Lionel Messi scores free kick match winner in Inter Miami debut


Lionel Messi scored a free kick which was the match winner in his Inter Miami debut.

Messi continues to score memorable goals and in his first match with Inter Miami, it was no different. The Best player in the world came on as a substitute in his first match with his new club and helped give them the win.

Inter Miami were awarded a free kick in injury time and it was the World Cup winner who took it and Messi scored to give Inter Miami the 2-1 win vs. Cruz Azul in the Leagues Cup. He would go on and celebrate with his family while David Beckham was brought to tears.


  1. this is amazing for Messi but I can’t help but feel a little sad 😭 I really thought he would stay in Europe. the chances of him going back to Barcelona as a player are very low, since he stated in the past that ultimately he wishes to end his career playing for newells in Argentina… not sure whether that has changed since but I can’t believe I have been watching my this man for over a decade and a half now. how time flies!

    I will never forget him and the national team world champions!

  2. Dont forget we are the world champions 😂😂😂, who did believe this after the russian World Cup? Before a whole generation change with a rookie coach, AFA in complete mess. God sent Scaloni to us!

    • All these key moments needed for the WC glory:

      Bolsonaro hacked the VAR in Copa semi, Messi was going crazy and became a real leader since then, plus Conmebol doesnt dare to fuck with us, it was a so clear robbery (btw Brazil was a better team back then than forming Scaloneta)

      Maradona died (maybe the most important, the bad spirit of ARG NT lately, Messi is free)

      Brazil with the help of Conmebol robbed the Copa 21 hosting from Argentina due weird covid reasons in worse covid situation there

      The ARG Columbia penalty shootout, when we have become so confident in penalties thanks to Emi Martinez

      The final in Maracana, wo that win no way we could have won the WC (the curse is over)

      Finallisima humiliation, the team knows who is the best of the world (extra confidence)

      Absurd lose against Saudis, the end of the winning streak, had to do the needed changes

      Mexico match with clutch goal from Messi, the team has become more cohesive than ever

      LVG trash talk

      The clutchest save ever from Emi against Kolo Muani, after that it was so evident ARG will win the shootout. I was super calm.

      God or the universe wanted Messi and ARG to be the World Champion, not corrupt Fifa or Qatar LOL, its much more deeper, transcendent, metaphysics, law of football, the truth.

      • I will add locelso injury was key. That made the team better. Scaloni have to change the formations so other teams couldn’t figure out our formations and 2nd most important thing was that dimaria was finally fit to play the final that helped messi plus Alvarez was amazing. Enzo, Alvarez changed the dynamic of the team McAllister was also quite good. Only negative was our defense looked nervy and shaky throughout the tournament in pressure situation otherwise we could have won those matches more comfortably

  3. It was an entertaining game. The team absolutely sucks and this league let’s Messi play a level above its competition.
    The funniest thing is I was looking at this talentless turd Cremaschi turning down the USMNT so he can be called up by Scaloni. This is what’s called not having any fucking clue of how you measure up against your piers. He wouldn’t even be a back up at Boca or River or any major club in Argentina. I would have preferred Messi go to a place like Benfica but I think the next Copa in 2024 is the end of the NT road for Leo

    • Quite dissapointing decision. He should have chosen an European club and tried for the ucl last time afterall he won it back in 2015 that’s a long long time back. Plus ucl scoring record was also could easily be broken

  4. Exciting crowd and very good atmosphere in MLS makes Messi back his old days with Barca. As a Arg fan I loved to see this brightness in Messi’s face. He is very happy we are also very very happy..

  5. If Messi can get his team to qualify for the next Copa Libertadores, imagine Inter Miami traveling to Argentina and Brazil. He will lit up the South American competition.

    • if you think that Inter Miami is able to look in the eyes the top teams from Argentina and Brasil then you are dreaming. The competition in Copa Libertadores will not increse. The money will.

      • Depends on Miami’s signing. If they make good signings then they can give South American clubs run for their money. But I was referring to media attention Copa Libertadores would get when he plays in that competition.

        • i repeat my words again. if you believe that Inter miami can look in the eyes the top teams of Argentina and Brasil then you are dreaming. Give them to River or Boca ANYDAY. or give them to big Brasil clubs too.

  6. To be honest I really dont care about Messi being in Europe anymore. What is there left for him to win?. He deserves some happiness with his family. I have not seen Messi this happy in France. He gave us the happiest memories of lifetime and especially WC. In return I want to see him happy with his family. He dont have to play for our needs anymore. Let him play for fun. I can already see he is happy with his family in Miami.

  7. Let’s be honest, doesn’t matter how many goals he scores there nobody cares about fucking mls.
    He should have stayed in Europe for atleast two more years.

    • Where Messi goes Media follows. Saudi, no matter how much they spend they will eventually end up like Chinese league. Yes, he could have easily played atleast one more season in Europe and only two clubs could accommodate him Barca and toxic PSG. Barca is broke as fcuk and PSG toxic fans didn’t want him because he beat France in the World Cup. MLS package was a great move by Messi and his advisors.

    • To be honest you should realize that he can t play in the level required in Europe anymore. That is why he left in reality. Now he did very well because there is no reason to throw “shadows” to his myth. He left Europe in the top of world and that is the best possible senario for his legacy. Leo did everything and win everything. So he is free to enjoy his last years in football with no worries and not a single stress. The nonsense league in US is the best place to do that. i am with Leo about that.

      • > he can’t play in the level required in Europe anymore.

        Messi just played an insane level at the world cup, easily amongst the world’s top players, his form and quality doesn’t decrease in only 4-5 months. I think the primary reason he left is emotional, not physical. He simply doesn’t care enough anymore to battle the emotional fatigue that comes with top shit clubs. At PSG he was getting booed and fans protested. I’m pretty sure that if the club was run and had the depth, quality, supportive fans, and coach like Manchester City, he would still be in Europe for 1-2 more years.

        • i respect your opinion but i totally disagree. World cup was a tournament of 7 games and a full season in Europe requires ability to perform same dozens games more. it is not same. Plus 6 months more on the back of Leo is significant. Other thing is 6 months for someone 25 years old other thing 30 years old and other in 35. it is biology. His quality is imposible to decrese. even in 40. this is for lifetime. i don t speak about that. His form can be recover in time during season even if needed bigger than a younger player. But physical and his stamina can t be recovered. How much more for a full season in Europe.

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