Manchester City nearing final stages to sign Claudio Echeverri


Manchester City are reportedly nearing final stages to sign Claudio Echeverri.

Julián Álvarez could soon be getting an Argentine team mate. According to Fabrizio Romano, the Premier League champions are reaching the final stages to sign the 17 year old from River Plate.

Contacts are taking place even today and the plan is to have a similar deal to the one when they signed Julián Álvarez, with Echeverri staying on loan. It would be a deal over €20 million.


  1. What a great game by Alejandro Garnacho. The only thing he needs to avoid is being selfish. Dibu Martinez was awesome but that Villa midfield was completely dead, their Defense was shocking.

  2. 🤯🇦🇷 Julián Álvarez will be the ONLY FOOTBALLER in the world to play with the WORLD CHAMPION patch, at the club and national team level.

    • Szymon Marciniak officiated the 2022 World Cup final, the 2023 CL final, and the 2023 CWC final and all were won by Jualian Alvarez. Great coincidence!

  3. “With Echeverri staying on loan” – That’s the part which is puzzling. The kid has already said what he had to say about not renewing with River, obviously the fans hate him, the team management would also think that his heart is no longer with River, under such circumstances will he get any game time at all, or will River start looking forward at other talents? I think the better option would have been him being loaned out to a lesser European club like Frosinone, La Palmas, or others where he can establish his own footprint and prepare himself.

  4. 🧠🇦🇷 This reflection from Scaloni on the Argentine National Team’s style of play is spectacular:

    “From the World Cup in Russia, I got the impression that football was heading towards transitions, with fast players.

    I wanted to build a team like that when I took over the National Team. But I thought, ‘if the best Argentine players aren’t like that…’.

    I realized this even before the Copa America, but I thought, ‘well, let’s still try this approach in these matches.’

    We realized that the best players played differently. You look at the first two matches, and it was a more vertical team; we asked for something else.

    But with Aimar, Samuel, and Ayala, we said, ‘look, Lo Celso plays well, De Paul plays well, Paredes plays well, Palacios plays well, Messi plays well.’ Playing well means they connect, they associate, and if we ask for speed or 40-meter passes, it’s not related to what this National Team can do.

    We showed them images that when we strung together 10 passes, it was a goal-scoring opportunity. And it was always incredibly true.

    I changed; I don’t mind saying it. I watched an interview with Ancelotti and loved it because the guy said, ‘we got together with the players, and they told us that this way, we feel more comfortable.’ If the players tell me this, and I see that it’s true, why wouldn’t I change?”

    Via Universo Valdano.

    • Really cool. He’s self-aware and not stubborn like his shitbag predecessor. I still contend that if Sampa shitbrains took a similar approach to Scaloni, we would have beat Iceland, Croatia, and France and continued to the final and possibly winning the entire thing. Given such little time to prepare, all he had to do was play to their strengths, comfort, and experience but he chose the opposite and forced everyone to his disruptive, chaotic-failed vision.

    • Thanks for this info Godin, I never saw this article. It will be a shame when Scaloni leaves 😢. He is a major part of the team, the team is nick names after him. What other coach received that honor ????????

      Anyways, on to exheverri. I don’t see his place in man city. He will have to wait a while to get some meaningful minutes.

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