready won 0-3 away in the first leg etc..,anyhow happy to see LAUTARO on the scoresheet for twice against Cremonese, so 6 goals in 6 games after winning the WC must make him feel good and ready for upcoming UCL games in next month !

        • They have several actually,
          – Lisandro Magallan who isn’t NT material
          – Ezequiel Ponce who they bought from Spartak Moscow who also most likely won’t be NT material
          – Lautaro Blanco, was one of the best left backs in the local league at Rosario Central with great crossing and passing who could perhaps mature slowly into an Acuna type player over time — not really considered a young prodigy ever like Valentin Barco for example but could be one of those late bloomers if things go well
          – Nicolas Fernandez Mercau, was also one of the best left backs in the local league and to add on to my earlier point he only made his San Lorenzo debut at 19 and only started playing regularly at 21/22, a bit late compared to how other countries/leagues do it.

          They also had Federico Fernandez, Pastore, Carillo, Marcone, and Piatti recently, would be sad to see them get relegated because they seem to be one of the only clubs that’s consistently willing to buy Argentines

          • @olive thnx a lot as very apoeriaceted too !
            Hopefully Blanco will be one those Late bloomers like u mentioned in your post ! as Nicolas Fernandez Mercau sounds also a intresting one as hopefully him too will have a better future ahead of him as i’m obviously referring not to the players quality, rather more to as u said in your post ” would be sad to see them get relegated because they seem to be one of the only clubs that’s consistently willing to buy Argentines” as it indeeds look realky bad for them as team, which will be a sad thing indeed ! All the best and stay as well as u can and maybe, if posssible later on as the Argentina Primera will get more going, then i would really apoeriacite some update from River and also from other local Arg players from Argentina Primera and hopefully River will have a good times a head of them in the near future !

    • Yes, that should be the priority as more quicker the better it will be for them to start to get some training together with rest of LA SELECCCION and also get to know each others and everyone else too who are currently with ARG NT as i hope Scaloni and Co. will sign up the new contract soon as possible !

  7. Why Mascherano did not call up Lucas Roman? He has just signed with Barca B and his release clause is €400 million. His game is very much like Messi.

    Our right sided attack was horrible in the qualifiers. Oh he is 18.

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