Lucas “Pocho” Román called up to Italy U20 national team


Lucas “Pocho” Román has been called up to the Italy U20 national team.

The Argentine born forward is called up for their two friendly matches vs. Germany and Czech Republic. The Barcelona B forward won L’Alcudia in 2022 with the Argentina U20 national team.

Italy has recently started calling up Argentine born players that are eligible to play for their country.


    • Postecoglou on Alejo Véliz: “It will take a while for him — we’ve just got to let him settle”.
      “He’s a young guy, it’s a fairly different level. He’s one we’re all invested in for the long term, but I wouldn’t expect him to see any minutes over the first part of the season”.

  1. Lo celso has to find a way to get out of this spurs team and join a la liga team or Aston villa to get minutes. In spurs the mid field is set. The spurs team is a team which needs only speedy physical players. Lo celso is not a guy for goal scoring and speedy counters. He is a totally different player from Maddison. I don’t know where he will fit in the new tactics of spurs.

    • Lo Celso is not the guy for speedy counters?! Please tell me you’re joking.
      Celso is made for counters, that’s how he was able to do so well with Betis and Villareal and how he was MVP in games against Real, Barca and Bayern, it’s all about his ability to track back, grab the ball, drive it forward at speed and make a decisive/incisive key pass.
      Spurs is and (very likely) will always be a loser club, the club equivalent of the English national team, a so called “big team” with zero history to back it up.
      I really hope Gio goes to Betis, because with Pelegrini in charge I think he will flourish just like he did many years ago before he stupidly decided to go no growth spurs.
      Reports (legit ones infact) indicate that Barcelona and Napoli are also keen on him but both of these clubs have their midfield set and would want someone like Celso as an extra able body for depth, so I really hope Gio ends up in Betis.

    • Spurs new coach requested to keep Locelso this season but as a sub and backup . But with no European competition Locelso will have to force his way in from the bench! Luckily for him, there are local cup tournaments in English futbal!.

    • You are 100 percent correct. Imagine how sad and pathetic that a country like Italy can’t develop 25 players that they are poaching players from other countries. An absolute embarrassment. To think they actually won world cups at one point and where they are now is crazy.

      • It’s nothing new when it comes to Italy.

        ”Foreign-born players won the World Cup with Italy in 1934: Attilio Demaria, Enrico Guaita, Luis Monti, Raimundo Orsi (all Argentina), Anfilogino Guarisi (Brazil), Felice Borel (France) and Mario Varglien (Austria-Hungary; now Croatia)”

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