Alexis Mac Allister nominated for Premier League Young Player award


Alexis Mac Allister has been nominated for the Premier League Young Player of the Season award.

Mac Allister is up for an individual award in the Premier League. Eight players are nominated for the award and Mac Allister is the only Argentine on the list.

The other players are Erling Haaland of Manchester City, Sven Botman of Newcastle, Moises Caicedo of Brighton, Alexander Isak of Newcastle, Gabriel Martinelli of Arsenal, Bukayo Saka of Arsenal and Martin Odegaard of Arsenal.


  1. There are 14 Argentines across 3 European finals (CL, Europa, Conference). The WC victory certainly boost everyone’s confidence.

    We often criticizes Montiel, but dude always find himself playing a final (WC, CA, Libertadores, Europa)

    • Sevilla with Acuna suspended for the final is at a great disadvantage . Acuna is hands-down their best player this season post world cup and without him they will struggle not only in attack but in the back too. He keeps the oppositions full backs and wingers on their toes and with him gone Roma will feel extremely comfortable!!

      Acuna got second yellow for time wasting but the way Juventus were pressing he sacrificed himself for the team!!

  2. Driving home from work today, my thoughts went to the many MANY games that ARG played in years past WC qualifiers, WC games, friendlies and how some left a lasting impression imprinted in my mind.

    ARG/COL in a game needed to win to gain confidence back 2014 WC qualifier in Barranquilla, when Kun scored and Messi jumped and hugged him like never before.
    ARG/Peru in a 2010 MUST WIN WC Q when it wasn’t raining cats and dogs but more like Hippos and Elephants and Martin Palermo scored and Maradona dove and slid on the grass…..I still get chills whenever I remember that game. I remember jumping up from a seating position and almost hit the celling from happiness.
    2014 WC game Vs Iran when Messi scored that beautiful curl shot when time almost expired.
    2016 Copa Vs U.S the crazy FK Messi scored on , almost perfect 90 degree angle.
    Getting cheated by Brazil Copa 2019 game.
    Messi scoring a hattrick Vs Brazil in a friendly in the U.S and that last killer GOAL
    A MUST WIN GAME IN 2018 WC vs Ecuador, they score almost as soon as the game started and Messi responds with a hattrick.
    Beating Spain in a friendly 4-0 after 2010 WC when all the big guns scored for ARG.
    Messi beating Brazil and finally scoring against them when the game was almost finished in
    a friendly in Dubai or Doha, I forgot which.
    The PK shootout vs Dutchy in 2014…Romero the HERO
    There are many others that come to mind every now and then but being a CHAMP offers the luxury to think back knowing that there was actually a pot of GOLD at the end of that rainbow.

  3. I remember not so long ago, ARGENTINA was Messi, Di Maria, Kun, El Pipita and a bunch of supporting cast that wasn’t so supporting……..we would get so excited ONLY to be disappointed whenever a young prospect came along…….times have changed and we are so grateful.

    • Haaland is much stronger, and he’s also very instintive. Haaland is more like a worldclass version of Lukaku. Haaland is not as versertile as Alvarez though

    • He once was in their youth team, but didn’t last long there. I don’t think Pep will allow him to leave city soon. This boy is a real asset for City and Argentina. Gallardo is the coach who developed him and Pep just polished the diamond.

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