Videos: Lionel Messi with Inter Miami vs. Orlando City


Mundo Albiceleste were at Inter Miami’s match vs. Orlando City with media credentials and we have videos to share with everyone!

The match was initially delayed due to severe storm and bad weather but that did not stop Lionel Messi from scoring two goals once the match began. During the warm up, Messi also scored two goals and we have them here.

After the match, Messi was seen with former Barcelona and current Inter Miami team mate Jordi Alba. Osvaldo Godoy of Mundo Albiceleste was also in attendance for the press conferences after the match.


  1. So far only 2 young players have gone to Europe. I don’t why European clubs are not interested in players like FEDERICO REDONDO AND VALENTINE BARCO. EVEN EMILIANO MARTINEZ is not getting a club which will be playing in the upcoming UCL.

  2. Can you guys tell me what happened to GIANLUCA PRESTIANNI.He wants to leave ARGENTINA. He is about to join Benfica. Is he scared of staying in ARGENTINA? Is he going to play for another country. I just have heard that he was threatened just like MESSI. Is ALEZO VELIZ going to join spurs? I just got to know about this from a Bengali news channel portal.

    • Prestianni wants to leave because Velez Satisfied is in relegation zone and their altras attacked many players physically including Prestianni who broken down in tears that’s why he wants to leave ASAP. As for Alex Veliz he will join Tottenham…deal close

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