Lionel Messi speaks about the criticism in previous years with Argentina


Lionel Messi spoke about the criticism he received in previous years with the Argentina national team.

Messi has now won everything there is to win in football. Not only at club level but with Argentina.

But prior to the 2021 Copa America, that was not the case. The team was continuously criticized for everything by the media. Messi answered questions which were sent to him by his Argentina team mates and in the same interview with TV Pública, he spoke about the difficult times with Argentina. Here is what he had to say:

“The truth is that it was very difficult. I lived a situation in Barcelona that I enjoyed a lot, we were winning, we were playing well. We were praised from all sides of the game, for the team, for the wins.

“It was stepping foot in Argentina and hearing the criticism, the rumors. The murmur of the people, continually having to pass a test so to speak or depending on a result.

“I was lucky that I was doing well at club level and when things went wrong, I would arrive in Barcelona and forget about how bad we were doing in the national team.

“A lot of criticism, bullshit more than criticism. People were talking about more than football things that went beyond the line of disrespect. It was not good.

“On the other hand, I knew that my family, even though they did not show it, suffered a lot too. They stayed in the country and consumed all of that. I didn’t cry but I did suffer a lot.

“I had a very hard time but I never doubted or thought… Well yes, at one point I did. But before that, I always had the desire to achieve something with the national team and I had it in my head that I was going to achieve it.”


  1. Long post alert! ⚠️

    2006–> He was very young however at age 17 he was better than both Juilo Cruz and Tevez who were preferred over him against Germany. Cruz was downright mediocre and Tevez missed a easy one on one chance which Messi would have buried and knocked Germany out!France didn’t make that same mistake with Mbappe in 2018 and won the world cup. Pekerman tried to defend a one goal lead and paid the price, not only in the extra time where he had no good offensive players but also in Penalty shootout.

    2010–> Absurd approach from the Great Diego Maradona against Germany again! He went to play against a very good German side with no midfield whatsoever and attacked from the word go!! We got hammered!! We wasted Messi’s prime in this world cup by playing him in the midfield. He was 10 times better finisher that both Tevez and Higuaín but they were preferred over him at the striker role because Diego thought that Messi could play as a playmaker!

    2014–> We were plagued by injuries. Aguero, Dimaria and Gago, not having these three was a huge loss. We managed to reach the final but the curse hit us again. Not only we missed easy chances, we were undone by bad decisions from a coward referee and add to that one less day of rest!

    2018–> AFA fcuked up! They hired mediocre coaches and failed to phase out washedup players like Masch, Biglia, Higuain, Rojo and we paid a huge price. Papu Gomez, Pezzella, Icardi were having great season in Europe but we stuck to oldies and wasted Messi one more time.

    2022-> Scaloni took over and unlike previous world cups made sure Messi has everything he needs. He have him a young competent midfield to pass him the ball and cover him, a solid defense in the back and good forwards who could convert the chances created by him. We were also blessed to have 2 attacking fullbacks with competent defending abilities and a goal keeper with a viking mindset!

    • The 2006 team was a strong team that could have made it to the final. Had Pekerman put Messi in, and left Riquelme in, it would have made the difference. The Germans were tired, and it was showing.

    • I agree on all your thoughts. I would add:

      2006 – really talented team in all 11 positions. I think talent wise better than 2022 for sure. Though 2022 played great as a team.

      I’ll forgive Pekerman a little bit since Pato had to be subbed therefore reducing our subs to only two. I think the Riquelme/Cambiasso sub was 5-10 minutes too early even though Riquelme was clearly gassed. Cruz instead of Messi was criminal. I will still not accept the theory that he wanted height up front to match the germans. Dont see how playing two 5’s requires one to have height especially up 1 with 10 minutes left. Would rather have a dribbling menace for counters while playing with two 5’s.

      2010 – Diego did not have a clue, but we never were going to win that cup. We were way too old (and old players that didnt age well I may add) in the back. We would have gotten cooked by Spain too.

      2014 – I think we overachieved thanks to Sabella, our midfield and Messi. We had a huge hole in our CBs but Sabella tactics were top notch. I think we win if Fideo played. (I didn’t like the Lavezzi sub in the final though)

      2018 – Dumpster fire. Our coach was a madman who had a different lineup each game. Clearly was over his head. I knew when the lineup came out against Croatia we were doomed. I was surprised we got out of the group stage. What didn’t help is Arg had a talent gap between late 80’s born players to mid-90s born players.

    • That’s why I have been saying, especially 2018 dismal decision. Likes of Otamedi, Dimaria, Armani, Papu Gomez should not be anywhere the next world cup. As for Pezzella he was the most annoying player and it’s hurt me that Scaloni wants to use him at expense of Facundo Medina, Senesi, Foyth who can do a better job as CB.

      Apart from Messi and DePaul Scaloni should not select players above 30 and those not competing at top levels. I don’t repeat of 2018 pain where average player like Meza, Pavón from MLS were preferred over players like dybala and Locelso.

      • Am saying that because Otamedi, Dimaria and Papu will be 38+, inclusion of Pezzella will be an insult considering the rich option of young CB national team has. Further more heist the most annoying defender performance wish.

        As for Acuna,/Tagliafico I feel one of them will have to be sacrificed to accommodate young Valentin barco unless he fails to step up his game

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