Nicolás González scores for Fiorentina in 1-1 draw vs. Lazio


Nicolás González scored for Fiorentina in their 1-1 draw vs. Lazio.

González has made it two goals in the new year for Fiorentina, scoring Fiorentina’s only goal of the match. The Argentine hit the ball first time from outside of the penalty area and beat the goalkeeper for his third league goal of the season.


  1. Actually I would say Federico Redondo is better than Enzo fernandez in future .Though you may not believe, but he is what we want just look like his father ,skilful, fast ,tall,as a DM he covers lots of ground .I think his father teach him how to play.Follow this boy!

    Zapelli ,Zeballos,F Redondo ,Three promising teenager

    • I think so far only garnacho and nico paz are our ready to material for national team and mayias soule cN get into the bench he too needs to improve all other teen sensations are just fading
      The biggest disappointe is the likes of barco, almada, gaich once i thought they gonna be topclass young players in world football

      • if you think nico paz is talento then at this stage Zapelli is far more better than him in all aspect . But in future who knows ,it depends on their development . Both are promising .Nico Paz is a bit raw and younger but Bruno Zapelli is very mature tough only 20yrs old.

        Gaich as a striker perhaps need more time to develop .Just look at Milito may be Gaich will have a big boost when he is around 28.29 yrs old. Simeone is the same .So we shouldn’t look down on them .

        As to Almada, that type of small ,tiny player ,I think is outdated. Messi is extraordinary, may be we won’t have messi 2.0 forever. Nowadays we need fast ,tall ,strong and skilful talento likes Mabppe, Rashford .or under 180cm but you are very speedy and as skillful as neymar. Otherwise, those tiny player not that speedy ,not that skillful ultimately go to farmer league .

  2. Rodrigo De Paul played very well last three matchs for Atlético molina has been good for Atlético since after world Cup he has improved under Simeone which is surprise bcs most of Argentine players flopped under him. Palacios is playing decent under alonso. Alex MacAllister had good match vs Liverpool. Nico gonzalez scored good goal and he looked good, i hope he stays fit. I hate to say it but it looks like Chelsea will sign enzo Fernandez hope doesn’t happen.

  3. The next interesting tournament will be the PreOlympic tournament scheduled in Venezuela. Dates not announced though it should be in mid June/early July 2023. Only 2 teams qualify from South America for Summer Olympics 2024 at Paris & hence top 2 finish is mandatory in Preolympic tournament.
    Olympics age limit is 23years ( with an exception to 3 overage players for Summer Olympics tournament) & hence qualifying Date of Birth will be Jan 1st 2021. Given we have only ~5 months , good chance Tapia will push Masche to continue or ask Aimar to step in like a tag team with Masche.
    Again we run the risk of missing top players due to club commitments & non release .Optimistically assuming AFA gets their way around clubs , some likely candidates can be :
    CF – Lucas Beltran , Luis Vazquez ,Guiliano Simeone ( Giovanni’s youngest brother now at LaLiga2 on loan ) , Facundo Farias
    Left Wing – Zeballos , Velasco
    Right Wing – Matias Soule , Pablo Solari, Luca Langoni, Pedro De La Vega , Buonanotte
    Central Midfield –Carlos Alcaraz , Cristian Medina ,Nico Paz,
    DM – Alan Varela, Ezequeil Fernandez , Santiago Hezze
    Center Backs – Valentin Gomez , Santiago Ramos Mingo , Gaston Avila ( now in Belgium league & getting decent minutes )
    Full Backs – Agustin Giay, Julian Aude , Franco Carboni
    GK – Joaquin Blazquez ( playing in Ligue1 with Brest) & maybe one of Gomez Gerth/ Herrara
    Enzo Fernandez & Garnacho qualify by age – but I think they should be prirotized for Copa24, other NT matches & club.
    If we qualify for Olympics , we have 3 overage player slots which I feel should be between GK, Full Back & maybe a CB. Maybe Agustin Rossi ( for his penalties) , Lautaro Blanco ( NT LB needs backup fast) & Leonardo Balerdi ( a right footed CB) In Tokyo Olympics, overage player was Ledesma & he did a good job while overall team failed badly.

    • Giuliano simeone isn’t impressive enough . as a striker He is short and lack of speed ,won’t be national team material .

      Cristian Medina also ,lack of improvement .not skilful enough as a DM . In boca he is even behind Varela and E fernandez . Both Medina and Almendra are very disappointing.

      as a winger Pedro DE la vega is slow and very weak in one on one .

      Alan Varela is good at ball distribution but weak in defense .

      Luis Vazquez is just moderate not too bad nor too good . Retegui is better than him .

      For me ,those really show great potential in local league should be :
      Zeballos ,Zapelli,Bounanotte, E fernandez (Boca), Pablo Solari,Federico Redondo ,Prestianni, Gaston Veron ,Facundo Farias,Gimenez Rojas(indepiendente )and Retegui

      • Unfortunately Retgui, Cruz, Rojas wont meet the DOB eligibility ( which wld be Jan 1st 2021).
        While i have not closely followed Redondo jr development, my take is Alan Varela & Exequl Fernandez wld be preferred as DM for more 1st div exposure. While i agree Medina has not fulfilled his early promise, i think he & Fernandez have also been part of Aimar’s U17 project & will have an advantage.
        Simeone has progressed well this season & looks a good candidate in a 2-4-4 system. To me he looks a decent option as 2nd striker & presses very well. I didnt find his speed to be slow atleast in the videos i saw. Again he is not shorter than Alvarez.
        Prestianni & Eichverry should battle first in U17 WC & maybe too early for U23. While De La vega has faded post injury, i am hoping he recovers well this season. Anyway there are options ( including Julian Fernandez ) & the final squad will be only 18.

    • I don’t think it’s June or July 2023 as in May-June there is WC U20. Most U20 players will participate there.

      As for the names, there are a bunch of names but let’s see if they will play good when playing as a team. Let’s first get a good coach to replace Mascherano. Then improve the players selection. How in the world Masche still selects the likes of Di Lollo, Genez, and make the likes of Vallejo or Veliz his starters. That’s poor players selections.

      Those who are bought by European clubs in general are more promising than the local ones because once they start to convince the European scouts, they will be bought right away like what happened to Lucas Roman, Alcaraz, Buonanotte, or Paz. As for Lucas Roman, I won’t make a final verdict now as he is only 18 and has Messi’s style of playing. If he succeeds in Barca B and dominate there, Barca will promote him to the first team and then we’ll see. His numbers in Ferril not that good though. Nothing like Messi’s.

      Oh one more I need to add: Thiago Almada. He is young enough for the Olympic 2024 I think.

      • Dates not announced. Europe has announced June/ July for preolympics. Its basically with a 2-week gap on U20WC. The other window can be Jan/Feb24. But i guess it will be our advantage if tournament happens in June/July23.
        I thought about Almada & he qualifies on age. But excluded him as i am sure he will be in NT squad for Copa 24 which is again 10 days before Olympics.

  4. Our next generation should be :
    ##Zapelli(E Fernandez boca)##Bounanotte(Paz)
    #####F Redondo(Enzo)
    N Gonzalez#N Perez#Romero#Molina

    ZAPELLI(Belgrano) 20 yrs is awarded the best player last year in local secundo league. This year belgrano promote to superliga .Today vs strong team Racing . Zapelli play really eye-catching. Strong ,Skillful and fast can strike a balance between defense and attack . I would say he is better than De paul when De Paul is 20yrs old .

    Zapelli vs racing today

  5. ZEBALLOS (BOCA) play only 10mins in second half but this boy is really impressive . Very good at dribbling ,has speed .At the moment I think he is even better than Garnacho in terms of one on one and dribbling . absolutely a future star

    BRUNO ZAPELLI(BLEGRANO) looks like a DePaul 2.0 . Strong ,fast and good at passing .

    Exequiel Fernandez (Boca) ,I would say he is better than Varela (Boca) ,very eye catching. Looks like Enzo Fernandez 2.0

  6. Guys, Chelsea…

    2 weeks ago I was pissed off at them as they acted like scammer to Enzo. Now Enzo already settled down and focused on Benfica, they go at him again. But this time it is even more likely than the first one as Fab Romano and Cesar Luis Merlo both say that Chelsea will pay everything at all cost to get Enzo. I have a feeling they might pay more than 120 million euro in installments instead of paying all 120 million euro cash. I say the chance of them getting Enzo is more than 50% now as Enzo himself is very open to move to Chelsea.

    Chelsea is not doing good but they have crazy unlimited money! They have spent:
    1. David Fofana (FW) for 12 million Euro
    2. Benoit Badiashile (CB) for 38 million Euro
    3. Andrey Santos (MC) for 12.5 million Euro (star of Brazil U20)
    4. Joao Felix (FW) loan for 12.5 million Euro
    5. Mykhallo Mudryk (Winger) for 100 million Euro (including adds on)
    6. Noni Madueke (Winger) for 35 million Euro

    Plus in summer 2 more:
    1. Christopher Nkunku (Winger/FW) for 60 million Euro
    2. Malo Gusto (RB) for 35 million Euro

    AND now they want Enzo for 120 million Euro. So if they sign Enzo they will have spent more than 300 million Euro!

    I think Chelsea playing it smart, rather than spending 70-80 million Poundsterling (or 85-91 million Euro) on Brighton Caicedo (Brighton want more than than), they would rather spend 120 million on Enzo who is much better, THE BEST DM in the world, and is only 22 years of age.

    IF Enzo moves to Chelsea, I have no choice, I will support Chelsea too other than the Spurs, MU, and Aston Villa. Their team depth chart in summer (with Enzo) should look like this. Jorginho and Kante could be out as both are on expiring contract.

    They like to play 3-4-3.

    GK: Kepa, Mendy, Slonina
    DR: Reece James, Malo Gusto
    DL: Cucurella, Chillwell
    DC: Silva, Koulybaly, Badhiashile, W Fofana, Azpilicueta, Chalobah
    MC: ENZO, M Mount, Loftus Cheek, Kovacic, A Santos,
    LW: Mudryk, Madueke
    RW: Nkunku, Sterling, Pulisic
    FW: Felix, Havertz, Fofana

    That looks very strong to me especially after Enzo, they want Declan Rice too.

  7. How much unlucky this guy Giovani Simioni not getting enough of chance in club and NT and not getting enough of credit that he performed almost always above of average..

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