Argentina U20 starting eleven for Round of 16 at the U20 World Cup


The Argentina U20 starting eleven has been announced for the Round of 16 match at the U20 World Cup.

Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano has named his starting eleven for the match against Nigeria on Wednesday. Federico Gomes Gerth is the goalkeeper and it’s a back line of Agustín Giay, Tomás Avilés, Valentín Gómez and Valentín Barco.

In midfield, Mateo Tanlongo, Federico Redondo, Luka Romero and Valentín Carboni all start. Up front, Brian Aguirre and Alejo Véliz get the start. Here is the starting eleven:

Gomes Gerth; Giay, Avilés, Gómez, Barco; Tanlongo, Redondo; Romero, Carboni, Aguirre and Véliz


  1. Somebody should have teach those kids that football is team sport. not individual.
    second and most important selfishness will not bring them anything good for their future. in personal and not only level.
    3rd somebody should teach them that they are far from the point to consider themselves “superstars” and act like they are new Messi.
    i am not mad or angry from the loss. i don t care. those are 20 years old kids.
    But i don t like to seeing wrong culture from those players.
    really if i could be in the locker room i wanted only to say to 3-4 players that they pretend to be “stars”. “put up your socks and start playing for the team and stop pretend to be Kempes. you need long long hours of hard work and other mentality to arrive to look like real Kempes. to put down your socks and play selfish don t make you one”.

  2. The players want to show personal skill rather than wining match.But at this age level its quite common.feelings bad for them..they are just kids..
    But the problem is machrerano..this team was good enough to wining the cup.but they are out of the tournament now..
    I think machrano need assist sampaoli at least 5
    No 5 redondo.. What a player with great physic. I really impress with him..i think very soon he will get offer from Europe top 4 league

  3. Our costliest 2 players were in bench ( Perrone & Soule). In fairnessGauto sub was a good move & he was very impactful. Aguirre unfortunately had an offday. Somewhere Masche trusts Infantino who is just an ordinary talent imo. This loss brings back memories of our 90 loss vs Cameroon. We jus kept trying & goal wouldnt happen against a physically solid opponent.
    On the positive side , i would think this was better than Olympics & emergence of talents like Carboni, Barco & few others in patches ( Aguirre, Redondo , Romero) is a takeaway. Hopefully AFA realizes Gerth was a wrong bet. Now just hoping someone beats the Brazilians. Dont want them winning in Argentina🤐.

  4. For being a team that didn’t qualify it’s not necessarily bad considering we won the first three games. We only had a week to set up this team. Still a shame considering we are playing at home. It’s always hard against African teams in this age bracket. Luckily England and France are out and now the only thing that’s left for me to care about in this tournament is that Brazil doesn’t win. Felt like we could have done better with another coach. This new trend around the world of putting new beginner coaches in big roles solely based on the fact they were great players really has me tired. Coaching is a different thing from playing. Half of it is an intellectual job of tactics. Think Lampard, Pirlo, Gerrard, even Gago in Racing right now among the bottom teams of the table. It worked with Scaloni but that was an exception and clearly Tapia saw something specifically coaching-wise in him because he wasn’t some world star player like the others. Still happy we got to get these guys playing together without qualifying, and I do feel positive about some players. Remember there isn’t actually a strong correlation between youth teams doing well or bad and then that same generation doing well or poorly when they’re in the senior team. I feel there is some national team material in this generation, especially the ones that couldn’t be called up.

    • While i am a big Masche fan, couldnt help but think Masche carries so much of bad luck when it comes to NT. We not being able to score even one goal in last 15 mins was just bad luck. For now the solace is we undisputedly have the best U20 talent in the World with Garnacho.

  5. I dont know if anyone of you noticed this. Our U20 team players play a bit selfish game. Everyone wants to score goals. There were 2 moments today where we could have had goal. In The first half it was Carboni who did not pass to Romero in the box and again it was by Veliz who did not pass to Puch who was open in the box. There is nothing else wrong with this team. We had the players and team to advance deep in the Tournamant.

    • Romero was even more annoying. Now this players will have hard time in future. They lacked tactical discipline and maturity. Only Redondo impressed me.

    • The young players lack maturity to show up when needed most. In first half chances were presenting themselves but instead of team work some players opt for glory. Especially Luka Romero has been very annoying too selfish

    • I think Mascherano made a few mistakes
      1, Nigeria is a strong team good at counter attack . we should use 3DM instead of 4231 . We can see our 2DM are marked which make our Central defenders hardly distributed the ball forward.

      2, Substitue off Aviles is wrong . Aviles plus Gomez are reliable ,rather Giay and goalkeeper are not up to standard . The first goal ,our goalkeeper bear some responsibility. the second goal is totally Giay . Instead Take out Giay using Tanlongo,Aviles ,Gomez as defenders. put in Soule on the right .

      3, No need to use two number 9, which didn’t suit .it is too early to take out carboni .instead put in perrone .

      The problem is our midfield didnt fully dominate the whole game which make us using long ball that is useless . Perrone ,Redondo,Tanlongo should be OK. I don’t think Romero is better than Soule , carboni on the right . Puch is far more better than veliz ,facing Nigeria veliz is only good at header which is useless .

  6. Montiel is now officially PENTIEL. The one guy you can bet your money for a penalty shootout. Never seen him miss one since River, NT & now Sevilla. 2 trophy winning final penalties in same season

  7. Once Dybala was subned out Roma couldn’t move the ball forward at all! Sevilla was extremely unlucky that the match went into penalties.

    • Dybala should leave that disgrace of a club. I have never shit players especially that Brazilian Ibanez. Not forgetting Mancini and selfish Spinazolla. Lajoya deserves better

  8. Sevilla wins Europa in penalties…..Ocampos, Lamela and Montiel scoring in the penalties… Montiel again..the winning kick…🔥

  9. the pace of Nigerians in the flank is too much for our attackers. We are unable to counter attack as they catch up very fast. Hopefully a moment of magic or a scrappy header goal will do the trick in 2nd half.

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