Five star Argentina win 5-0 vs. New Zealand at U20 World Cup


It was a five star performance by the Argentina U20 national team as they won 5-0 vs. New Zealand at the U20 World Cup.

Argentina had already qualified for the Round of 16 at the U20 World Cup and only needed a point to top the group. Javier Mascherano’s team ended up scoring five goals as they continue to get better per match.

Ignacio Maestro Puch got the start for the Argentina U20 national team and he would score the first goal of the match. Argentina were awarded a corner kick and it was taken shortly with the ball falling to Aguirre. He would cross it and find Maestro Puch and his header would give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Three minutes later, it was a dribble by Luka Romero and his pass found Gino Infantino who would score from inside the penalty area and make it 2-0 for Argentina. But what came was the goal of the U20 World Cup.

Luka Romero would dribble around two New Zealand players inside his own half and run towards the New Zealand goal. He would unleash an effort with his left foot from well outside the penalty area and find the top of the goal to make it 3-0 for Argentina.

Javier Mascherano would make a change at half time as Matías Soulé would be brought on for Juan Gauto. The second half would start and once more, it would not take Argentina long to score.

An effort inside the penalty area would result in the referee going to VAR and it was a handball and a penalty awarded for Argentina. Brian Aguirre would take the penalty and he would send the goalkeeper the wrong way and score. That goal was his first of the U20 World Cup.

Valentín Barco was brought on for Valentín Gómez and Mascherano would also change goalkeepers. Nicolás Cláa was substituted in for Federico Gómes Gerth.

Mascherano would make two more substitutions as Máximo Perrone was brought in for Luka Romero and Alejo Véliz for Ignacio Maestro Puch. And it would get Argentina another goal.

Máximo Perrone with a cross in to Alejo Véliz and he would score another header and would make it 5-0 for Argentina. Alejo Véliz now has three goals at the U20 World Cup and all three have been header goals!

The match would end 5-0 for the Argentina U20 team and Argentina top their group. Federico Redondo, who did not score, was one of the players of the match for Argentina.


  1. IMO ,at the moment Redondo +Tanlongo+Perrone is the best midfield combination with Soule sacrifices on the left ,Aguirre on the right . Carboni as a no.10 plus any one of the two strikers.

    That means we gonna play 3313 Aviles,Gomez,Barco
    Redondo ,Tanlongo,Perrone
    Tanlongo can be a Central defensor or DM which make the team easily switch to 4231. we need to control the match and control the midfield. so we should use 3313 ,they are capable to dominate the midfield.

    • Everyone can see Redondo is most superior one out of the 4 DM. The problem is Masche sees him as playing the same position as Perrone. Perrone also has been great but Redondo gives more to the team.

      It’d be interesting if Masche would have to choose one of them only or he finally will play them together.

      Masche likes Tanlongo coz he reminds him of himself, an old school DM who can play CB too. I say it’d be unfair to drop Redondo after near the MOM performance from him.

      What’s positive abt the team is that it reminds me of Copa America 2021 squad where the back ups were just as strong as the starters. In Copa, Nico G, Guido, Correa, Papu, Aguero, Tagli, Montiel were just as strong as Di Maria, Paredes, Lo Celso, Lautaro, Acuna, or Molina.

      The same as this U 20 squad. Today as many as 7-8 back ups playing but they showed that they are not worse than the starters (Giay, Barco, Perrone, Tanlongo, Carboni, Soule, Veliz)

      • we probably face brazil,Nigeria or Italy. it is better using 3 DM , Redondo ,Tanlongo,Perrone . if the team remains playing 4231 that’s dangerous .I would prefer 433 or 3313.

  2. Federico Redondo is completely another busquets .Tall ,skilful, calm ,able to give key pass .This type of player we have never seen for a long time .

    Romero ,I won’t rate him as highly as garnacho ,he isn’t impressive in Lazio. Still need to prove himself in Italy despite two beautiful long shot goal in U20

    Brian Aguirre at this stage is a decent sub to Garnacho .IMO as a winger Prestianni or Zeballos are better than him but he can improve with times.

    Soule and Carboni are the two team leaders ,especially Soule ,he isn’t playing in his best position but still creat chances and connect the whole team .

    Perrone is a no.6 looks like cambiasso

    Tanlongo looks like a weaker version mascherano ,still promising too

    Veliz is good at header but technically I would prefer Puch .

    Barco is absolutely talent in dribbling but still very raw .He can develop in to Sorin type .

    J Gauto ,Gomez ,Vega are useful but doesn’t seems to be a great talent

    Aviles the most underrated player ,he is a decent player in racing .tall fast and good at defense.

    Miramon is averaged, definitely not as impressive as Redondo

    Di lollo ,and goal keepers are the weakest points.

    This team is far more better than the previous one .because we have Soule ,carboni,Redondo,tanlongo,Gauto,Barco .and preserve some good players such as Aguirre Perrone and useful players Veliz,Puch ,Gomez,infantino . it is an upgraded version U20. Though we are still missing Garnacho,Paz,Bounanotte or even Prestianni and some players are just a bit older such as Equi fernandez,Zeballos,zapelli

    A Giay ,abit disappointed.

  3. Superb show by the Juniors! It’s a pleasure to see them now. Hope we’re going to with our 7th title this time inn shaa Allah. 💪💪💪

  4. Interesting to see that our attacking talents Aguirre and Veliz play for Rosario and Newells.

    As you all know Angel and Leo also came from those 2 clubs. Must be something in the water 😉

  5. Lets see who we face in our first KO game. Supposedly the 3rd place team of either grp C, D or E. Should be easy. The real test would start if we go to the Quarters. I am positive we would go deep.

  6. Mascherano initially lined up this B team in an unorthodox, Guardiola esque (Bielsa esque?), asymmetrical 3-2-4-1 formation with Vega a hybrid LCB/LB while Gauto & Aguirre were pushed high up as proper wingers, 2 DMs – Redondo and Miramon, two playmakers – Romero and Infantino and Maestro Puch upfront. The subs changed the shape a couple of times.

    Di Lollo——Gomez——Vega
    ————-Maestro Puch———–

  7. Great win and performance from the boys
    I hope they go far and get better and better with time, with fans behind them nothing is impossible ❤

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