Lionel Scaloni to step down as Argentina coach after the 2024 Copa America


Lionel Scaloni will step down as coach of the Argentina national team after the 2024 Copa America.

Scaloni stated last week that he would take time to think about his Argentina future. According to Leo Paradizo, Scaloni will not continue as coach of the Argentina team after the Copa America next year.


  1. Scaloni legend will only grow after he leaves. I think now this is the time to get affairs in order for Gallardo. Gallardo has wanted this job for a long time. Let’s see what he can achieve if he gets the job.

  2. He has won everything. Win Copa and leave as a King.

    I think we have to stick with young coaches..and give them long run. Possible options;
    1. Aimar & Co
    2. Diego Placente.

    Gareca can be a short term option until the WC.

  3. Alrighty then, now we know. Scaloni will go along with Di Maria, Messi and maybe Otamendi.
    ARG was once in a life time LUCKY with Scaloni……they need a proper coach now to start all over with the younger generation.

    • It will be sad to see Dimaria and Messi leave. But Garnacho and Soule are getting ready. Many younger options are coming. We will be strong again.

      • We was always strong and we will always be. That is a fact and will never change. Just not that strong as now. That is almost sure from now. Because simply Messi and Maradona don t exist every day. Not even Di maria. But this is life. we should enjoy what left from one of our best (if not the best) national team ever.

        • > Because simply Messi and Maradona dont exist every day.

          Exactly. I think people underestimate how lucky we are. Truth is, we might never see another player of same quality ever again.
          Like you say, best to enjoy today and hope we manage to win another WC soon.

  4. There is no other national team to have ever achieve what this Argentina, Scaloni and the rest of the coaching staff have achieved! I mean this Argentina is south american champions, finalissima champions and world champions, every trophy there is to be won by an international team and all of them in the same era! No other team won all of the trophies in a same era! Moreover, i don’t remember any other team having such record, i think we have only two defeats in 53 games if i am not mistaken, which means almost 4 years with just two losses, thats insane! We are still top in the world rankings and top in the south american world cup qualifiers! We are a team which is breaking records and when you have a record breaking team you are doing your best to continue breaking records as far as you can! This is what Scaloni should keep in mind, instead of quiting and stopping this legacy!

    Don’t get me wrong, Scaloni for me is and always be a beloved legend, i really love him and respect him and i will always do, i am just very disapointed and very sad now!

    • my friend it is rummored that he will step down. it is not sure. In same time there is 6 months in front of us. i believe that it is very easy to understand that the time is so big that everything can change. Everything is between Tapia and him. their meeeting will be crucial. Just the fact that Scaloni change decition and will be attend to draw is a very big possitive sign. Sure they spoke with Tapia from far and things improved. it is easy to understand this.
      Scaloni have contract till 2026. it is early to speak about the period after 6 months.

      • My friends Cox 4 & Wawe + all the rest Of MUNDO !

        Yes as Wawe said there are not such a team as current ARG NT in history Of Foorball, who has won everything as COPA FINALISSIMA & WORLD CUP IN THE SANE ERA AND THERE WILL MOST PROPABLY NEVER BE, though hopefully if so it will be ARG AGAIN!

        It is also true as Cox 4 said, that there are still more or less 6 months Of time and until it is confirmed/ done it will remain as rumour….

        And as Cox 4 said everything will depend how things/ discussions between Scaloni & Tapia will continue to evolve etc…

        As for now every player currently with ARG NT and the one’s very close to making it must/ hopefully will use this as xtra motivation for let say ” to give it one more last fight ” for SCALONI & CO./ STAFF ( Aimar,Samuel, Ayala etc…) as we allready know at least some who will retire after next COPA as one Of the most important players Of ARG’s football history ever with those who have either passed away or are still alive…R.I.P DIEGO & CO.!

        And as Cix 4 wrote si well :
        – cox4
        November 29, 2023 At 2:21 pm
        We was always strong and we will always be. That is a fact and will never change. Just not that strong as now. That is almost sure from now. Because simply Messi and Maradona don t exist every day. Not even Di maria. But this is life. we should enjoy what left from one of our best (if not the best) national team ever.

        So let’s all enjoy at least one more last fight/dance from this LEGENDARY as in my oppion the most HISTORICAL TEAM IN WHOLE FOOTBALL’s history ever and yes it hard to say as i do not want compare, but also i think the best ever ARG NT team I have seen since 78…

        Give thanx to ARGENTINA for many things as offcourse also for giving the WORLD’s FOOTBALL SO MUCH! AS FOREXANPME DIEGO NESSI DI NARIA & etc…( endless list that will also continue to GROW ! )

        THERE IS SIMPLY NOT SUCH FOOTBALL NATION IN THE WORLD WHO CAN EVER MATCH THIS, though offcourse there are nany great players from all over and will continue so etc…


        Though don’t think so, that anyone from where ever will reach even close to DIEGO&NESSI MESSI&DIEGO as even to match DI MARIA WILL BE HARD ONE!

        And offcourse theese nanes have to allways apoear righteously first, but offcourse there are and have been and will be many more ARGENTINE!s from the past, present and future too…!

        Never will i truly realize how lucky have i been to be able to see via TV our beloved ALBICELESTE since 78 and only can i inagine those the most lucky one’s who have seen them playing live !

        As watching by TV been allready an pure priviledge ! Would had love to see them a live as i have only seen i think CRESPO at Stamford Bridge and once GARAY when he was young and still with Santander as even i’n trying to think no other names occur to my mind at the monent…life is life !

  5. I think it’s invigorating that Scaloni is leaving. I can imagine the pressure he must feel about defending the WC in 2026 where anything else than a win would be a failure. When you are at the summit (which Scaloni is at), the only way is down. To me, instead of feeling fear of losing WC 2026, it feels like it’s up for grabs with a new coach with nothing to lose. The question is if AFA wants continuity (Aimar) or an overhaul with a completely new name. Because forget about anyone already established because that’s going to be expensive.

    • Nobody considers Didier Deschamps a failure even after the defeat in the final. He is continuously working to keep France at the zenith. Scaloni departing is extremely bad news for the national team. This is going to impact our chances at the Copa 24. Tha fairy tale comes to an end. Shame on AFA.

    • Yes for sure it will be once more for up to grabs…let’s remain with patience & only time will tell…etc…though not really sure if Aimar & rest will continue either if Scaloni sreps down as maybe then perhaps someone younger as Placente etc…

      Gallardo surely be on my personall list at the top, but can’t talk about it more as i simply don’t have an clue neither do i have any chance else than only wish&pray🙏

  6. I see why scaloni upset, afa can’t arrange the friendly matchs he wants the idea is to play against top European nation in march next year likes England and Portugal but isn’t happening for now.

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