Lionel Messi a finalist for The Best Men’s Player award


Lionel Messi is a finalist for the Best Men’s Player award.

Messi is a finalist for another individual award in which he is a favorite to win. The Argentine won Ligue 1 with PSG while also winning the Finalissima and the World Cup with the Argentina national team.

At the World Cup, he was named as the Best Player of the tournament. One of the other two finalists are his PSG team mate Kylian Mbappe.

The Frenchman also won Ligue 1 while making the World Cup final with France and also winning the Golden Boot. The third finalist is fellow Frenchman Karim Benzema.

With Real Madrid, he won La Liga, the Champions League, the Spanish Super Cup and the UEFA Super Cup. He also won the 2022 Ballon d’Or.


  1. ALCARAZ score despite of poor performance in last two games. He has speed and shooting ability but technically is too raw and lack of dribbling ability.

    Perhaps he can develop in to a central forward rather than a midfielder

  2. To be honest, Argentina in 2026 looks super scary and will be the team to beat. Left back position is the only weakness but the centre backs and midfield look fantastic, even stronger than in 2022. So yeah, post-Messi Argentina will be favorites to lift the WC back to back. I predict (hope) our nemesis Germany in the final since it would be such poetic justice to beat them as well after whooping ass with Brazil, Italy and France in recent finals.

  3. Brazil hasnt beat any powerhouse teams at WC after 2002. Lost to Netherlands twice, Germany, France and in last two WC they’re eliminated by Belgium and Croatia. This shows one thing, regardless their qualifier form, they’re not among top 4 WC favorite like European pundits always suggest.

    Real Madrid and some big clubs from EPL loves to sign their players so their team will always gets rated so highly even though their current squad isnt even half as talented as the 2006 squad. Remember they didnt pass QF when they got R9, Adriano, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho, R. Carlos, Lucio etc. Now we have to scare of Vini.jr, Rodrigo, Pedro Richarlison, Rapinha and Anthony?! lol

    Look at how pundits puts them as no.1 fav after beating South Korea 4-1… I mean, Maradona playstation team in 2010 beat South Korea by the same scoreline 😀

    • With Messi and Di Maria heading to retirement, talent wise I think Brazil and France have an advantage over us. Now if they have a strong coach, would it be scary? He won three champion leauges and countless of national champions.

      It’s not easy to outcoach Scaloni, this is a given, but we don’t want to face a strong Brazil anywhere.

      • No way Brazil has an advantage over Argentina talentwise, not in any section, from GK, midfield nor strikers. France is perhaps on par, but only because of the human trafficking from Africa.

      • You reminds me of ESPN pundits who refers our players as “some midfielders from Argentina” . Almost every player from Argentina current squad is better than Brazil. Enzo at 21 was already playing like 28 year old with 400 matches experience. We also have a better dancer than Brazil, Dibu.

  4. Btw Emi clearly says pretty much he is “done” with Villa as he says they are still developing and that he is ready for the CL as he wants to achieve something that he has not yet achieved in club level.

    I posted all his interviews on my twitter. He seems like to want to have an image of a good guy now not a bad guy anymore. He seems to be desperate to move. If u check his twitter or instagram, he promotes himself a lot there. Hope 1-2 of the big teams will bid for him this summer. I don’t care where as long as he starts for a CL team. Emi please show your worth for Villa for the next 5 months please. And last but not least hope he win the FIFA best goalie over Courtouis who has a very poor WC.

  5. Fabrizio Romano:

    Official statement by Brazil Federation denies agreement with Carlo Ancelotti 🚨⚪️🇧🇷 #Ancelotti

    “We can deny any agreement reached with Ancelotti. We suggest to leave the speculations — we will decide and then announce our new head coach at the right moment

    It is false

  6. Ancelotti joining Brazil will not be scary.

    I admire Ancelotti for a long time. But he is past his prime and football has evolved.

    Real won last UCL due to luck and winning experience from Modric, Kroos and Benzema. PSG and Man City also messed up. However Real was quite poor. They were completely outplayed in first leg by PSG, only gained life due to gift from PSG GK and Marquihos.

    This years they are really poor.

    This is the reason Ancelotti will be joining Brazil because he will be sacked.

    I think Ancelotti’s Brazil will be battered in South America.

    • Acknolwedged your points. However, I watched Real a few times this season. Apart from aging issues, I think overall they played pretty well. Bezema not at top form recently is also a problem for them.

      Real consistently coming back to win against strong teams last year was no luck.

      He won both Champion annd the league recently. I can’t really say he is past his prime. He’s still better than all the Brazilian coaches

  7. Cox4,
    I respect your opinion my friend but you are greatly wrong on Passarella. He is not a good person, he is absolute trash. Maybe you forget how he destroyed River Plate. Maybe you forget how he bribed Hernan Crespo. Maybe you forget this piece of trash destroyed Redondo playing for the NT. Maybe you forget all the fights with Maradona and him sleeping with teammate wives. This guy was Icardi before Icardi was born, and an alcoholic also.
    On the 78 World Cup, until recent memory, this championship was not even talked about in Argentina because of the controversy with Videla. You know this as well as I do. I was in the monumental at 9 years old when Argentina won the WC. That championship had nothing to do with Pasarella. That was all about Kempes, Bertoni, Ardiles and Filliol and Menotti. You are wrong on this guy. If someone is a piece of trash, not all is forgiven because he was on that team even if he was captain. I despise this person. He is the worst. He did more damage to the NT than any championship could clean. Some behavior is unforgivable. Your opinion is your opinion, but saying we should respect Passarella after all the damage and behavior is like saying every team should chase Thiago Almada because he was on the NT.

    • well you have your opinion. i don t have any desire to try to change your opinion. i haven t forget anything but things is not as you saying. Or at least i don t see them like you see. you don t like him ok but you have to respect him by at least not use bad words. any kind of critics is acceptable of course.
      somebody can say about Diego too dozens of negative things. is this the main issue here?
      Or you believe Diego or others were angels? Redondo was the Cristiano Ronaldo of those times for God s shake what are you talking about now.
      Anyway to end it here let say that we agree that we disaggree about all this subjects.
      To make clear myself
      1.River plate wasn t destroyed by him in any single thing. Just oposite.
      2.about Redondo i stand beside Daniel. (after Daniel left we see what kind of person Redondo was) i will not use bad words. i hold myself as you see.
      3.the character of a human is one thing and what he offer to Argentine football is other thing. Don t mix those things because as i said all the others wasn t angels. Daniel Passarella wasn t not even close to the worse character that pass from national team.
      4.Passarella was the captain for a reason. some people make him captain. He didn t take the armbrand in luck or stole it. He was CB not striker and his contribution was according to his position.
      5.He was the first captain of national team that lift the world cup and he is one of the biggest legends of River plate if not the biggest. whatever kind of character he is or whoever like him or not those things is REALITY and nobody can take it from him. So he earned fairly his name to be beside Messi and Diego as the eternal captains of the Argentina national team.

      Last i respect you and your views but personaly as River plate fan that i breath and live for that team and as proud Argentine that i love my national team i Love Daniel Passarella and i will always do.

        • No i don t remember him. i am younger than his era. But because i am from Cordoba i know about him from older people that i was speaking about football occationaly.

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