Alejandro Garnacho scores a goal of the season contender


Alejandro Garnacho scored a goal of the season contender for Manchester United in their 3-0 win vs. Everton.

Garnacho scored one of the best goals in Manchester United history. A cross into the penalty area by Dalot found Garnacho and the Argentine with an acrobatic overhead kick scored to give United the 1-0 lead.

The 19 year old was awarded the Man of the Match award with the goal drawing comparisons to the one which was scored by Wayne Rooney against Manchester City.


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    Real Madrid’s interest in Lionel Scaloni as a potential coach for the upcoming season is apparent:
    – The club is closely monitoring the coach, considering him should Ancelotti depart.
    – His statements at Maracaná have sparked interest and attention within the club.

  2. I wonder if the problem with Scaloni and co has anything to do with money at all. Because all those things would’ve been sorted out or taken care of when he signed a new deal. Is it much more shady?

  3. I think scaloni and co will leave Argentina nt post after copa America regardless win or lose ,new era will start new coach new ideas new generation having said that I hope scaloni and co will stay until world Cup 2026 , if they decide to leave after copa America. life will go on as Argentina always produce talant managers and players.Messi , Di Maria, and otamendi will definitely retired after copa America if scaloni leave .

  4. Just a reminder, this kid turned 19 just 5 months ago! If he can improve on his dribbling, with his pace and finishing he can reach a seriously high level of world class player status!

  5. Dybala, Lautoro, and Garnacho make a headline. Hopefully, they can replicate the same on N/T. Garnaco with superb bicycle kick as a a gaol of season, he need more playing time and trust

    • Dybala has been inconsistent with the national team. Lautaro last played well for the national team in Finalissimo. His misses against Australia and in the Final were horrific. Garnacho is yet to play a good game for us. His Ronaldo celebration also shows that he wanted to send a message to Scaloni and Messi for not being included in the team against Uruguay and Brazil. So I am not sure if he fits into Scaloni’s thought process, whih is centred around Lionel Messi and people who adore him. I am not putting much hopes in Dybala, Lautaro and Garnacho.

      • Just repeating a comment I read on the Mundo YT channel (I verified this in stats websites). Dybala has a goal contribution every 100 minutes for national teams since 2018. That is significantly better than Alvarez (160 minutes), and Nico Gonzalez (200 minutes). Dybala has simply not been given enough chances to be consistent.

    • Good lord! Honestly that would be one hell of a team (on paper atleast!). I would replace Almada with Robertone and Dybala with Castellanos since Almada and Dybala were called up in the lastest WCQ, which would make them give a B-team status.

      • He is Messi alternative sub, so a B-team player on paper, but not really in reality, so we can choose him here, my possible strongest alternative team Benitez—Barco Medina Perez Foyth—Varela Dominguez—Garnacho Dybala Soule—Icardi, fab4 in 4-2-3-1 in attack, 4-4-2 in defense.

      • Mamoun, yes, it is a strong team which underscores the quality of players we have and how hard it is for someone to break in. Almada and Dybala were part of the WC winning team of course but their lack of playing time in general kinda relegates them to a C status in my opinion.

    • How things stand now with Scaloni’s reality for Copa:

      A team Emi—Tagliafico Otamendi Romero Molina—Macallister Enzo De Paul—Di Maria/Nico Alvarez Messi

      B team Benitez—Acuna Lisandro Pezzella Montiel—Palacios Paredes Lo Celso—Nico/Di Maria Lautaro Dybala

      C team Armani—Medina Perez Quarta Foyth—Dominguez Guido Almada—A. Correa Simeone Ocampos

      possible back ups if things would change till Copa (but not much chance to be in the 23 men squad wo injuries):

      Rulli/Musso—Barco Senesi Balerdi Maffeo—Alan Varela/Equi Fernandez Alcaraz/Robertone Medina/Perrone—Garnacho/J. Correa/Buendia Icardi/Castellanos/Beltran Soule/Lamela/Buonanotte

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