Thiago Almada scores for Atlanta United in 2-0 win vs. Philadelphia Union


Thiago Almada scored for Atlanta United in their 2-0 win vs. Philadelphia Union.

Almada continues to score great goals. With the score at 0-0, Atlanta United were awarded a free kick early in the match.

It was Almada who took it and his initial effort hit the wall but he would get the rebound and would score from the edge of the penalty area.

The Argentine now has eight goals and eight assists in 17 league matches this season.


  1. Messi moving to MLS is a great opportunity to the players in that league. With the attention of world media focused on MLS, if other players can show some quality skills while playing with and against Messi, they could help their career attracting interest for Europe. Almada has been killing it in MLS and if the can continue his performance once Messi begins playing there , he can move to Europe next season.

  2. Man utd and man City is interesting thiago almada According to Bruno gonzalez , it will be amazing if thiago almada moves to epl as I believe he will be our main creative spark from now onwards

    • Yes, u are absolutly right about Thiago Almada as i too think he will be one of the key players for Arg and specially at 2026 WC and hopefully in the next Copa & WCQ’s too as it is quite amazing, that he is Still at Atlanta as i not mean any bad to Atlanta nor MLS in fact i have followed Argentine players who have been playing there and now obviously, because MESSI with Inter Miami it will get even more intresting at MLS as i think there are many good players allready overthere and i do not only mean those who moved from Europe over there as there are obviously young gifted players too, but i can’t simply think of any younger player who even comes close in terms of Thiago Almada from MLS and i truly hope for his transfer to Europe as i would prefer from those 2 teams at Manchester, that he joins MAN UTD also Chelsea with Pochettino will be good as i prefer him to move to an European team, where he would get to be a starter as obviously he could easily be an starter in fact in quite many teams in Europe as also in EPL, but maybe in a team which is not fully packed asi’m bit scared of for his development to continue…, but, i think he deffenetly is more than ready and have been allready for quite some time for European Club football ! Just hope he chooses wisely, when they come knocking as obviously i was exicited of Alvarez move to City, but in my oppinion he deseseves so much more playing time, which ain’t happening unfortunatly with Pep as i see him becoming more an more as English men from an Catalan as he has and have had this kind of mindset, (which is fine if it suites him) allready since moving as an player from Barca a very long time a go and the same obviously continued when he became manager as obviously, when he was at Barca he kind of changed back to be an Catalan again as obviously his dedication for football is beyond and i do respect, that and him as a Person as obviously he is free to do whatever he likes and i think, that his dedication for football is so huge, that turns him fully to commit himself to a whatever team he has been at and obviously he like’s it in Manchester and to coach at in City, where he has had tremendous career so far, though he has the selection of many good players available for him….just hope, that somehow he will start using Alvarez properly and also give minutes to Perrone too…well is not that much time to left, when we will start seeing if he keep’s on with ” monster” or will he start to use Alvarez more and perhaps use them both on the pitch at the same time, though i don’t think he will play with 2 strikers so Alvarez chance will be neither on the wings or as kinf of no 10….just hope he will play regularly at City as i don’t think Pep is also keen to let him move to another Club in Europe etc…

  3. I remember many were upset when he got selected to go to the big show and I for one didn’t know either way because I never watched him play even though he plays for Atl U and I live there….but Homie has skills, quick release and a missile launcher for a leg.

    • We (myself included) have a tendency to claim to know better than the coaching staff sometimes which is silly when you think about it. After all, they see those players in action a lot closer than we do.

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