Lionel Messi two assists, Facundo Farias goal for Inter Miami vs. LAFC


Lionel Messi had two assists and Facundo Farías had a goal for Inter Miami in their 3-1 win vs. LAFC.

Messi and Inter Miami continue to fight for a playoff place and Messi had his first assist against the reigning champions as Inter Miami were leading 1-0. It was Facundo Farías who scored the first goal of the match, an effort on goal from a difficult angle as he was falling and he would get their first goal of the match.

With Inter Miami leading 1-0, it was Sergio Busquets who played the pass to Messi and he would play a through ball in to Jordi Alba as he scored to give Inter Miami the 2-0 lead. But Messi would get another assist.

The Best player in the world had a defender in front of him and played it to Campana and he would score to make it 3-0 for Inter Miami. Messi now has 11 goals and five assists in 11 matches with Inter Miami.


  1. Youngsters will no doubt want to lay their hands on the WC… if the team is a healthy mix of veterans who can guide the youth during practice and at game time over the next 2y we can gradually shift the mix of vets to youth more to the right and have a young, fearless team for the WC that has learnt from their world champion prececessors – I am sure they will light up the WC

  2. Looks like Farias and Aviles are serious talents and might be considered for the NT in the future. Any thoughts on how Perrone played for Las Palmas as he came on as a second half sub and added 30+ minutes if I am not wrong.

  3. So the next journey is going to begin within 4 days. Unlike other national teams our group is always coordinated and hungry to win it for the national team. To turn into world beaters we have to keep improving. Many teams might have noted our weaknesses during the final minutes. All teams with tall and fast forwards and strikers made life difficult for us during the world cup except Croatia. Ecuador looks like the exact team that may exploit this weaknesses. I still remember they made high ball threats during that copa America quarter final. Valencia caused danger near the goal post with them making long crosses. We managed to defeat Uruguay Chile in their own ground even without Messi. But we struggled a bit against Ecuador in all the matches we faced even with Messi. Yeah it means we have to be at our best from the start.

  4. I was sad to see the Barcelona deal not go through and he had to leave Europe even though he easily had 1 more season at the top in him but in hindsight it is looking like a great decision for himself. Miami can’t afford to not play him as ticket revenue alone would be around 8 to10 million every match to 1 million. Also, apple tv subscribers all over the world are dying to watch him play and as a consequence he has played more matches than his body can withstand at this age. He looked gassed today and wasn’t willing to anything extraordinary. Had he gone back to Barca, it could have not gone as planned for all we know! Anyways he needs to play less matches if he serious about playing and winning the Copa america next year. He needs to come off the bench more often if they can’t afford to not play him.

    • To be fair, Messi rarely accelerates during his time at MLS till now. Sure he played tons of minutes but I didnt see him making a bursting run like he did during the World cup last year. Everytime I saw him receiving a throughball , he’d just running at jogging pace. He did it aswell during his time at PSG.

      I mean, look at those dribbles against Australia or Croatia for intense… and he was still sprinting like crazy at 120th+ minutes during the WC final to provides Lautaro with perfect lob. He didnt do any of those for PSG. He saves those magics for Argentina competitive matches. Noticed how he’s suddenly fully energized everytime Argentina played the 2022 qualifier in between PSG schedule.

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