Alejandro Garnacho and Nico Paz not released for U20 World Cup


Alejandro Garnacho and Nico Paz will not be released for the U20 World Cup.

Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano will not be able to count on Alejandro Garnacho and Nico Paz at the U20 World Cup in a few weeks. Garnacho recently signed a new contract with the club but Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag has made it clear that Garnacho will not be participating in the tournament.

Speaking at a press conference, here is what he had to say when asked about Garnacho:

“No we don’t release him.”

Another player who will not be participating is Nico Paz of Real Madrid’s youth team. Real Madrid will not be releasing Álvaro Rodríguez of Uruguay and Vinícius Tobías of Brazil.

The 2023 U20 World Cup will start on May 20 with the last match on June 11 as Argentina have been named the host country.


  1. We pretty much have to make do with a local league based squad. Maybe some players from Europe will be released but probably just a few.

  2. FIFA need to take action against this. Arg.lost key players in major tournmnts. bcz of these clubs not releasing our players.Arg are host country for this wc so Arg need thr main players.

    • The problem is the WC 2022 that was held in December instead of June messed up all the European leagues schedule. The WC u20 every 2 year was always held around May 20th. It’s been that way. It was just before this year all the competitions/leagues were done before May 20th. Only this year because of the WC, they have to reschedule everything so everything would finish 2-3 weeks later. Instead of early-mid May, late May-early June instead.

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