Gio Lo Celso speaks on missing the World Cup, Argentina return


Gio Lo Celso spoke about missing the World Cup and his return to the Argentina national team.

Lo Celso started the match for the World Cup champions in their 7-0 win vs. Curaçao and while he did not score, he was one of the best players on the pitch. Lo Celso spoke to the media after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“It’s a very emotional moment for me, to put this shirt on again and to enjoy it with my team mates on the pitch. I tried to enjoy it to the fullest with our team and our people.

“It was very moving from the start. When I found out that the injury would prevent me from playing in the World Cup, I locked myself up and cried. But life gives and takes away. I was able to be at the birth of my daughter.

“Life, like football, always gives you revenge. I tried everything to avoid surgery and to make it to the World Cup but it was impossible. So I had to turn the page. I thank the coaching staff and my team mates for being able to be here again.”


  1. Very Sensible post Ricky. We have enough time to integrate new players. But for now let the Champs enjoy. Scaloni knows what he is doing. I can say Armani, Pezella, Papu, Otamendi, etc. Will make ways for younger players sooner than later.

    • Thanx for your kindness @shovwar as i do preciate it a lot!
      As u are very right about, that ARG do have the time to intergrate those new players, which will eventually happen as those names u mentioned will pass their NT duty’s with ARG for younger ones just like u said…etc.

      As if no friendly before the start of WCQ’s, well i do have a feeling, that now as those 2 absolutly incredible celebrational games were played in ARGENTINA with the home crowd rightfully getting finally what they have allways deserved, but as unfortunatly was not given them in 36 year’s…

      Well, this one no one could not TaKe away from them anymore as not even bad luck or any what ever reason, that it was not ment to happen before 18.12.2022 for the 3rd time to ARG to be crowned as WC CHAMPIONS for the 3rd time in history and the way they did it was such a rare beautyness of this game, that i have only felt 3 times since -78 in my life time and i just can’t get enough of it,

      never ever as i’m just graving for more and my appetite has grown so much since allready days of COPA VARZIL with LA SCALONETA AND CO. at helm and i’m so happy for ARG, that they are continuing with LA SELECCION and just as good things started to happen for ARG finally and also rightfully,

      when, that famous COPA was lifted at MARACANA so did the other good things followed with LA FINALISSIMA and obviously and ultimatly the 3rd WC won by ARG at 18.12.2022 as it could not had continued from there any better as it happened to be with the CELEBRATIONAL GAMES held in ARGENTINA to give the ARGENTINE Nation and country with worldwide fans from all over the world watching as thrilled as ever as something very special enviroment was created in country of Argentina and with those who are living there as Argentine’s or those super lucky one’s who made it to Argentina and were able to travel and ultimatly celebrate with Argentine’s in country of Argentina and with people living in Argentina etc…

      wow, what a wonderfull time’s have arrived again for all of those who are supporting Argentina and as it look’s allmost as certain, that also now the U20 WC will be held in Argentina instead Indonesia…

      well it could not happen in any better time as i’m not talking now of the potential of U20 ARGENTINA team as i would leave, that for them to experience with their home crowd behind them!

      All i’m saying, that for U20 ARGENTINA team this a dream come true allready, who ever will play or whoever will be the coach, though i wish personally for a change in the management of U20,

      but in the end, that is just wish of mine and as i understood from members of Mundo, that is a wish of many of them too, so let see how that will work and in the end who ever is playing and in charge of U20 ARG team will be able to rise to their maximum level and also hopefully beyond that too and proudly be able to REPRESENT their own country in front of their home crowd!

      VAMOS U20 ARG team and go out on the field as fearless as ever and win the voices of home crowd to be yours!


    Even Curacao would most propably never make it to WC, Still 7-0 against them without conceding a goal nor letting Curacao to create basicly nothing, though scoring 7, which could had easily been 10 or 11 in the end the scoreline is what it is and in a game like this the most important is for the players to enjoy themselfs on pitch and on the bench too!

    Feel sorry for Lautaro for missing that sitter and some other goal scoring opportunities as obviously this was not his day, though he kept running and trying and tried to keep his head up too, when he got substiued, but obviously could see his frustration…anyhow he should just forget it as quick he can and enjoy with the rest of his team mates as being world champion in your own country does not happen that often and not to everyone…

    As it hapoened to Gio unfortunatly, but again today he showed what he is capable and how good he really can be as for me specially in first half after Messi easily the second best as i would say the same for whole game too!

    1. MESSI
    2. LO CELSO
    4. ENZO
    5. MONTIEL
    6. DI MARIA
    7. DYBALA
    8. ACUNA
    9. MAC
    10. PALACIOS
    11. DE PAUL
    12. OTA
    13. DIBU
    14. PEZZELLA
    15. LAUTARO
    16. FOYTH
    17. ARMANI

    the order between 10-16 are just based on the importance on this game, so as the ARG CB’s and GOALIES did not had much to save or clear nor did they had any problems with their defending either as ARG did not let Curacao to do much with the ball in this game so, there fore for me personally in this game the names between 1-10 were more involded in terms of creating as i do not mean to TaKe any credit away from ARG’s defence as PEZZELLA had a great header, which led to N.GONZALEZ goal…etc.

    So i don’t even know why i did rank the players by myself, maybe just, because of i started to think of the performances of MESSI, LO CELSO AND N.GONZALEZ so i quess i could not leave the rest alone, lol!

    Anyhow well played from all of them, though LAUTARO should had scored, but as i said it was OBVIOYSLY not his day…etc.

    I do understand also SCALONI’s & CO’s. subs as this was the second game of the CELEBRATIONAL GAMES FOR THE RIGHTFULL WC WINNERS ARGENTINA !

    And i’m pretty sure, that when Arg will play next time who ever is available from this fantastic group of players who played and did not played, but were selected by SCALONI&CO. will continue with slowly intergrating also some younger players as Garnacho, Soule etc…also would like to see some back up’s/ future LB’s and some young gun’s who deserve to get some minutes, perhaps if they will earn them, but if Current ARG middfield will keep on playing like this and N.GONZALEZ seems to be back with LO CELSO, well no need really yet for changes as only if some one will break like ENZO did in such a short time…etc.

    As would be good fir ARG to play more friendlies if possible as in those games SCALONI&CO. could start to using and making PRESTIANNI and others to feel the NT shirt, who might be in danger to get hijacked by Italy or others…etc., though don’t know if there will be time for those friendliess in the International calender…?

    As watching Euro qualification’s does not intrest me at all, so i quess until Arg plays again i will stick to those european Club’s which have Argentine players like since i was a kid as i just can’t change myself and don’t even know why should i as allways been greatfull to watch and enjoy Argentine players and specially LA SELECCION our beloved ALBICELESTE !

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