Lucas Martínez Quarta scores first goal of the season for Fiorentina


Lucas Martínez Quarta scored his first goal of the season for Fiorentina.

Martínez Quarta started has only played in two matches this season for Fiorentina but has his first goal of the season in Fiorentina’s 3-2 win vs. Atalanta. With the score at 1-1, it was a cross into the penalty area and the Argentine would head the ball to give Fiorentina the 3-2 lead.

The 27 year old and Nicolás González both started the match for Fiorentina while Lucas Beltrán was brought on as a substitute.


  1. Happy that Dybala is doing well, now if he can only stay fit 🙁

    I managed to watch Matias Soule with Frosinone and boy was he great! 2nd game in a row!
    I’m really glad he was loaned out by Juve and now is getting the chance to really show his stuff, hopefully Luka Romera gets a loan move in Jan because I really think he’s just as talented as Soule.
    Barrenechea also started for Frosinone and played ok, he’s a very old school dogged DM but from what I saw he’s still not NT material quite just yet and especially compared to Alan Varela with Porto.

    • For me Matias Sule revelation of the seria a and performed way better than bounanoute of Brighton who weren’t even in the bench but Scaloni still select bounanoute over Matias Sule. I think selection should be based on performance….What’s your take ? As for Alan verela he is performing very well…

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