Lionel Messi named IFFHS Best Playmaker


Lionel Messi has been named as the IFFHS Best Playmaker in the world.

Messi continues to win individual awards and now it is for the best playmaker. The Argentine has been named as the IFFHS Best Playmaker since 2006.

He is the only Argentine on the list but with many more points than Andres Iniesta who is in second place. Messi leads with 284 points, Andres Iniesta with 197 points and Kevin De Bruyne with 141 points.


  1. This guy Sampaoli never gets tired of doing crazy experiments! He hasn’t played the same playing xi since he joined Sevilla. Every match the formation, the starting xi, the subs every thing is different. They are back in relegation zone and today is their must win match and he has Acuna, Lamela on bench and Montiel not even on the subs list and is persisting with grandpa Navas!! God save Sevilla from Psycho-Sampa!!

  2. As I said before, I was surprised not to see Alcarez on the teem list. I really expected that.

    Today against ManU.

    Lisandro Martinez yellow card
    Casemiro Red ♦️

    Both made foul on Alcarez. Finally, a sub for DePaul?

  3. Argentina generational midfielders

    Alexis Mac Allister vs Leeds

    🔹Goal [1]
    🔹1st in successful long ball [4]
    🔹1st in fouls received [3]
    🔹1st in passes to the rival field [37]
    🔹1st in passes to the last third [12]
    🔹2nd in completed dribbles [2]

    #MacAllister 🪄 #VamosArgentina 🇦🇷

    Enjoy Enzo Fernández’s masterclass vs. Leicester City:

    88% pass accuracy
    77 passes
    7 passes into final ⅓
    6 duels won
    5 x possession won
    4 passes into opp. box
    4 tackles made
    2 fouls won
    1 through ball
    1 assist
    0 fouls

    Palacios will play later today and he has been good. I will post his stats too.

  4. el_principe

    i read your post to me and i want to say you this. About football all things you wrote is correct and more or less i agree with you. But beyond football UNFORTUNATELY and with very sad heart i have to say to you that not only exist many of people that will choose Italy over Argentina any day but i am in position to know a lot of them around me the years i was living in Buenos aires. it is very painful to me and i stop here the subject because make me sad and because this forum is for football and the subject is matter of society and politics.

    Just fans here allow me only to say one last. My hamble opinion from what i have experienced and see in my life the reasons for that is because the family of those people or
    1) have very poor financial backround or
    2) have far left political ideology or
    3) have very tight bond and efection with their ancestry and the people in “mother Italy” or
    all of the 3 above together.

    i am not any kind of Italy hater or anything like that but i never have been in position to witnessed Argentines with Spanish ancestry thinking like that. Only Italians.

    Sorry from the fans of this forum for the non football related post.

  5. Julian Alvarez is close to new city deal. I think he should leave city and join another team. He is world class player…should not waste his talent on bench…

    • Alvarez would have played under Pep for a whole year end of this season and he has improved by leaps and bounds. He was already a lethal finisher when he arrived at City but his passing, decision making has advanced to next level but with Haaland around and Pep even refusing to sub him off let alone bench him it is time for Alvarez to go to a team playing Champions league where he a undisputable starter. But the problem is no big team is currently looking for a starting striker other than Real-Madrid but I don’t recommend he goes to Real just yet otherwise he will be benched there too. Other leagues team except PSG can’t afford to pay City to take him away and ligue-1 is not a league where you go to play especially when you haven’t even entered your peak!! AC-Milan might be looking for a striker once Giroud finally starts his decline. Regardless, he needs to push for a transfer or a season long loan spell.

    • He was voted as MOM too. Chelsea fans already crazy abt him. They say Benfica deserve €50 million more from them for giving them Enzo. Watch the whole game of him, he was amazing. His vision is Pirlo’s like and he will get better and better with age.

    • Even if Bournemouth goes down which they are trying hard not to by playing extremely good, Senesi will be bought next season, and it will most likely be an EPL club going after a premire-league proven defender. Scaloni will gradually phase out some of the old players like Pezella, Papu, Otamendi from starting xi and bench and integrate Senesi and others .

  6. @cox4 I mentioned about the language factor coz I have a doubt to clear. That is if an Argentine with Spanish ancestry disrespect Italian language and share it with an Argentine with italian ancestry, will he get provoked? If not means he won’t be a real italian according to us. What your thoughts?

    • i read this post after i wrote my answer to you down so i post it here again to avoid confuse.

      The Argentine state was build from Spanish people in early 19th century after the revolution and the Argentine independence from Spanish crown.
      That is why we speak Spanish. But during history till in our days exist one paradox. In present the population of Argentina around 60% have Italian ancestry. for someone not familiar with Argentina this probably sounds like joke. But it is a reality. That is why a big number of those people feel more Italians than is matter of education you have from your home when you are child.
      In India is very different than Argentina.

        • if you read carefully my post i said that 60 % of Argentines have Italian ancestry and exist a big number among them that consider themselves Italians and just citizens of Argentina. I didn t say that ALL OF THEM thinking that way and most importantly i was never refering for Messi or any other football player.
          we was speaking about patriotism and Argentine society with vishnuvenu. Not about Messi, Di maria, Zanetti or any other proud Argentines like them. Our subject was Argentine society in present.

          • Honestly I don’t think there are any Argentines born and raised in Argentina who would choose Italy or Spain unless they realize that they are not that good and will never make the Argentina national team. Remember the key words here is “BORN AND RAISED” in Argentina.

            Some half Argentines got away from us like Gio Reyna, Trezeguet but Reyna is born in England and raised in US, not even sure if he speaks Spanish. His dad Claudio used to play in MLS. Trezeguet was born and raised in France so it’s normal if he is a French.

            All other talents who are born and raised in Argentina are dying to be part of the NT I can guarantee that. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the World Champ, the best fans in the world and the world hottest team if u are born in Argentina.

            I posted on twitter than Di Lollo, Langoni, Valentine (All Boca) and Barrios (San Lorenzo) also being approached by Italy. I wont be surprised if they say yes to Italy coz they know they are not that good anyway and will very unlikely to make the Argentina NT. Not because they feel so Italian or something.

            It is different from any futboler like Garnacho who was born and raised in Spain from an Argentine mother. Such people usually prefer the country where they are born. So if Garnacho chooses us, it is a blessing. Nico Paz also born and raised in Spain, but his dad used to be one of my favorite players the Argentina international Pablo Paz of course he and his son feel Argentine.

            I remember the case of Juan Iturbe too. He realized he would never make the Argentina NT so he chose Paraguay. The same case as Rogelio Funes Mori who chose Mexico coz in million years he would never make the Argentine one. Many of our “second tier” youngsters would follow that path. But the best talents will always choose us (Nico Paz, Prestianni, Soule, Garnacho, Luka, Echeverry, Perrone, Buonanotte, etc).

  7. Hate this non sense. Every body has some kind of ancestry. I mean all the whites living in the Americas has some kind of European ancestry. And this switching of the NT itself encourages more and prove more that they are more Italian than Argentine. I mean if it is Argentina vs Italy then Italy is just like another opponent. In that situation no Argentine will remember their ancestry. And for what shit they select these rivals. Italy is just like Brazil that’s all. No Argentine would try to switch to Brazil coz of their heated patriotism and social pressure. Why the same apply against Italy? Without that albiceleste jersey even Messi’s play lacks that beauty.

      • Fifa should make restrictions regarding the dual nationality players. I mean a player could only play Italy/ Spain if he has any direct relation with that country. For eg- dybala has three citizenship. The restriction should be like dybala can only choose poland or Italy if he born in either poland or Italy or his parents or one of his parents should be polish. In that way he is more polish and living like that culture. But the problem here is dybala and both his parents lived as pure argentines. He doesn’t even know Italian during his child hood days. So the summary here is the forefather ancestry should not take into account for switching the nationality atleast in football.

    • Allow me to tell you some things about Argentine society. As you said all white Argentines we have European ancestry. Unfortunately the level of patriotism you refering is not same in our society. There is big number of people that consider themselves Italians and Argentina is just the country they live. They consider themselves Italians and they are just Argentine citizens. People with Spanish ancestry they are not thinking that way. Italians have different mentality.
      Anyway. There is many things about Argentine society that you don t know and i just give you some tips to have one idea.Personally i have Spanish ancestry but i could never think like that. Political backround ,money and education from family are factors that play a role about an Argentine kid character.
      Football is just a mirror of Argentine society.

      • Oh I just can’t believe what you said. Here we have high respect for Argentine society for their passion and togetherness in football. I got a little suprised coz in our world language is the main factor which differentiate people. Even if we have another ancestry we only looks the language to identify them. You know in our country India all states have different languages. So I thought even if Argentine people have Italian ancestry they are still speaking Spanish as whole. So according to our concept an Argentine is always a foreigner in Italy with regarding to the language factor. So after hearing your statement I admire more on players who select Argentina as their nation to play for. And I liked it more when Argentina thrashed Italy 3-0.

        • The Argentine state was build from Spanish people in early 19th century after the revolution and the Argentine independence from Spanish crown.
          That is why we speak Spanish. But during history till in our days exist one paradox. In present the population of Argentina around 60% have Italian ancestry. for someone not familiar with Argentina this probably sounds like joke. But it is a reality. That is why a big number of those people feel more Italians than is matter of education you have from your home when you are child.
          In India is very different than Argentina.

  8. Forward/Wingers till Copa America 2026*
    Nico Gonzalez
    Di Maria
    Gio Simone
    A correa
    J correa.
    Valentín Castellanos

  9. I read on Twitter that gio simeone called up as Italy also planned to him for Euro Qualifiers. Is he eligible to play for them ?

  10. Messi has won everything that needs to be won in football and anything else is just a Cherry ON TOP OF THE ALREADY CHERRY THERE. He made all our dreams come true, he was the best player in the WC and not just an aging super star doing just enough to stay on the pitch.
    If I ever found a magical lamp and the genie asked what I wanted, I would have asked for ARGENTINA to win the world cup, beating the best out there while seeing Her highness humiliated, Brazil defeated and Messi being the MAN OF THE WC…………reality was EVEN BETTER THAN fantasy.
    2022 WORLD CUP CHAMPS, 3 Stars, Messi the best ever…….GAME OVER LET THE HATERS BOIL in their own stupidly and hatred and fantasies ABOUT ‘OUR’ REALITY

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