Lionel Scaloni to meet with Claudio Tapia, will not be at the 2024 Copa America draw


Lionel Scaloni will be meeting with Claudio Tapia but will not be at the 2024 Copa America draw.

Scaloni stated after Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Brazil that he will be thinking about his future. According to Gastón Edul, Scaloni will be travelling to Spain and a decision is not expected in the next few hours.

He will be meeting with Tapia before the end of the year and will be returning to Argentina before the end of the year. The Argentina national team coaching staff will also not be at the 2024 Copa America draw in Miami.


  1. Tapia needs to get his act together. Keep Scaloni and kicks Mascherano, he ruined our young players.
    It’s very hard to get a modern coach like Scaloni. Spain at their prime also lost occasionally too, similarly with Man City, but we’ll learn from that. Also Staff need some condolesence to Tapia. As a presidient, no one wants a cancellation of a game with 80k crowd.

    Let’s pull things back a bit and think more about the nations. I still believe we can pull another worldcup with Scaloni if we have more luck.

    • Lautaro got almost no service with national team, it’s much tighter to play with south american teams. Alvarez similarly.
      All of our goals are very difficult to score

  2. If I am not mistaken this is Loceslo’s last year of contract with Spurs and he will most likely gone after this season. There was a rumor that Xavi wants him on loan to fill in for injured Gavi , which would be better than staying with this sorry Spurs team which is clearly on its way down. Romero needs to gtfo! He is too good for that team. He belongs to a big team not a mid table team. But Levi won’t let him leave!!

  3. It seems like a payment issue. Apparently the coaching staff hasn’t received their share of the world cup prize money, may be due to disagreement in amount. I didn’t have much hope Tapia took over but he has done pretty well and letting Scaloni leave could be a huge blow to the team with the upcoming Copa America and then the world cup in 2.6 years.

  4. I am a GLC fanboy, but really that guy is so good he needs to move from that shitty team.. and by the way he was also strong in the brazil game
    oonly starting when others are injured… stupid coach
    Dibu having a super game so far

  5. Dibu is on fire. Great saves. He should be playing in a CL team.

    What is the inside scoop here? I really don’t want this self inflicted disruption here. We need continuity.

      • Could it be money? he was happy when he renewed his contract and now this!
        Why does this crap always happen with ARG??
        They could still get Gallardo, remember Seballa was on the plane to SA when he was called back so it’s not far fetched.

      • Cox my friend, what are they saying in Argentina the real reason behind this change of direction from Scaloni? Is Messi involved in any way, as I find it interesting he has not shared any opinion.

        • Tapia interfere to matters that start effect his work. He can t prepare the team as he desires. Tapia want to earn money for AFA take advantage the winning of cup and Scaloni to do his job as he wants to do it. The last drop was the way Tapia spoke to the team in dressing room to go out play during the insidents against our fans. the coaching staff felt insulted.

  6. I think Scaloni is done IMO. Whatever is happening behind the scenes, the energy is not good. Anyways, for me Aimar is next best candidate. Gallardo is gone to Saudi money. I just wish Scaloni should have said it before Gallardo got the Saudi deal. But it’s life. I’m good with Aimar at this point. That’s continuation, unlike from Sabella to Tata down grade.

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