Ángel Di María scores an olimpico, from a corner kick for Benfica vs. RB Salzburg


Ángel Di María scored an olimpico, a goal from a corner kick for Benfica in their 3-1 win vs. RB Salzburg.

Di María has once more scored from a corner kick. Benfica were awarded a corner kick and it was the Argentine who took it and not for the first time in his career, he scored from a corner kick and gave Benfica the 1-0 lead.

The 35 year old also had an assist in their Champions League match. With Benfica leading 1-0, Di María played a pass in to Rafa Silva who scored.


  1. Last year like today we played against Croatia for semi final match. To honor the day i will watch it again today 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    God thank you for give me that day 🙂 🙂 🙂 i wish i could have time machine to go back to live that day again. what a day. what a memories……….

  2. WTF, Why would Pep not start Alvarez as a no-9 when Haaland is injured! Julian is a no-9 striker who has been playing in a make-shift role because of Haaland and now KDB is about to return which means he will get even more less time.

  3. arg got another technically gifted player like messi. ECHEVERI. ARG. hve same kind of players like claudio nancufil and augustin buteler. At the moment there is no news about them..anybody knows where thy r now?

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