Cristian Romero to miss 4-5 weeks for Tottenham Hotspur due to injury


Cristian Romero will miss 4-5 weeks for Tottenham Hotspur due to an injury.

Romero will miss the beginning of next year due to an injury he picked up on Saturday during their match against Everyon. Tottenham Hotspur coach Ange Postecoglou spoke at a press conference on Wednesday and stated that Romero is injured with a hamstring strain. Here is what he had to say:

“He had a scan the other day and has got a hamstring strain. We are looking at probably four or five weeks for him.”


  1. From Reddit – RDP He’s the glue on and off the pitch

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  2. Cuti seems to be somewhat injury prone. Not as much as Dybala and Lo Celso but he’s getting injured more than average. Part of it is his cutthroat approach to the game….

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