Resell tickets up to $110,000 for Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami debut


Resell tickets are going up to $110,000 for Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami debut.

Lionel Messi was presented as an Inter Miami player on Sunday and his first match will be on Friday against Cruz Azul. But the tickets are not cheap. Per a report by CNN, resell tickets are going for as much as $110,000 for the match.

Tickets for the game are completely sold out.


  1. Any transfer updates for our players:

    Lo Celso to Betis and Napoli rumour
    Paredes still to Galatasaray?
    Montiel & Acuna staying or moving?
    Carlos “Charly” Alcaraz, hope he does not end up in the Championship next season, what if Poch at Chelsea were to pick him up?
    Guido is not going to Barcelona because they signed Oriol Romeu as a DM

  2. no serious person purchased a ticket for 110k. Even WC finals go for a fraction of that. Id bet its shady business…..sounds like money laundering. Or it could be a marketing expense for the vendors.

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