Emiliano Dibu Martínez makes seven saves for Aston Villa vs. Newcastle United


Emiliano Martínez made an incredible seven saves, despite Newcastle United scoring five goals in Aston Villa’s 5-1 loss.

The Best goalkeeper in the world made saves fromt he very first moments of the match but was unable to do it alone for Aston Villa. He made his first save of the season shortly before Newcastle United took a 1-0 lead. An effort from long range was saved by Dibu but the pressure by Newcastle continued and they would get the ball back, cross it into the penalty area and score from close range.

Martinez would make a massive save shortly after Newcastle took the lead. Tonali was one on one with the World Cup winning goalkeeper but a big save towards his near post kept Aston Villa in the match.

Aston Villa drew level minutes after the save. Newcastle would once more take the lead, this time off a set piece and there was nothing Martínez can do with Isak scoring from close range.

A moment of controversy shortly before half time. Martínez was outside of his penalty area when he brought down Almiron and he was given a yellow card.

The second half was more of the same. Martínez made a massive save, once more another one on one effort but this time with Isak and it was a kick save by the goalkeeper.

Dibu was linked with a few clubds during the transfer martket but it does appear as if he will be remaining with the club.


  1. Aston Villa need to get better defenders, Dibu was left one v one too many times, there’s only so much he can do. One particular play by a defender where he lost the ball in the box was horrendous.

    • Enzo a class above everyone on the field! He has every weapon in his armory to become the next Zidane! Chelsea must play him higher up! And Macallister was a pass to Salah. What Macalister not involved in one more touch at the deep before running forward to make that assist to Dimaria ? It was a similar pass!

  2. Dibu had signed a new contract not too long ago which means Aston Villa holds all the card and demand huge transfer fee! He deserves a Champions league team , surprised Inter Milan move rumour didn’t catch much heat!

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