Gerónimo Rulli out until at least the winter break, requires surgery


Gerónimo Rulli is out until at least the winter break for Ajax as he will require surgery.

Rulli will not be playing again this year. The club confirmed on Monday that he did injure his right shoulder in their league match against Heracles and will not play until at least the winter break.

The club also confirmed that he will require surgery on his shoulder.

For the Argentina national team, Rulli will miss the first six World Cup qualifying matches this year.


  1. GOMEZ GERTH is not a national team material for sure. At least right now. SCALONI should be thinking of the upcoming tournaments. If a team sticks to the veteran players for long irrespective of their success that team is bound to get stuck to mud. Spain , Italy and Germany’s failure is the prime example of that.I completely agree with asaph mark and enganche that we have to look forward. Qatar world cup is past. We have plenty of young and good players. All of them are rated high. SCALONI has to utilise these talents properly to bring the best out of them. I hope LUCAS BELTRAN, FEDERICO REDONDO AND VALENTINE BARCO will get chance sooner to prove their worth. Any idea when team will be declared for the qualifiers by SCALONI.

  2. Armani and pappu Gomez were dropped last time. I hope this time pezzella alongwith Armani and pappu Gomez will be overlooked by scaloni. Young players are important and we have plenty of good young players. They should be given chance. When scaloni will announce players for the upcoming qualifiers of world cup.

    • I have been saying this countless times for last few months. Armani, Papu Gomez, Pezzella, should not be anywhere NT. In addition I still let 2024 be last international competition for Dimaria, Otamedi. For heaven’s sake they will be pat 37. Even Acuña, Tagliafico need competent replacement.

      I hope Scaloni put all these into consideration.
      I believe even likes of DePaul and Paredes will not have their spots guaranteed as we approach 2025/2026.
      Messi alone will be the only player who will be untouchable, unless he decides to retire.

      • LB is a bit of a concern, between the Acuna/Tagliafico age group of 30-31 and Valentin Barco who is 19 we only have average players like Bernabei, Nicolás Fernández, Lautaro Blanco who don’t seem like NT material.

        Makeshift options like Medina did not impress, Lisandro is not really a viable solution and only Nico Gonzalez did well when asked to play LB.

  3. That’s too bad for Rulli, hope he recover well.

    What are the implications for the NT?

    2. Benitez?
    3. Musso?

    Hope this does NOT open the door for Armani again

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