Ángel Di María speaks on winning the World Cup, Dibu Martínez, Enzo, Netherlands


Ángel Di María spoke about winning the World Cup with Argentina, Emiliano Dibu Martínez, Enzo Fernández, the match vs. Saudi Arabia and Netherlands.

Di María has won it all with the Argentina national team. With the senior side, he won the Copa America and the Finalissima. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what Di María had to say about winning the World Cup:

“I fall when I look at the celebrations, when I see Montiel’s goal. In those things, I realize but otherwise, it is difficult to realize what we have achieved. Personally, after suffering so much, hitting a wall, now that it has been achieved, it is difficult to believe that we are world champions. Something that very few players have achieved.”

But before winning the World Cup, Argentina were on a winning streak and that came to an end against Saudi Arabia. The opening match of the World Cup produced one of the shocks of the tournament.

“After the loss against Saudi Arabia, we got to the hotel and it was the best moment. We needed to get off from where we came from and start again. We came doing very well, without losing, in a way that had not been seen for so long.

“We knew it could happen to us and it happened to use at the moment it had to happen because if it would have happened later, we would have gone home. After that, we started again in the same way, with the same desire as we had before.”

He also spoke about the match against the Netherlands:

“The first that that is seem is on the pitch, but everything started in the press conference where they started saying things. The Argentine has that thing about keeping all the energy inside and unleashing it on the pitch. That thorn that we had kept inside because of what they said was removed.

“The referee too, gave 10 minutes, gave a foul that wasn’t when there were 10 seconds left and got into a terrible mess. Strange things happened throughout the match. “

When asked about Emiliano Martínez and the penalty kicks:

“With Dibu, we are more calm in penalties. He comes and tells you “calm down, I will stop one or two” and he does it. He gives you peace of mind, above all for those kicking. We know that we have to score and he will take care of the rest. If he doesn’t save it, he touches it or gets close to it and you know that he will end up saving one of those five.”

He was also asked about Enzo Fernández:

“I am not one to watch a lot of football, but when they come and surprise us, they show that they have the quality and the conditions to play with the national team.

“Taking Dibu aside, Enzo had joined us only once, before he had only trained. Out of nowhere, he went to Benfica, he started to rip it up and he went to the World Cup and ended up playing incredible.”


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