Lionel Messi scores for PSG, reaches 1000 club goal contributions


Lionel Messi scored for PSG in their 4-2 win vs. FC Nantes, reaching 1000 club goal contributions.

Messi scored the first goal of the match to give PSG the 1-0 lead. A cross into the penalty area and the ball would fall to Messi who would strike it from close range and score to give PSG the 1-0 lead.

The World Cup winner has now scored 799 goals and also reached 1000 club goal contributions. He has scored 701 club goals and has 299 assists in 841 matches.

He has also scored 13 goals and has 12 assists in 21 Ligue 1 matches this season.


  1. I have been a strong Dybala defender for a long time, but his laziness and poor work rate pisses me off. I would rather play 39 years old Messi than prime Dybala.
    Dimaria at 35 looks more lively, making runs but Dybala is simply being Lazy in the ongoing Roma vs Juventus.

      • I agree with what Jack says, he’s not meant to have a crazy workrate in Roma because of his role but he certainly isn’t a lazy player. In the very limited glimpses we’ve got of him recently in the national team two moments stand out, his clearance on Mbappe and the pressing against Uruguay that assisted Di Maria.

    • He is made of glass thus Mourinho is using him smartly and Paulo has dragged medicore Roma to 4th position! During the world cup while we were all upset Dybala didn’t get to play until the final, Roma and their fans were quite happy that he got a month long rest!

    • Where was Salah in the first half? Lisandro played great in the first half. And the second half the whole team just lost the shape. It’s only a one match scenario. Lisandro also got the pressure of the score line. You forgot how lisandro dominated Salah in the old Trafford fixture? Look, Salah is not going any where. In the next match liverpool going to be out of the European Cup and Salah again turns into a shadow as usual. Just wait.

  2. It is good to see that, Nehuen Perez and Bruno Amione get regular game time at their club. At present, our CB options are very strong.
    At back, finding LB is the main task for Scaloni. Hopefully we will have some good LBs too.
    Currently, we have plenty of options in midfield. Attacking area, we never had problems, and future is also bright.

  3. Hakimi not playing, I think that’s the main reason of good chemistry between Messi and Mbappe.
    In League 1, now Messi has 13 goals and 12 assists in 21 games.
    Mbappe 18 goals and just 3 assists in 22 games.

    Messi is at his later stage of career…and Mbappe is in his best age.
    Old Messi is way better than young Mbappe.
    Still, PSG want Messi to reduce renew..!

    • PSG is being hit by Financial Fair Play rules due to over paying Mbappe and they also know that once Messi leaves all the hype surrounding PSG will leave along with Leo and they don’t want that. Once Messi leaves, no matter how many goals Mbappe or Neymar score in that underground league no one will care. Last season Mbappe had 71 goals/assist and the only thing media talked about is how Messi only managed 6 goals in ligue one and 11 in total for PSG! Qatari owners and ligue-1 desperately need Messi to stay for atleast one more season just for the media attention alone and but the FFP rules and the upcoming clash with Bayern is what stopping Messi from signing any contract extension. If PSG advances then Leo will sign the contract and if they crash out he will wait until end of the season when the smoke has settled to renew. Only clubs that can afford him are City, Chelsea and Newcastle and without Champions league futbal he won’t go to the latter two and City already have too many good players sitting on bench. MLS is willing to offer him some cut of their revenue but he is still among the top-3 attacking player in Europe and is too good to go to MLS.

    • He was basically a false 9 until 2019, if pre-assist and chances created were counted he would lead them too and most goals of those pre-assists would be scored by Leo himself. He only turned into a pure playmaker in the last couple of years only.

  4. Facundo Buonanotte had good como yesterday played as right winger cutting inside, i won’t surprise to see Buonanotte and Garnacho start as wingers for arg nt on opposite flanks in near future af course both are still 18 and playing best league in the world. MacAllister and enzo had good games for thier respective Clubs MacAllister made rice look like a baby btw Roberto De Zerbi is really really good brighton playing most beautiful brand of football under him and I’m sure Buonanotte will strive under him.

  5. This twitter really pissed me off. After My first account got permanently suspended for posting 2 clips of Enzo. My second account that I just made 2 days ago got locked (locked only not suspended meaning that I can not tweet anything) for 1 freaking week! Why? Because I used 3 different devices to get access to my twitter.

    It is crazy coz I have so much to post with an amazing saturday for Argentina players. So now I have to wait for 1 week instead to be unlocked. I already appealed to them, it is useless.

    I watch all the games on full game replay.

    So basically:
    Messi scores 1
    Alexis 1 goal 1 assist
    Buonanotte with an assist
    Alcaraz 1 wonderful goal (should have been included in Scaloni’s)
    Cuti played okayish
    Emi cleansheet but did not have to make too many saves
    Emi Buendia played good should have had an assist
    Acuna and Montiel played bad
    Nico G scored one against the mighty Milan LM Quarta played pretty good
    Senesi scored one but Arsenal got lucky and won 3-2

    Enzo played good, but much more advanced role than in Argentina. Chelsea give him a total freedom role so he is all the DM, deep lying playmaker, box to box altogether. All the offense goes thru him.

    One week and I’ll be back on twitter.

    note: @casabala I will add u once it is back active

  6. Messi is relaxed and comfortable now. The next big match is UCL against Bayern Munich, PSG’s weakness is GK; Dibu will be a good transfer for PSG to replace Donarumma.

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