Facundo Buonanotte makes Brighton debut


Facundo Buonanotte has made his Brighton debut as a substitute.

Buonanotte was on the Brighton bench for the first time on Saturday and was brought in as a substitute. Brighton were without Alexis Mac Allister in their 1-0 win vs. Bournemouth as he was suspended but they did have another Argentine in the team.

The 18 year old was with the team and played the last 15 mintues as he was substituted in for Tariq Lamptey. Per SC_ESPN, here are the youngest Argentine players to make their Premier League debut:

Carlos Marinelli: 17 years, 287 days
Alejandro Garnacho: 17 years, 301 days
Facundo Buonanotte: 18 years, 43 days
Emiliano Insúa: 18 years, 111 days
Franco Di Santo: 19 years, 146 days
Julio Arca: 19 years, 218 days


  1. EPL top 3 are pretty much secured: Arsenal, City, and MU. It is almost impossible for them to be out of the CL with the players/form they have unless 70% of the squad suddenly get serious injured.

    The only 1 spot remaining is the 4th spot. Newcastle taking the spot now but I think Spurs and Chelsea have a chance too. I think one of Newcastle, Spurs, or Chelsea will take the 4th. Brighton/Fulham is the dark horse. Liverpool? Nah! No way! Get Lost!

    Chelsea even if they won’t make the top 4, will be like Arsenal next year. Arsenal also fail to make the top 4 last season and then this season they top the EPL. Chelsea at WORST will be like that. All they need is 2 things: fix the attack and buy Enzo’s partner in midfield. They can beat any team once it is done.

  2. Bounanotte debut played well .Though only a few mins and his running and ball distribution are reasonable .He isn’t slow indeed , Brighton is really a good team for him to develop. would he be lo celso 2.0?

    Alcaraz play 30mins second half ,disappointing again .Actually he lacks of dribbling skill and hardly hold the ball .Not skilful enough to be a decent play maker or attacking midfield. Actually he is a box to box type but still need huge improvement in technique.

    Federico Redondo today is very impressive .only play second half vs racing . He is a future star surely .Good technique, cover all the grounds as a decent no.5 .Good ball possession, Tall but not clumsy .This guy really looks like his father.

    Zapelli vs riverplate didn’t show too much since there is a big gap between the two teams . But still show some dribbling skill and defense OK.

    Garnacho played only 10mins ,but participate in the second goal . He is quite useful and may be more useful than Anthony. Keep on developing .

    Solari(river plate) decent performance should be a back up for garnacho or Soule

      • Bro he is worst than gonzalo this guy has been talking about some unknown unproven players for long time I remembered one player he used keep mention call Joaquín something I can’t remember his full name properly but I think he plays in midfielder. Oh how I can forget what he said about licha martinez, he said he is is sh…t too short weak physically not going successed after his first two matchs in the epl just like Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness .

  3. Many more Argentina players will start playing in EPL, the choice is an elite club or a mediocre club, a new market opportunity. Looking at the EPL Table we noted that no elite club dominated the table now. So it would be a good place and chance to play as long they get more playing time. All the coaches are excellent and can develop the young potential players. Emi becoming the captain of Villa means appreciation and acknowledgment.

  4. Aston villa defense is a such a disastrous one. Such a shame for emi to play behind this type of defense. And look at the situation of Allison. Without their great CB Allison looks way awful. Emi to liverpool and Allison to Aston villa is the right move.

  5. Enzo did a huge mistake with this winter transfer to this horrible club atm. Benfica on the other side is a well oiled machine. Dortmund will beat Chelsea easily imi from UCL, Benfica with Enzo could reach even the final.

    • Man I don’t blame enzo at all I totally understand his move to Chelsea for so many reasons, who the hell will reject to come epl especially in London with 300k plus a week with successful club like Chelsea, football is short career

      • No, that half year is nothing in a career, and Chelsea is a tragicomedy atm, they need at least 1 year (minimum) to be good again at least for TOP4. Enzo would win the league and cup with a good UCL run then leave as a legend not a controversial villain who will remain trophyless with his new club.

    • Don’t worry, big team will come back, it won’t take more than a year. As soon as Chelsea got a new coach, they’ll be going well. Graham is not up to the task.

  6. Good to see many Argentina players are in the epl especially young star raising like Facundo Buonanotte Meanwhile what performance by Lisandro Martínez in my opinion he is the best defender in the Premier league right now .

    • @Godin11” Good to see many Argentina players are in the epl especially young star raising like Facundo Buonanotte Meanwhile what performance by Lisandro Martínez in my opinion he is the best defender in the Premier league right now .”

      Yes, very good news for Facundo get to play for Brighton for 15 min+ as coming in as sub, unfortunatly Mac Allister was suspended today, but luckily Brighton Still were able to get a narrow win as 1-0 over Bournemouth…sad, though for DIBU, Buendia and Villa to loose at home against Leicester, well theese things keep on happening in EPL as Arsenal lost away against Everton, lol!

      But, the most happiest from all Argentine’s from today’s EPL for me was LICHA as his performance was another outstanding one as him and Cuti are obviously the best CB’s for me personally and i’m really looking for to see them play as together for ARG NT LA SELECCION !

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