Lionel Messi two goals, one assist for Inter Miami in 4-0 win vs. Atlanta United


Lionel Messi had two goals and one assist for Inter Miami in their 4-0 win vs. Atlanta United.

Messi scored two goals for Inter Miami as he stole the show in their 4-0 win. The first goal of the match came through a Sergio Busquet assist. The Spaniard played a pass into the Argentine as Messi controlled it and while his initial effort hit the post, Messi got to the rebound and scored.

The Best player in the world would double Inter Miami’s lead. A pass into the penalty area found Messi and he was unmarked, scoring from close range.

He was substituted off in the second half and now has three goals and one assist in two matches for Inter Miami. Mundo Albiceleste was in attendance for the match with videos and pictures of both Lionel Messi and Thiago Almada.


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      • I posted a long comment where i posted all the personal attacks yamil Rodriguez posted previously against messi but its not posting and saying your comment is awaiting moderation

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  1. I’m still disappointed that at 35 he joined mls he could easily played another 2-3 years at any club. What this mentality that in Europe he will play only for barca?? He had said that he has an offer from a premier League club but he went to mls. Once the initial craze wears off he will be out of limelight and because the competition is so poor his game will also detoriate significantly and we can see his national team retirement quicker than expected.

    • I know what you are feeling. I also wanted him to move to PL than coming to MLS. But now when he is here I see him happy with his Family. Enjoying the celebrity life Miami offers. Messi chose this for a reason. Maybe not for football reason but family reason. I think its time he should enjoy life and be happy rather than making us Happy. He already gave us everything. He prolly have a plan for when to retire from national team. He knows better what he wants. And I am just happy for him. If you ask me I would still want him to play in Europe so we could enjoy him. But its about his happinesss now.

      • Messi doesn’t care about the celebrity life. It’s a business decision. At least he can take it easy and maybe shop up fit for the 2024 Copa which will be his last big tournament.
        A shame he didn’t do a year in Argentina but that’s big money football nowadays.

    • I didn’t watch the page matches much. Not a fan of French league or french anything to be fair, with all due respect. I used to watch PSG highlights and the full matches in champ league. MLS is moving up if they have haters like me watching their matches now 😂

  2. I never in a millions years thought the day would come where I would PAY, PAY!!! to watch MLS lol but I guess they have to have money to pay Messi hehehehe

    By the time I signed up with Apple TV shit, I hate Apple and Iphones and all their crap, Homie had already scored 2 goals, he couldn’t wait.
    He is HAPPY, laughing smiling, His wife, Mom, Kids, the ball boy, teammates, opponents the Camera men and women, celebrities…….EVERYBODY IS HAPPY The vibe is insane

      • The funny part is that Xfinity gave me 3 months free worth of Apple Tv and I thought great until shortly after the game started that I clicked on the link and it told me to subscribe to watch the game. 39 bucks for the rest of the season.
        All these streaming services that should be free if you have the main channel, Like ESPN, then ESPN + should be free but it’s not…..highway robbery is what this is.

        • In Europe you can watch every match on bet365 betting site, just register and deposit some little money (maybe 15 euros the minimum) betting is not even required but you can watch every match LIVE. I followed there Tottenham friendlies to see Lo Celso.

          • They block these sites here in the States and the working ones are usually full of spyware or viruses. I used to be brave using the desktop that went Kaput but not with my laptop or phone because the last thing I want is for either to get infected and yes they are both protected by antivirus.
            Needless to say, most but not all of the sites that members share on this site tend to be clean.

          • No way bet365 is full of viruses or spams, maybe the biggest betting site in EU, but i know these are mostly illegal in USA, try VPN, but not sure you could register from USA at all. Much better than random streams, no delay, OK quality, no shut downs. Every imaginable match is available you can bet on, these live streams for live betting.

  3. Messi should have rather came to Argentina. Super liga is much better than soccer League there no pressing, no running nothing. Looked like they were playing in their garden.

    • while it is pain me to say it is better for him to not come to Argentina. The reason is because our football here is hard and there is no reason to risk Leo s health. We need him in national team. it is better Leo play in the nonsense league in US and be happy and healthy there than come here and risk the big posibility to show up one idiot in every team to tackle him very bad.

      But selfish speaking sure my heart desires so much to see him play here and even more to see him wear the River plate jersey 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I agree cox. That’s why I mentioned it Miami qualifies for the Suda and end up playing a south American club then the Miami players will get to feel the real tackles and fouls. There may be 3 injuries in the first half 😂

        • Do you remember my friend in 90s and maybe earlier from 80s was exist in the football world the expresion “it is an Argentine tackle” 🙂 🙂 🙂 friends in bigger age maybe remember ha ha
          this didn t come in luck 🙂 🙂 🙂 Argentine tackling is different than the others 🙂 it is little bit more aggresive hi hi hi

          • Of course I remember the Argentine tackle. The crunching tackle. The British commentators never missed an opportunity to say “the Argentine defenders are rough with their tackles and the referee needs to take control early”

      • I agree in Argentina it rough and physical. You just reminded me of the horror tackle on Exequiel zeballos. The player who made that tackle was simply malicious.

    • you’re right in a sporting sense, but Messi is not interested in further great achievements. He has won everything. Another way to say it, he has nothing else to win.

      He already had/has a house in Miami. He vacations there every year. With all the sponsorships, I think he’s making $60m this year. And you know what else is there to consider? His wife! I think she has a say on the next move. I hate to say it, but I’m guessing she’d rather live full time in Miami than Rosario. It’s a dangerous time in Argentina. I know personally because all my family is there and they speak about it constantly. (And I’m sure she had no desire moving to England – just ask Di Maria’s wife.)

      So in all, Messi has nothing to prove to me, you or anyone else in this point of his career. Right now, it’s time to chill and play in an AYSO league while still making $60m.

  4. HE looks happy. When Leo happy football looks beautiful. Wherever he played and which team he played doesn’t matter HE IS HAPPY…
    I m sad about him in his one bad decision,He lost his valuable 2 years by moving to psg

    • Had PSG built their team around Messi instead of always looking for Mbappe they would have done a lot better and Mbappe could have scored more goals in Champions league but they ignored the greatest player of all time and treated him like an average winger and insulted him. Leo took it personally and displayed one of the best performance in any world cup by an individual player after Diego and won it!!

      Messi might just get Inter Miami qualified for the play offs from the bottom of the league! He made the 7th rank team look like a high school team today! Can’t wait for his team to qualify for the biggest competition in South America and play the Copa Libertadores !!

      • Speaking of World cup performance

        Messi has 6 goals + 5 assists at WC knockout stage.
        CR has absolute big Zero at WC knockout stage.

        I mean , no player can outworst CR on that one.

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