Lucas Beltrán scores for Fiorentina in 1-0 win vs. Verona


Lucas Beltrán scored for Fiorentina in their 1-0 win vs. Verona.

Beltrán reached two league goals for the season with Fiorentina, bringing his tally to four goals for the season. A loose ball inside the penalty area fell to the Argentine who would score to give Fiorentina the 1-0 lead.

Lucas Martínez Quarta started the match for Fiorentina but was substituted out. Nicolás González did not play and is still out due to an injury.


  1. Pretty average week for Argentines in Europe! Most of our core players struggled or missed out due to injury! Since Romero came back from suspension, Spurs haven’t conceded in back 2 back matches! Lautaro with a smart goal! Emi almost got himself a red card!! Garnacho, Enzo, Alvarez had very bad display and MacAllister, Nico and Loceslo injured! We have very few players
    playing in big teams nowadays!

    • Not less than earlier:

      In WC98 squad there were less than 10:

      Chamot (Lazio)
      Almeyda (Lazio)
      Sensini (Parma)
      Ortega (Valencia)
      Lopez (Valencia)
      Simeone (Inter)
      Zanetti (Inter)
      Balbo (Roma)
      Crespo (Parma)

      thats all+Redondo (Real) the only one from whole Argentina who played in a real top top club in those days (Real, Barca, MU, Bayern, Juve, Milan).

      • Now we have Molina, De Paul, Correa from Atletico, Julian Alvarez, Lautaro, Lisandro Martinez, Cuti Romero, Garnacho, Lo Celso, Enzo Fernandez, Macallister plus Sevilla status now is like Parma’s was in 90s so Acuna and the others, i count Palacios here too from one of the best german clubs+Dybala too

        Soule will be the next going back to Juve, Echeverri is waiting, and a lot more.

        Not to talk about the oldies who were/are superstars and still has the ability to perform on this level easily Otamendi, Di Maria, Messi (Icardi)

    • Being a little bit negative aren’t you.
      Firstly I don’t think you should worry about our boys being in form now, as long as they’re in form right before next June.

      We have very few players playing in big teams nowadays!

      I think you and I have very different definitions of “big teams” because I consider City (Julain), Liverpool (Alexis), Chelsea (Enzo), Man U (Garnacho, Licha), Inter (Lautaro) and Atletico (De Paul, Molina and Correa) all big teams. Spurs (Cuti and Celso) aren’t what I call a big team but they’re no small fish either.
      Aston Villa (Dibu), NeverKusen (Palacios) and Girona (Gazaniga) aren’t ‘big teams’ but they are all legit title contenders at the moment and all are likely to be in the champions league next year.
      To me aleast Argentina is packed with ‘name’ talent and the fact that Soule, Barrenchea, Garnacho, Beltaran, Perrone, Varela, Carboni, Barco, Redondo are all either starring or getting minutes at their clubs fills me with optimism for the future.

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