Lautaro Martínez scores four goals for Inter in 4-0 win vs. Salernitana


Lautaro Martínez scored four goals for Inter in their 4-0 win vs. Salernitana.

Martínez started the match as a substitute for Inter but changed the entire outcome when he was brought on. With the score at 0-0, the Argentine was brought on for Inter and scored the four goals in the game.

The Argentine now has nine goals and two assists in seven league matches as he is Inter’s top scorer.


  1. Nahuel Molina continues his reputation of one of the most prolific and goal scoring fullbacks in recent memory. Which other fullback scores as much as him?

  2. I wish Lautaro to have a 50 goal season, given his brilliant play as second striker – clever dummies, distracting defenders, and smart passes etc often gets overlooked.

    Elsewhere in Italy, dual assist for Dybala including one outrageous freekick. Excellent performance from Paredes (best he has been this season so far). Great performance from Soule as well despite being on the losing side. Very impressive this season given more responsibilities in Frosinone.

    • Boca could use a world class striker like Lautaro as they can’t seem to score goals in big matches. Twice 0-0 vs Racing in Libertadores, 0-0 against Palmeiras and now again vs River.

      The first and especially the 2nd goal from Lautaro shows confidence. Great stuff.

  3. Lautaro could be entering the peak of his career this season. Everything he touches is turning into gold and with so few quality no9s , Chelsea might try to lure him by making Inter an offer they can’t refuse.

    Regarding Enzo, he is struggling and struggling badly and for the most part its not even his fault. His team-mates are imbeciles with zero futballing IQ and his coach is a very unauthoritative kind of person who will be soon fired.

    Liverpool not only playing MacAllister deep but also has strictly instructed him to play a Biglia role. He rarely makes any risky long passes anymore and 90% of them are side or back passes. He needs to play closer to the goal but they don’t have a defensive mid.

    Alvarez meanwhile is enjoying his best run of form since moving to EPL. He is currently their best attacking player and proving to be a lottery win for City!

  4. Lautaro is a MONSTER waiting to be unleashed……… and I can’t wait for him to get all the demons out of his mind and start scoring left and right for ARGENTINA.

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