Jorge Messi releases statement about Lionel’s future


Jorge Messi has released a statement regarding Lionel’s future.

Lionel Messi is constantly being linked with a move away from PSG. On Tuesday, the AFP announced that there is a “done deal” and that Messi will be going to Saudi Arabia. A separate report stated that Messi has not decided on anything.

Following all of the reports, Messi’s father, Jorge, released the following statement:

“There is absolutely nothing with any club for next year. The decision will not be made before Lionel finishes the season with PSG. Once the season is over, it will be time to analyse and see what is there, and then make a decision.

“There are always rumours and many use the name of Lionel to gain notoriety, but there is only one truth and we can assure that there is nothing with anyone. Not verbal, nor signed, nor agreed, and there will not be until the end of the season.

“It seems to me a lack of respect towards the media that do their due diligence, that there are those who consciously and deliberately deceive, without providing any proof of their claims, and want to turn any malicious rumour into news or that is directed by someone in favor of their interests. They will have to explain why they do not double-source their information… they do not want a truth to ruin their “news”.


  1. Messi has done everything a footballer can dream about and then many times over, won all the individual awards, club trophies but most importantly, BROUGHT THE WC BACK TO ARGENTINA, putting his left foot right across the mouths of ALL doubters……….his debt is FULLY PAID WITH INTEREST AND THEN SOME.
    We desperately wanted that 3rd STAR and he delivered it on not a silver plate but a diamond one.
    He can do whatever the hell he wants to do, be a taxi driver, a college professor, an insurance agent…..etc WHATEVER he wants because he no longer owes anybody anything.
    NOTHING lasts forever, I like many others here had the ultimate pleasure to watch Maradona lift the WC trophy just like Messi did few months ago after and I can NOT stress enough how LUCKY we are having watched his insane greatness unfold before our eyes, year after year and the end is closer than ever.
    I personally would love to see Messi play in Europe for another 1-2 years because I’m greedy but its really up to him and no one else.

  2. Which poster was it that had a Twitter account that rated all the young talented players? Can somebody drop the Twitter link for that, please?

  3. Of course the rumors will run rampant… This is the greatest soccer player of all time! Every media outlet is doing what they can to gain clicks and views with their “Messi signing with” titles. It’s almost click bait.

    On another note, I didn’t see any of the racism some are mentioning below. My original heritage is from North Africa, Arab. In Argentina they call me a “turk” 😂.
    I don’t care about the country he is going to play in, I care about the league, how fit and in the groove it will keep him going forward. You may get a shock in the legs if you play with lower level players for two years, and then show up at a world cup facing off with titan players in full fitness.
    With that being said I would like Messi to stay in Europe …
    Also, I am surprised that there are no bids coming in from Italy or England.

    • I knew that a small number of Argentina’s population are originally from Syria & Lebanon, but never thought North African Arabs migrated to Argentina as well. Nice to know that, El Turco.
      Claudio Husain and Antonio Mohamed are nicknamed “El Turco”. Does Batistuta also have the same nickname?

      • Of course we have. not only that. One of them Mohamed Alí Seineldín is Argentine heroe. War heroe. May God bless his soul. we are very proud about him. True Argentine patriot.

        • Alexis used to be called “Colo” by the rest of Argentina’s squad but Messi stopped the players from calling him this nickname. I think Messi would’ve done the same for you if you were in the squad lol

    • Don t be offended my friend. In Argentina exists poor knowledge of history especially for far from here countrys. Almost all the Argentine Arabs i know are called “Turks” as nickname.
      it is idiotic i know to say one Arab as Turk but for one stupid reason the people with poor knowledge believe all ex Ottoman empire people are Turks. Anyway go figure.

      • I know 😂. But it’s tradition. A long time ago they didn’t know difference between arabs and Turks. Till now people around the world are still ignorant…oh well.
        Another funny one is chimmichurri sauce. That started from the English asking the Argentines “can you “give me curry”.
        Chimmichurri=give me curry. 😂 😂 😂

      • It is Turco not because of Turkish origins, it has to do with the Ottoman Empire. Anybody that came from the Ottoman Empire was just referred as Turco. There were Arab nations and people in the Empire. It is not meant to be offensive. If you are from the Orient, you are just called Chino, or if you look Asian.

        • Yes yes, of course. I take no offense. If I took offense to this then it would be decades of misery. In Spanish there are a lot of nick names, it’s ok to call a fat guy a fat guy most times. 😂.
          We are just chatting, I take no offense, this is old news to me.

  4. Messi will be 36 next month and can easily play one more season in Europe. I hope he signs a contract with Saudis that allows him a year or 2 yrs at Barca at low salary and 1 year in Saudi to promote their league! All three parities will benefit from it. Messi’s shirt sales alone generated Euro 600 million in PSG and if you add all the sponsorship, it will be in over a billion per year. Barca’s empty bank account with flood with money after Messi’s return which is why they are trying to sell Fati and Raphina . When Messi moves to Saudi, their fan base with increase 10 folds and the world media will cover them on weekly basis, hence making their bid for the world cup even stronger and finally the greatest player of all time can get a proper sending off from Europe!!

    • How do you know all this? Generated 600 Million Euros for PSG. You PSG accountant? Stop talking out of ass and let’s see what will happen.

      • Roy, I am done putting up with this product of rape’s constant disrespectful language and forced to take matters into my own hand.

        Whose ass? Your mom’s ass bitch? If you keep using disrespectful language, I’ll post your mom’s naked picture after fcuking her with a train?

  5. Don’t talk nonsense. Leo has done everything for club and country. Now he should decide his own wellbeing. If Soudi gives 10 to 15 times more than others there is nothing wrong to move to Saudi pro league. Messi should enjoy his career now.

  6. With all due respect to Leo, I don’t trust a single word from his crook of a father.

    I remember Penaldo made a similar rant about respect, then contradicted himself immediately by moving from Juevntus back to ManU.

    I just hope these crooks are not forcing Leo to move to camel league just so they can make their cut.

      • No way he would earn this much, they are just throwing numbers, saudi sources say CR earns 200 mills. for 2,5 years too, so 80/year, not 200/year.

    • Please refrain from using racial epitaphs when you are talking about other cultures. Frankly, it’s repulsive and show’s prejudice and ignorance.

    • Messi dad is money hungry wh* re. Hopefully Messi’s wife and kids will stop him going to Saudi.

    • Couldn’t agree more…I am afraid of messi’s dad. If messi has agent like Raiola then he would’ve comfortably playing in Europe for 2-3 years more…

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