Enzo Fernández performance for Chelsea vs. Fulham


Enzo Fernández made his debut with Chelsea against Fulham as the club has put up a video of his performance.

Fernández started and played the entire 90 minutes for Chelsea in their 0-0 draw against Fulham. The British record signing was one of Chelsea’s best players in their draw.


  1. I had no idea Ray Hudson was still in the commentary business until I started watching this game, the man “LOVES, ABSOLUTELY LOVES MESSI AND ARGENTINA” always a pleasure to hear him call a game👏👏👏👏🫵🫵🫡🫡

  2. After missing 4 close chances in the final and plenty in the knockouts, Lautaro aka Higuain on Steroids has found his form again!! Usually after such shit show players go into a shell but el-toro unlike Higuain has lit the fire in him again! He is still very young and playing and winning a world cup will be very beneficial for his long career.

    • For once our luck didn’t turn to dust and Alvarez came up all ACES but Lautaro is a BEAST and still young, what’s better than one proven striker? TWO proven strikers 😉

    • Man it wasn’t like he missed sitters plus he wasn’t 100 fit just let you know Argentina won’t have win copa America without Lautaro and Not win copa would have made arg to win world cup very difficult bcs of huge pressure with due long drought which would have made psychological difficulty for Argentina that was me saying if buts could would but doesn’t matter now I take all those misses from Lautaro as Julian Alvarez helps to win world cup .

      • No he did miss sitters!! He missed all sitters. Especially in the final , he missed 2 sitters (one which was blocked when he stopped the ball to take the shot and second the last open header, those two were sitters) and 2 good chances for a striker if his quality, 4 chances missed in the final alone. Against, Australia his misses were shocking too!! He was Higuain on steriods in the world cup and single-handendely almost cost us the world cup. He is extremely lucky we won otherwise he would be hated and humiliated for a very very long time.

        • Chill bro so Ayala single handedly cost us with your logic WC98 when Bergkamp humiliated him, then should have retired from NT forever, Copa97 quarter and Copa2007 final, in Copa04 final was horrible too. And no Ronaldo not feared him, Ayala was his and brazil favourite toy boy.

  3. Happy to see that more and more NT players are playing for top EPL teams. I expect this talented generation will bring us more trophies in the next 5-8 years.

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