Federico Redondo performance for Argentina, comments on win


Federico Redondo was arguably the Man of the Match for the Argentina U20 national team against New Zealand and the Argentine spoke about the team’s win.

Redondo was one of the best players on the pitch for Argentina in their 5-0 win vs. New Zealand and despite not scoring, he stole the headlines. Son of the legendary Fernando Redondo, Federico continued to impress at the U20 World Cup. This was his performance against New Zealand:

The Argentine also completed 130 passes for Argentina vs. New Zealand, according to Opta and that is the most by a player at this U20 World Cup. He also spoke about the team’s 5-0 win:

“It’s always nice to wear this shirt. I believe we played a great game, we were able to capture the idea that we had.

“We went from low to high and now we have more confidence. To be champions, you have to beat them all so whoever we play in the Round of 16 will be fine.”


  1. Ranking against New Zealand accounting to 365 Sports
    Redondo was ranked 12th best of the game.
    Mind you, Argentina had 76% possession against a team with NO shots on goal and Redondo was a #5 holding midfielder. He had the ball taken from him 3 times but did have 3 “ key passes” but MANY Uncontested passes against a New Zealand team that was sitting back.
    1-Romero 9.2
    2-Aguirre 9.0
    3-Infantino 8.6
    4-Gauto 8.3
    5-Veliz 7.6
    6-Perrone 7.6
    7-Barco 7.5
    8-Vega 7.4
    9-DiLollo 7.2
    10-Gomez 7.2
    11-Gerth 7.1
    12-REDONDO 7.0
    13-Miramon 6.95
    14-Puch 6.7
    15- Claa 6.5
    16-Soulé 6.4

  2. It would be nice if he will replace Toni Kroos in the Real midfield. Another Redondo in Madrid. Except the long range shooting, he has all the right qualities.

  3. Redondo was ranked the 11th best player in the New Zealand match so I’m curious to why Roy singling him out when they were the Ten better players than him at this game… redondo = biglia

    Aguirre and romero were looking very dangerous, Vega is better than barco at left back … surprisingly infantino and gauto have high potentials and veliz finishes well especially with his headers.

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