Alejandro Garnacho: “I want to make a career with the Argentina national team”


Alejandro Garnacho spoke in an interview about wanting to play with the Argentina national team.

Garnacho gave his first interview to Argentine television, speaking with TyC Sports as he is with the team during their Asian tour. The 18 year old is expected to get some minutes in Argentina’s matches against Australia or Indonesia later this week and he has spoken about the tour. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“I didn’t hesitate at all because I feel Argentine, because I am Argentine. They bet on me and I had it clear, it is a very big national team. I don’t need to play three games, this tour doesn’t matter, I already know that I want to be with Argentina.

“The entire family from my mother’s side is from Argentina, they have always lived there. And the family from my father’s side are from Spain. For circumstances in life, my mother’s family came to Spain and she met my dad and I was born there. And I am very close to my mom’s family, always supporting the national team since I was a kid.”

He also spoke about the support he has gotten from the fans:

“Thank you to every one for the support. They already know, I am just another one (of the players) here, I am part of the group and we are going to try to continue to bring joy. I want to make my history here, little by little, to be with the group and to be happy here. Let’s go forward.

“From what I read, through social media, I know that many people in Argentina love me, appreciate me. Because of the decision I made to play for Argentina, most of them love me. And I am going to return that love on the pitch.”

About if he spoke with Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni:

“I didn’t speak with Scanloni before coming here. I spoke a lot with Roberto Ayala. So that I would know before the list came out that I would be here. He asked me if I was nervous and I told him I wasn’t. When I play I try to be me. I’m a young guy but I don’t care about age, I try to play the way I know how.”

“I want to make a career with the Argentina national team, if the coach trusts me, I can keep coming. To be one more and participate in the Copa America, the qualifiers and the World Cup.”

About being with the Argentina national team:

“My team mates are very good with me, very involved. Encouraging me, supporting me… I didn’t talk much with Messi. I went from watching him on TV all my life and now I have him here, it seems that it’s not real. The coach tells me to be calm, to play as I know he is going to give me the opportunity.

“People have seen me people, my main position is left winger. But wherever you put me, I’m not complaining. Wherever the coach decides, I’ll be there.

“Here, they call me Ale and Licha (Lisandro Martinez) calls me Garna because in Manchester that’s what they call me. Lisandro Martínez is like my father in Manchester. He tells me when I’m doing well and when I’m doing bad. He helps me a lot. He’s a 10 as a person. He talks to me about the national team.”

On having not played in the U20 World Cup:

“I lost the U20 World Cup because the competition in Manchester was still going on. I spoke a lot with the coach (Erik ten Hag), I asked him please (to let him go) but he told me I couldn’t go. But I followed them on television.”

On the World Cup final:

“It was unbelievable, crazy. I think both Argentina and Leo deserved it. They had a very good World Cup. The final, with the penalty kicks, it was terrific (the match) and everyone was suffering.

“I watched it with my mom, my grandfather, my brother… In the end, it happened and it ended as we were expecting.”

Argentine football:

“Argentine football is not known much there. But the Libertadores or River, Boca, yes, I like to follow.”


  1. Since messiS Europian days are over, i think only garnacho can win a ballondor post messi ear
    A fan fvrt
    A pundits fvrt
    A coaches and other clubs fvrt
    Teenage at a big club
    Teenboy playing for worldchampions
    All is good for him
    Last season there was many news report that over 10-12clubs approached man u to get garnacho 👌
    Cant see this much hype on any of our wonderkids

  2. So much hate for Mbappe here. But I concur! I notice that France and turtle brain is about to face mighty Gibraltar in the Euro qualifier. Very competitive games in Europe indeed.

  3. Mbappe had the option to extend his contract to 3 years but it has to be triggered before July and since he has announced that he won’t be renewing it, he looking to gtfo this season! With just one year remaining in his contract he wants out! He doesn’t want waste any more time in that Shit club, however Madrid knows he will be a free agent next year! But Madrid isn’t the only club that can pay his salary. Any EPL club can easily afford him! Man united, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Arsenal can break the bank to get him! PSG is finished the day Mbappe leaves and it also seems like Neymar is looking for a way out too! Finally the ultras will have reality check that they are nothing but a midtable club in a farmers league!!

      • Mbappe hates to play as a striker! If Madrid wants him which they do, V.Junior and Mbappe will have to rotate but he will not play as striker. V.junior is good but he isn’t better than Mbappe and goes missing in big games for both Brazil and Madrid quite often. Also, Real isn’t the only option for Mbappe so if he really wants out Madrid have to make a move or some other club could get him!!

        Additionally, Real is desperately looking for a good striker to buy this summer and after Lautaro’s poor final performance where he missed a sitter , they might look for someone else. There aren’t too many good strikers and the one looking for a move are Kane, Mane , Icardi.

    • I don’t mean to sound like a hater, but I’m going to anyways. I don’t like mbappe. He is a great player but a scum bag off the pitch.
      He should form a team with Icardi, the midfield of Brazil, and those two pali boys that scored for Israel the other day… And their coach can be that piece of shi from ESPN, Alejandro Moreno. After all the years he played he still doesn’t know anything about the game. He needs to stay quiet and shave the rest of that bullshi off his head.

  4. Speaking of Martinez, some tend to forget how important he was during the WC qualifiers! and let’s not forget the injury he was carrying in the WC as well.
    Be that as it may, no one player’s spot is secure except one and there is more than enough talent up front and I don’t see this as an El Pipita repeat painful situation.
    Having said all that, it’s a bit early to write him off right now.

  5. World Cup Champion – Argentina
    U20 World Cup – Uruguay
    U17 World Cup – Brazil
    Olympics Champion – Brazil

    South American dominance in World football. Messi on top of that.

    Mbappe.. please note…!

  6. It’s not every one’s cup of tea that to play great for their respective national teams. Take that superstardom away from you when playing for Argentina. And the rest would come naturally. I hope he would be a great super star for his respective club and a great team player for Argentina. All the best kid. I want to enjoy an Argentine player bringing fire in that left wing position. Except the wc final I didn’t see an Argentine lit up that position. I hope it’s a start of an another Argentine legend. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    • 2004? you should mean 2024. if i am not wrong they have nations league. correct me if i am wrong. Despite that what is the point? we play every time in friendly games and we beat them and every time we play in world cup we lose. No need this type of game now.
      i don t want to see Germans again for as long as possible.

  7. On to my post from earlier this year, Lautro is overrated bum who bully small teams in Seria A. The one chance he got after City mistake, Lukaku was open but as a bum he tried to score from impossible angle. We should be forever thankful for Lulian Alvarez, otherwise it would be another sad story for Argentina. Lautor is slow, not clinical who is able to shine in dominant team in Intermilan against poor oppositions. He is Huigian 2.0.

      • He is flopped at World Cup and UCL. Also bad vs Brazil in Copa final. Only time he was good was vs Italy and we dont know how serious Italy were in that game.

      • He’s getting an operation done, he will be back and better. We shouldn’t judge players like that. Before the world cup he scored a goal every two games for Argentina.

    • You keep repeat the same things again and again. it is boring. find new points to say if any.
      second his name is Lautaro. intentionaly you try to insult him that way? so childish.
      Last and more important we should be thankful to all 26 players and coaching staff for everything they give (everyone his part. smaller or bigger) for make our dream come true.
      they write history and everybody put their names with golden letters in the book of history of ARGENTINA and the book of history of football as a sport.

    • How about our qualifications to be world cup? Did Lauturo not score goals? My starter is Alvarez because of his versatility, but I think Argentina is lucky to have Lauturo as on option on the team. He’s a fantastic player, has heart and passion and a nose for goals. This isn’t playstation. Look at man city, who scored for them, rodri right? Are we going to say that the strikers for man city are choke artists. The blame of inter is on lukaku without a doubt. He is a curse, look at Belgium

      • Before and after

        His teeth were so effed up, he had to have dental surgery given how quickly it changed. Looks like his entire top teeth were moved around. It almost looks like dentures but don’t know.

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