Matías Soulé joins Frosinone on loan from Juventus


Matías Soulé has joined Frosinone on loan from Juventus.

Soulé will continue playing in Serie A but with a new club. Frosinone has announced on Monday that the 20 year old has joined them on a loan deal until June 30, 2024 with no option to buy.

He joins fellow Argentine Enzo Barrenechea at the club.


  1. What the hell is a Frosinone? It sounds like an after dinner drink. Aren’t these guys better going to River or Boca to at least play against some decent competition or go to La Liga? Serie A is nothing like it used to be and Italy has been dog shit in football for quite some time.

    • Yeah it sounds like the character Frozone from the incredibles! It’s a newly promoted club and it might be a good thing for Soule to go there on loan so he can get some minutes or even start. There were a lot of reports indicating that Udinese, Betis and Feyonoord were interested in getting him on loan (Juv doesn’t want to sell him and make the same mistake they made with Cuti) and to be honest I would’ve loved to see him at Betis or Udinese (Argentinos always did well there) but as things stand, I think it might turn out to be a good move for Soule becaus Juve is a toxic club with a stiff coach and he has no chance of developing there.

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