Apple, Adidas reportedly involved in Lionel Messi, Inter Miami deal


Apple and Adidas are both reportedly involved in the possible Lionel Messi and Inter Miami deal.

A report by The Athletic states that MLS are putting together a deal to help lure Lionel Messi to Inter Miami. According to Paul Tenorio, Felipe Cárdenas and Pablo Iglesias Maurer with The Athletic, a big deal is being put in place.

Part of the deal includes “profit sharing with Apple” as well as “Adidas offering up a cut as well”. And a quote stating that the MLS “has gotten very creative.”

MLS and Apple reportedly discussed offering the Argentine a share of the revenue which will be generated by new subscribers that would sign up to their streaming package, MLS Season Pass.

Adidas is reportedly offering Messi a profit-sharing agreement, one that would involve him receiving a cut of any increase in Adidas’ profits which result from his involvement in the league.

Messi has been signed with Adidas since 2006, even wearing Adidas boots at the World Cup.

Despite those possible incentives, the confidence levels of getting the deal signed is said to vary from week to week and Inter Miami and MLS executives are 50-50 on the possibility of getting Messi’s signature.

This comes in addition to several reports stating that Messi will be playing with Inter Miami. Nothing has been announced and nothing has been made official.