Lautaro Martínez scores for Inter in 1-0 win vs. AC Milan


Lautaro Martínez scored for Inter in their 1-0 win vs. AC Milan.

Martínez was got his first goal in February and it was a goal which gave Inter the win. The Argentine scored the only goal of the match to give Inter the win in the Madonnina derby.

It was a corner kick for Inter and the ball was cross to the Argentine who scored a header to give Inter the 1-0 lead and the win.


  1. Cuti Romero completely shutdown Haaland today. He didn’t touch the ball even a single time let alone shoot it!! Cuti gave him a taste of playing against a world class defender.

    • Cuti got a standing ovation after the red card. Yes his first yellow was unnecessary but that’s about it. He had a knock. He needs to rest anyway. His next game after 1 game suspension will be the Champions league match against Milan around 9-10 days from now.

      Haaland looked very frustrated during the game. Man can’t believe 2 of the best EPL defenders are Argentines. Yesterday Licha was the MOM today Cuti had Haaland in his pocket.

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