Juan Foyth scores for Villarreal in 4-3 loss vs. Barcelona


Juan Foyth scored for Villarreal in their 4-3 loss. vs. FC Barcelona.

Foyth got his first goal of the season for Villarreal in a match which had seven goals. FC Barcelona took an early two goal lead but it was the Argentine who would get Villarreal’s first goal of the match.

Villarreal were awarded a corner kick and it was the 25 year old who would score the header and begin the come back for the hosts. They would eventually take a 3-2 lead against Barcelona but the reigning league champions would score two more and get the win.


  1. Foyth’s playing style can be described as a hybrid between a defensive fullback and a false fullback. Defensive fullbacks are known for their strong defensive skills, such as tackling, marking, intercepting passes, and blocking shots. False fullbacks can operate as auxiliary midfielders who like participate in build-up play and even create passing options in the midfield area. This can create numerical superiority in the middle of the pitch and help in ball retention and transition from defense to attack. Some coaches like Guardiola and Arteta have experimented with using false fullbacks by pushing them into midfield as opposed to asking them to provide width and overlap.

    Foyth is a good player for that role since he seems to think, act and move like a defensive midfielder when he has the ball at his feet. The fact that he chose number 8 at Villareal is perhaps also indication that he sees himself as a bona fide midfield player when starting an attack from the back.

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