Leaked Argentina national team shirt for 2024 Copa America


Leaked pictures of the Argentina national team home shirt for the 2024 Copa America have been released.

Adidas will be releasing an Argentina national team shirt for the 2024 Copa America and it the three stars will get a slight modification. Per Footy Headlines have released images of the kit which will have the AFA badge and the Adidas logo in gold.

The three stars will be a little different as the middle star will be slightly lower than it is now. The World Cup and Copa America badges, depending on the match, will remain in the middle of the shirt.

The back of the shirt is not yet confirmed but the lettering is expected to be in gold.


  1. Fiorentina great Batistuta impressed by Argentina strikers Lautaro and Alvarez:

    Batistuta is a fan of Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez and Manchester City’s Julian Alvarez.

    “Julian Alvarez drives me crazy and I also like Lautaro Martinez so much. Julian recently arrived in Europe in a team where it is not easy to find space, Lautaro, on the other hand, has already been at Inter for 4 years, already has a name and plays.

    “They are two established attackers. Lautaro is more like me,” the former striker noted, “he just thinks about how to finish the moves that his teammates create. “Martinez has been at Inter for four years now and he’s really established himself,” Batistuta said.

    • They can play together in a 442. Lautaro is better playing off his back and turning defenders and is grittier, Alvarez is much more mobile, they complement.

      ……… lautaro………………
      Acuña……. Licha……cuti……..molina

      (Post Messi and ADM)

  2. Adidas either needs to make the stripes on shoulders go all the way to end of sleeve or stop where shoulder meets arm. None of this half way shi down the bicep.
    Also, Lauturo is one of the best strikers in the world today, have a good one, thanks.

    • You are playing with fire troll. If your contribution amounts to this nonsense over and over again, then you are literally spamming the blog…

  3. well i don t like so much gold in jersey because in make look ugly and far from unique.
    if we put world cup badge and AFA s with the 3 stars golden it is perfect and give the special credit to the jersey. the rest should be black to make the gold shine. Else is ugly.

  4. Chelsea are doing massive clear out, but I don’t understand at all why arsenal will pay over 60 million pounds for Kai Havertz. to me he is no special just seems to ordinary

    • Bad move: De Jong Kessie Pedri Gavi Gundogan etc., he will be like Kessie, rotation player, rather be a star in Aston Villa. 4 players will be clearly above him in pecking order under Xavi (Pedri, Gavi, De Jong, Gundogan).

      • I don’t think it’s a bad move kessie will most probably leave, Busquets has already left . Gavi is still very raw lo celso is more productive than Gavi and xavi loves him lo celso he said he is a player who likes to put the ball into the scoring position.

    • Neither Barcelona nor England is a good place for him. If he ends up in Barcelona he is going to warm the bench, and given his injury record EPL is going to break him again very soon. He should stay in Spain and play.

  5. The collar should be gold too and Adidas should have put gold stripe coming down the sleeves as well. There just can’t be enough gold.

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