Lionel Messi Inter Miami press conference: Leagues Cup, trophies, Ballon d’Or


Lionel Messi gave his first press conference as an Inter Miami player on Thursday and he spoke about joining the team, adapting, possibly winning a trophy, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germany.

Messi spoke on Thursday and received questions in both Spanish and English. The Best player in the world answered them all in Spanish. Here is what he had to say about joining Inter Miami and being in the Leagues Cup final:

“I arrived at the club with great enthusiasm and with the desire to continue to get results as I did in my entire career. Although it was a great surprise that we are about to play a final, we had prepared ourselves for this. The team grew.

“We saw ourselves capable of being able to compete and be able to get this title. The team has grown a lot since the arrival of Tata to the team.

“I am very happy to having completed the objective of being in the Concacaf Champions Cup next year and being able to play a final.

“Since the start of the competition, we knew it was a start from scratch because there was a new coach. We knew it was a chance to change the results that were coming from the league.

“We set ourselves difficult objectives but we were prepared to compete. We did it with Mexican teams, with a very good level and a competitive league and those from the United States showed that they are at a very high level. We have to take advantage of this to continue growing and not stop at what we have done.

“It would be incredible. For myself and for every one at the club, who are betting on continuing to grow, on a big change. Winning titles helps a lot. It would be amazing.

“It is very nice how the people of Inter come to every match and cheer us on, accompany us. We have played many home matches and the stadium is always full. It’s a very young club and to win our first title would be great for every one.

“I arrived at the club with great enthusiasm and with the desire to continue to get results as I did in my entire career. Although it was a great surprise that we are about to play a final, we had prepared ourselves for this. The team grew.”

He was also asked about potentially winning the Ballon d’Or:

“During my career, I said it many times. The Ballon d’Or is an important award, the most beautiful at an individual level but I never gave it importance.

“The most important thing was always the collective awards. I was lucky enough to win everything in my career and you can imagine that after winning the World Cup, which was what I was missing, I’m not even thinking about that award.

“That was my greatest award and today, I am enjoying my moment. The truth is that I don’t think about it. If it comes, fine and if it doesn’t, nothing happens. Now I have new objectives with this club.”

When asked about adapting to the city of Miami:

“I was not surprised by the city. I had already been there, I knew how the people were and I already liked it. Living here on a daily basis made me get closer to the city and get to know it better. I am happy, enjoying this new stage and the experience of living in this country, which is something that always crossed my mind.

“I had been on vacation for a month and a half and at the beginning it was hard to get used to the day to day, the training sessions, the matches. It is very hot and humid and sometimes you can feel it.

“I have been adapting and I Feel very comfortable. You don’t end up adapting to this climate, a lot of team mates still suffer. You learn to live with it, you deal with it in the best way and I don’t have any problem.”

About deciding to make the move to Miami:

“Coming here was a family decision. That’s why I chose this place and we are very happy. Not only for the sport but to enjoy the day to day in Miami.”

“We are still getting settled in. We arrived in Miami a month and a half ago. We still don’t have the house where we are going to live. But it was very easy to choose.

“We were convinced to come to this place and the people made it very easy, both in the club since we arrived and the fans, the people I meet in the street. The city is spectacular and makes it that you can live calmly and easily.

“The kids will soon start school. Even though it’s a little while away, it was easier than we thought. Going from Barcelona to Paris was complicated. This (the move to Miami) was totally different.

“I feel very happy. It is a place where I wanted to be and it was a decision we made ahead of time. It was not just from one day to the next and that made everything easier.

“We are at the place where we want to be. My departure to Paris was not something I wanted, I did not want to leave Barcelona and it was difficult but it is the opposite of what is happening to me now, thank God.”

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