Benjamin Cremaschi called up to the USA national team


Benjamin Cremaschi has been called up to the United States national team.

Cremaschi has received his first call up to the United States national team for their September matches. Cremaschi is also eligible to play for Argentina since the 18 year old is born to an Argentine family.

There were rumors and many were wondering as to which national team Cremaschi would decide to play for in the future.


  1. Cremaschi should choose USA over Argentina. He is a US home grown player plus for his own good he should choose USA. It will be hard for him to even get into the Substitution Bench in Arg Squad. He is talented and have the physique but Argentina has better options.

    • How can you just sit there and lie without any shame? If Cremaschi was better than Bellingham he would be playing for a top club in Europe. I understand you love Argentina but at least be honest. Sheesh!

    • ??? Cremaschi more than Bellingham? I don’t like to hype the English but Bellingham is a generational talent, played for Dortmund and Madrid by the age of 20, ridiculous

  2. Our midfield is stacked right now, embarrassment of riches really, no way Cremaschi is even remotely capable of suddenly overcoming so much competition.

  3. I was just watching an ESPN video about him last night, on this exact same subject. The kid expressed his desire to play for the Albiceleste and not the U.S. but the bottom line here is this, he’s not ready to play for either one at this moment.
    Sure, he’s big and has talent but then again playing for any NT needs a whole lot more and I won’t lie, the U.S for the 1st time ever or at least as far as I remember have a very good squad.
    Will he become a super star in the future, nobody knows but I doubt he’s ready NOW, especially for ARG.

  4. He should go. Or he can come to our NT and sit behind Enzo, MacAllister, DePaul, LoCelso, Paredes, Palacios, Guido, and all the youngsters like Nico Paz, Velasco, Redondo, and I am sure am missing about 6 others too. We are loaded in midfield and he will most likely never make the cut. Those are facts.

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