Enzo Fernández scores first Chelsea goal in 2-1 win vs. AFC Wimbledon


Enzo Fernández scored his first goal for Chelsea in their 2-1 win vs. AFC Wimbledon.

Fernández scored the goal which gave Chelsea the win in the EFL Cup. The 22 year old started the match on the bench for Chelsea and he was brought on as a substitute and changed the match.

A clearance by the goalkeeper would take a few deflections and fall to the Argentine and Enzo would strike it from the outside of the penalty area and score to give Chelsea the 2-1 lead.


  1. Took to long to score his first goal judging from his price tag.. he’s playing well but I hope he is not another lo celso who rarely scores. I’m not asking for a goal a game… but ever so often they need to score some goals ..

    • Enzo was played as a pivot or DM, the most defensive of all midfield positions (still, as we learned from our WC experience, in that role he can do well too). Not only that, Chelsea were shambolic last season. This year Enzo is going to play a more attacking role under Pochettino and we should be seeing more goals from him.

    • Enzo is actually a very high scoring midfielder by trait, incredible shooting ability from distance and close range too, I think it has to do with the dreary Chelsea form and tactics since he’s joined, he also played too far back last season. If their strikers can barely score I don’t think it makes sense to expect that out of a deep lying midfielder. In the Copa de la Liga 2022 he had just one less goal than Alvarez and more G+A than him overall. In fact I’d say he has the best shooting out of all our midfielders

  2. If gks like Ledesma don’t get a call up, and this is the new norm of retaining veterans like Armani, then why not call up El Chiquito, he is 10000 times better than Armani

  3. Sometimes we need to trust European scouts. The only difference between Pavon/Meza and Julian/Enzo is that the 2018 wonderkid duo only attracted Liga MX and MLS teams, while Julian&Enzo in 2022 both drew huge interests from multiple european giants.

    There must be valid reasons why Almada still plays in MLS. We certainly need to be cautious about this lucky fraud.

    • Honestly I really like Chiquito Romero, he was always a loyal servant/warrior for the NT and he stepped up almost everytime the NT needed him, however, with that being said I really can’t see any place for Romero with Musso, Ledesma, Benitez and even Gazzaniga (been doing alright for Girona since last season) all fighting for 2 backup spots.

    • Rojo over Pezella in 2018 is was a crime. Pezella was at his peak in 2018 along with Icardi and Papu Gomez! Papu was a different beast then! We could have topped our group had Sampaoli integrated these three during the qualifiers and outsted Macherano, Biglia, Higuain, Rojo , Fazio from the team!

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