Alexis Mac Allister comments on Liverpool, his new teammates, the World Cup


Alexis Mac Allister, who has been chosen today by UEFA as one of the 10 best players in 2022, spoke with ESPN Argentina and commented on Liverpool, his new teammates and the World Cup.

About the 2022 World Cup, this is what the new number 10 of “the Reds” had to say:

“There are many teammates who ask me about the celebrations when we returned to Argentina. Everyone saw those images of the madness of the 5 million people who were in the streets and they couldn’t believe it.”

When asked about his new teammates and what they say about the World Cup battles they had, Alexis replied with a smile the following:

“There will be time to talk about the World Cup (with some of my new teammates) and someone will insult me. The wound has to heal a bit and then we can talk about it.”

Also in a funny mood, Mac Allister said the following about his new Uruguayan teammate Darwin Nuñez:

“Darwin’s “mates” are quite weak, it seems that Nico Otamendi didn’t teach him much how to do them in Benfica. The good thing is that he puts effort into them. I can’t complain because I forgot mine and we always drink from his.”